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October 22 2019

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Thread Author: Chiba3010
Thread ID: 3978
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There are 55 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 25223 times.
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My oil paintings: art inspired by nature's majesty
Figured I'd share some photograps of another passion in my life: painting. The oil paintings below are a few of my favorite recent efforts. If anyone would like to see more, I'd be happy to share more of them with the NGFL community! Thumbs Up

**NOTE** Since some of my paintings are featured in gallery showings and/or offered for sale, please don't re-post or distribute these images without permission- it pisses off promoters and proprietors (leading to hassles and headaches I'd like to avoid). Thanks in advance for your discretion. Wink
Okay... so I have to ask.
How big are those canvases and how much would you charge for one if you sold them? Those look amazing!
Nice work, ChibaThumbs Up I especially like the last one...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
These are some hot paintings you created, Chiba! Hats off! Clap

Don't hesitate to post more of 'em right here, would be cool to see more.
I love them, Chiba3010! It's so awesome to see a fellow artist and painter. Well, I just started oil painting like late last year, so I pretty much still consider myself a beginner and student :/ Do you have a portfolio website or websites of galleries where they're being exhibited?
Thanks, everyone! Glad you like them, I'll continue to post more photos of my paintings in the future. Been busy today matting prints of my favorite effort to date. It's an actual location: "Indian Ladder Falls" in the Pocono Mountains of Pensylvania. There's a resort up there that holds alot of sentimental value to my family where we would annually gather until my grandfather's passing 10 years ago. I've been in contact with the Resort's gift shop proprietor who has requested and arranged to offer prints of my Falls painting for sale there. Profits are of less importance to me than establishing my family's presence in a place we love symbolically through my artwork. I'll be sending the first set of prints out tomorrow- very cool for me, my relatives and a tribute to my Grandpa. Here's a pic:

@Daraku: Greetings! No problem, man. I'll post some detailed info shortly (been up much too late preparing the prints and my bed beckons Wink )...

@Sukotsuto: Salutations, fellow artist Smile No full website yet but it's in the works. There's a link to a Flickr gallery featuring some of my older works somewhere on a friend's studio website- I'll copy and post it here soon- I'm too gassed at the moment and have to call it a night. Wink
I like the style of your paintings Chiba. I particularly like the third one with sunlight shining through trees. That would be cool if you posted more of your work in the future.

Hope you will will consider taking part in the next NGFL art contest. Wink
That new one you posted is AMAZING!
Chiba: That last one would be perfect as a background in Garou mark of the wolves 2Wink

Again; Nice workThumbs Up

EDIT: Are these two supposed to be placed together?
Edited by priest on 22. June 2012 23:33

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Thanks again for the kind words! Smile

Here's the link to my Flickr gallery of earlier works:

It's linked through my friend Chris' multimedia production company, "Distilled Minds" of which I'm also a member (hence the watermarks).

Chris is also the photographer of my paintings for digital exhibition and print-making.Most were completed last year with the exception of "Water Spirits", which I made waaaay back in '95, shortly before taking a "forced" 16-year hiatus from oil painting due to departing for college then living in apartments too small for a studio (which I couldn't afford to stock and set up anyway- oils aren't cheap!!). The place my wife and I currently live in has a storage room I converted into my art studio which I can now financially sustain. Grin

@Merlin: Thanks! I'm trying to figure out how my painting style might work within the art contest format... I can draw, too. Hope to submit something there soon!Thumbs Up

@Priest: LOL, you have no idea how much I'd love to design backgrounds for SNK's 2D fighters!!! I have so many ideas....

Also, though those two paintings were not originally intended to be related works, I did re-use some color mixed paint left over from the waterfall during the successive creation of the river painting. You're right, they certainly do compliment each other, though! Good eye for color you've got there. Wink
Edited by Chiba3010 on 05. July 2012 08:51
Two more works that have yet to be professionally photographed and uploaded to the gallery. Pics were taken with my iPhone, hence the lower quality... Wink
Two more:
I like that winter scene reminds me of living in Wisconsin.
wow, you have a real talent there Chiba. I am in no way talented as an artist, it always amazes me how people can draw like that Thumbs Up

how long does it take you paint one on average?
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
@Daraku: I'm glad it brought you some fond memories! That's really great! Most of my projects incorporate a number of familiar, sentimentally embracing elements based on a place, experience or escapist daydream- it's an integral part of my creative efforts that you don't just enjoy the sights and details of the paintings butfeel them and even hear them, as well. I know it's nearly time to put the brushes down when I hear wind blowing, water thundering down the rocks of a cliff or crickets singing by moonlight coming from the canvas. That's the moment to safely declare "mission accomplished" Smile

My favorite part of gallery or festival showings is hearing people saying "that looks just like...", "reminds me of our vacation in...", or "I'd rather spend tomorrow there than at the office...". It's great when you can share happiness, positive energy and relive fond memories with others through art inspired by and built upon, similar emotions and memories from your own life experiences!

The winter scene is one of the smallest paintings I've done (8x10" canvas) in one of the shortest amounts of time- just over one hour. I made it after an annual skiing trip had to be postponed and painting where I'd rather be is the closest I'd get to the slopes that winter. Wink

The canvas size I use most often is 18x24", followed by 16x20", occasionally 8x10" like the one above and the massive Indian Falls was painted on a 24x36" canvas.

As far as pricing goes, originals range from $350-$600+ depending on time, materials and size (though, of course, these figures have been adjusted for family and friends). They're expensive, as are the materials involved, but are presently around middle-of-the-range by some surveys I've made of market price standards for oil paintings! I also make pro-grade prints on non-stretched, un-framed canvas medium that typically range from $60-$100. I'm happy to develop and discuss commissioned projects, too but will only deliver paintings that I and the potential client are fully satisfied with.Thumbs Up
@RiKo: Thanks, man! Glad you checked 'em out. Smile

As far as composition time goes, it depends on canvas size and the scene's complexity in nearly equal amounts. The winter scene is one of the quickest completed at around 70 minutes, and the big, epic waterfall was done in several sessions adding up to around 35-40 hours (was a bit delerious and unobservent of time passing by during two late, late night marathon sessions).Shock

Average would be between 4-10 hours. I gave up pre-project time estimations after I realized I was completely incapable of accurate assessments. Wink

I really like these "night-paintings", like I told you beforeThumbs Up

This motive reminds me of one of the background in Samurai spirits 4 , call me damaged by videogames if you willWink Your painting is ofcorse more "uplifting" but still there´s a resemblance...Hmm

Nice winter landscape paintingThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
If there was a "Like" button for these posts I would have hit it on that post. I too noticed the resemblance but man that is a beautiful painting.
Have you ever though about recreating stages from SNK games in your paintings? But of course doing it with your flavor making them look life like. I'd love to see that.
DarakuTenshi wrote:
Have you ever though about recreating stages from SNK games in your paintings? But of course doing it with your flavor making them look life like. I'd love to see that.

Hmmm.... Hadn't thought about that before. I like your idea, perhaps I'll take a crack at it in the future! Might be a thematic bridge to realizing Merlin's NGFL art contest suggestion. Wink
Chiba: If you decide to go through with this, be sure to let us know the results. ThanksThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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