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January 23 2019

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 3982
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There are 22 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5397 times.
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To sell or not to sell: Metal Slug 3 (JAP)?
I may be selling off some AES games that I own more than one copy of, Im thinking of starting with a complete JAP copy of Metal Slug 3.

Overall its in great condition except for the insertion marks on the cart. Im having trouble deciding the value of this game and since the prices on AES games have gone up lately, I thought I would ask for your opinion on this.

I already have a posible buyer of this one...

Any opinions are apreciated, thanksThumbs Up

Metal Slug 3:

Spoiler Alert! To See The Content, Just Click On The Image!

"Up and running":

Spoiler Alert! To See The Content, Just Click On The Image!

Edited by priest on 18. November 2012 19:54

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Any ideas or thoughts...?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
priest wrote:
Any ideas or thoughts...?

Heya Priest,

Considering Metal Slug X has been getting snapped up quickly for $1000+ I'm betting that Slug 3 would fetch quite a bit more. The insertion marks aren't bad, and the rest of it looks in top shape. I'm selling a lot of my Neo stuff at the moment too, unfortunately I don't have backups :'(

I'm guessing at least ~$1400? or maybe even more. Its hard these days trying to decide on a price, because people seem to pay whatever the listed price is (within reason).

Cheers mate.
Edited by Phexe on 21. June 2012 22:42
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the least...
If you don't have any real need for the money now I'd sit on it for another few years. The value is only ever going to increase.

My plan at the moment is to keep my complete NGPC for the next 13 years, whilst being rather smug about it, and then see what it's worth when the kids need to go to University. I've already had an incredibly silly offer for Reversi and Evolution (which I declined), and I know that's only going to increase over time.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO•GEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
$50 shipped, I've got cash!
Hi and thanks to all of you...Even DarakuTenshi who gave me a good chuckleSmile

Phexe: Im sad to hear that youre forced to sell off some of your AES games, cant be easyReal Sad
Your estimation seems fair to me and something Ill remember, thanks.

SD: Like you I dont really have to sell. But still, I have 2 JAP copies and 1 EURO copy of MS3. I feel its a bit of a shame to just store the extra copies when someone else really wants this game...

Ill see if the buyer decide that she wants it...

Again Thanks guysSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
i would save it until it gets near what this guy is asking for his american kof 2000

I like your outlook on the situation priest. Instead of hording it just for collection sake give someone else the chance to buy it and enjoy it.
Rbelmonte: Shock ...But its nice to see someone value a NEO GEO game this high...As long its not a game Im planning to buy, that isWink

DarakuTenshi: Yup, Im not quite sure whats gotten into me, but thats what I figure. Its not like Im giving the games away for free eitherSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
So is that a no to the $50? I'll go as high as $51

...The current bid is around US$ 860...Smile
Edited by priest on 23. June 2012 17:37

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I'll 1UP Daraku, 52 BIG smack-a-roos. You can't beat dat with a whiffleball bat, Priest. AND you know I'm good for all 52 clams, 'cuz I'm so fucking loaded, BIG MONEY HUSTLA!

BTW: So glad that you do your AES justice and play that baby on a CRT, the way it should be.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 23. June 2012 20:59

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
That picture is wrong on so many levels. Clap

2D: Hahahahah, that is funny in a disturbing kind of way LOL ... Hmm

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Joehi preist
If you got a spare copy of ms4 let me know ..just resently sold my copy of ms3 but if I get a chance to buy it will consider it
Hey Neoman

Im a bit curious how much did you get for that MS3 copy of yours...?

I own 1 complete JAP copy of MS4...You can make me an offer, but Im not sure yet if Ill sell it / or ship abroad...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Sold my ms3 for 320 few week ago brought it for 169 from hit Japan back in 2007 mint copy .sold in neo geo forum.
To be honest I've ordered classic sticker and insert which I am going replace so the condition of the insert and sticker iam not to concerned.but if you got a mint copy you might not like my asking price
Personally I think you could get 300 / 350 easily for it ....that ms4 I've seen ms3 go for any thing 400 to 800 on eBay ..
Hope that helps
My MS4 is in storage right now but from what I remember it should be MINT or near MINT condition.

Thanks for the advice on MS3Thumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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