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May 21 2018

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 3974
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There are 15 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2885 times.
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2020 Baseball and Soccer Brawl...
Who loves these games for two player battles??

Played them last night with my good mate, we have been playing both now for getting close to 20 years, so we are both pretty evenly matched, and probably pretty good at the games too Wink

Awesome fun!!
Loris Biaggi
Soccer Brawl rulez!
Edited by Loris Biaggi on 11. June 2012 09:23
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
I've never really played Soccer Brawl but I do love me some 2020. One of the first games that I bought for my AES when I got it.
Without question mate Wink

We do 10 games on that, first two at 45, 2nd two at 15, 3rd 2 at 30, then go 15, 30, 45 and finish off last round with a 90.

Its brilliant Smile
Baseball 2020 is a great game for two reasonably even players, i had a dominating win of 13-3 last night, but then it can easily go any way depending on the night!!
I love Soccer Brawl and I also enjoy playing it with a friend once every week, I'm pretty good at this game, we use to play at 30 and I always choose Italy and my friend play with Brazil.

I finished the game with one credit in MVS mode with Italy Wink

We do about 10 games and in general he painfully beat me once, matchs ends with 6-1 or 10-2.

I think that one day he will throw the joystick at me Grin

I also play Super Sidekicks 2 sometimes, I never try Baseball 2020 but it seems to be fun.
I also have super side kicks 2, i like it but not as good as Soccer Brawl Smile

We use random teams, just pick whoever we feel like, we both use every team at least once in our ten rounds.

The USA team is useless. There is another team that is also useless, but they are the worst team we have found to be the case.
I think I may just have to pick up Soccer Brawl. It really sounds like a blast. It's strange that I've never played any of the soccer games on the Neo considering I love playing soccer games.
Its great yes, its got a few bent rules in it which allow it to really flow ALOT faster, you can kick the ball outside the line and it will sometimes bounce back in, reduces throw ins, you can barge other players down, you can charge up and do a mega kick when you have the ball or a super shot to stun other players when you dont have the ball.

It really is a very well done game that flows perfectly Smile
Yup that's going on my list then.
You cant go wrong with it for 2 player fun if you get to do any of that Wink
Well... I've only got one Neo-Geo joystick. But I plan on building one after I finish school (and get out of the school housing).
Oh ok, they are not hard to come by
2020 Super Baseball is excellent. I like the futuristic theme with robots and mines on the field. A definite improvement over the first Neo Geo baseball game. These days though I tend to normally play Baseball Stars 2 instead of 2020. The graphics and gameplay are a little better IMO.

Soccer Brawl I've never been all that keen on. I love the normal football games on Neo Geo but could never really see the attraction of this one. I'll give it another try sometime though.

Anyone here a fan of Football Frenzy? I've heard a lot of negative comments about this one but for me it's pretty fun. I used to love playing the John Madden games on the Mega Drive.

Like I always say sports games are one of the Neo Geo's strengths. I think the Neo Geo actually has some of the best ever arcade sports games such as Neo Turf Masters, Dunk Dream and Baseball Stars 2.
I dont like football frenzy.
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