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April 25 2018

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Thread Author: DarakuTenshi
Thread ID: 3971
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2072 times.
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What games are linked to Fatal Fury
Okay I'm just wanting to make sure that I'm not missing any of them.

So Fatal Fury is linked to Art of Fighting. They are linked by some of the characters as well as South Town but AOF takes place in the 80's. And the hidden boss of Geese in the 2nd AOF. Then of course Ryo in FFS.

King of Fighters - obviously have been linked from the very start when the first King of Fighters Tournament was held in South Town by Geese Howard. Eventually becoming an off shoot that used many SNK characters.

Samurai Shodown - I don't know if there is really a link to that game besides the ending used for Gen-An.

3 Count Bout - The link to Raiden and Big Bambarder

Are there any other links that I don't know about (to other games). Also anything else for Samurai Shodown besides the one I mentioned. And I'm not talking about cross over games with Capcom.
Edited by DarakuTenshi on 10. June 2012 02:05
Yes, In Samurai Spirits, Jubei says "No im not related to that guy in Fatal Fury"
LOL, oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that one.
Although never officially stated in the game Kim Hae-Ryeong in Samurai Shodown Sen is probably Kim Kaphwan's ancestor. Not sure if that game is considered canon though.

As far as I know, no characters in the Last Blade series are ancestors to anybody from Fatal Fury (or any other SNK game for that matter).

And this one is very indirect, but here goes. Ralf, Clark, and Leona all appear in Metal Slug games and KOF. KOF of course is linked to Fatal Fury so that confirms that the Metal Slug and Ikari Warriors games actually take place in the same universe as FF, AOF, and KOF.

I'm a big fan of how SNK makes these games feel like they're a part of something bigger by having them exist in the same world.
Xian Xi
Ryo is in Buriki One as well. Also Kim's relative is in Kizuna.
Jamma Nation X
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ADK shamelessly copied popular characters from the FF, KOF and SS series in the course of their game production. SNK's ideas were the butter to ADK's bread... LOL (However, I hear ADK was a kind of sister company, technically). There are too many to mention, and it's unofficial, but the similarities are abundant. The Days of Memories series features girls from the series already mentioned (including FF). There are some NGPC games that feature FF characters, such as Battle de Paradise, Gals' Fighters and Ganbare Neo Poke Kun (Poke Kun actually impersonates Terry in one mini-game, for example).

Looking at the question from another perspective, the Street Fighter series (not including the literal crossovers) would be linked to Fatal Fury since the same guy is responsible for both. I tend to forget myself, and I'm sure most Capcom fanboys aren't aware of that. Isn't he working at Capcom again?
Edited by shion on 13. June 2012 22:07
I never thought about that link between Ikari and MS. That is an interesting thought indeed. As for the SNK world being seeming to be a bigger part of something... I totally agree. I think that is one of the things that has always drawn me into their games. (Well that and they are just so fun).

[Xian Xi]
That blew my mind! I'm going to have to look into that as well. By Kim you do mean Kim Kaphwan correct?
Ok I found it Kim Sue is the son of Kim Kaphwan. But, it seems it's not confirmed it's more or less speculation.

[1st Super Tobalman]
You speak of Takashi Nishiyama the designer of the first Street Fighter game as well as the man behind the MVS/AES hardware and Fatal Fury (as with many other Neo-Geo games). You could say that he works for Capcom... in a round-about way, yes.
He actually is the President of a development company called Dimps. Capcom does not have a division anymore that would have been able to handle Street Fighter IV so they asked Dimps to develop it.
So the man who originally designed Street Fighter has now been involved with the reinvention of series. I'm sure his personal involvement in the actual development was very little, since he is the president of the company. I was reading in an interview that he tries to stay out of the process of the development of games now-a-days but he remains available to make sure everything stays on track.
Edited by DarakuTenshi on 14. June 2012 00:00
I assumed the Kim Sue Il thing was just speculation but upon further investigation it seems pretty legit. The fact that they gave Kim Kaphwon's ancestor in Samurai Shodown Sen a staff seems to be a direct reference to Kim Sue Il, which legitimizes both of them. I also just learned of another revelation that, if true, could be pretty interesting:

From Kim Sue Il's entry on the SNK Wiki:
"Kim is a Korean detective with a very strong sense of justice. He grew up learning about morals from his father while his mother taught him Taekwondo."

We can assume he's not Kim Kaphwon's son for two reasons. One, Kim has two sons in Mark of the Wolves where it is implied they are his only two kids. And two, their mother's name is Myeng Swuk and it is never even implied that she practices Taekwondo. Kizuna Encounter takes place "in the first half of the 21st Century" so Kim Sue Il could easily be Kim Kaphwon's grandson. Since he learned morals from his father we can assume that's Jae Hoon and not Dong Hwan. The really interesting part is that he learned Taekwondo from his mother. That could only be either May Lee or Chae Lim. Chae Lim is described as having a "father/daughter" relationship with Kim Kaphwon, so she's my guess. Especially since if that were true it would mean the Maximum Impact games are canon. Of course, if anyone can find any other female Taekwondo masters in an SNK developed game that could change things entirely.

...sometimes I think I care too much about SNK's universe.
Edited by reelmojo on 14. June 2012 06:04
...sometimes I think I care too much about SNK's universe.

Well it's interesting to follow. But, that is not my reasoning behind this thread. I'm working on writing a script for a documentary behind Fatal Fury and I want to make sure it's accurate, for obvious reasons.
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