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August 22 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
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There are 18 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 9073 times.
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World Heroes 2 Jet. What do you think of it?
World Heroes? I only know the 'Avengers'! World Heroes? I only know the 'Avengers'! 0%[0 Votes]
Are you serious? This installment is garbage! Are you serious? This installment is garbage! 0%[0 Votes]
Meh, pretty mediocre. Other World Heroes titles are better. Meh, pretty mediocre. Other World Heroes titles are better. 40%[4 Votes]
A rock-solid game, really fun to give it a go now and then! A rock-solid game, really fun to give it a go now and then! 60%[6 Votes]
One of the Neo's best fighting games, an everlasting classic!! One of the Neo's best fighting games, an everlasting classic!! 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 10
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World Heroes 2 Jet - Game of the Week
Welcome to the Game of the Week!

Being released in 1994 by ADK, this installment was considered as an update of World Heroes 2, which had a quite good reputation back then in the arcades. Besides the Neo Geo (CD) version, this game saw also the light of the world on the Gameboy. Up to today that's the only World Heroes installment released on a handheld console.

Did you guys know that the character designs of Zeus and Jack were inspired by the characters Raoh and this one from the 'Fist of the North Star' series? It's just one of many examples how Japanese pop culture influenced the game developers from the '90s!

If you are interested in participating at a High Score Challenge for WH2 Jet, just let me or Priest know.

World Heroes 2 Jet

Genre: Fighting
Players: 2
Size: 178 MEGS
Released on: MVS, AES, NGCD, GB, PS2

Brief Description:

World Heroes 2 Jet has half the elements of its predecessor, such as the same three out of four button layout ("A" to punch, "B" to kick, and "C" to either throw or "Challenge", which is taunting), movements and motion commands performed using an 8-way joystick. New additions include three new characters, modified moves and fighting statistics added to the playable characters returning from the first two World Heroes titles. Also, the word "Jet" in the title not only refers to faster movement, but also the ability to perform forward and backward dashing. The "Normal Game" and "Death Match" modes are replaced by two new modes with long names: "Entry to the tournament" and "The FORGING OF WARRIORS". There are sixteen playable characters to choose from.



World Heroes 2 review by Kazuya_UK
World Heroes 2 Jet review by Tibe


YouTube Video

High Score Challenge:


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on a World Heroes game. W00T!

Anyway, I voted: A rock-solid game (really fun to give it a go now and then!)

I've made it no secret here on NGFL, I really like the WH series. They have never taken themselves too seriously, offer really good gameplay, a varied cast of 'legendary' characters and, imo are really well presented with great graphics, nice stages and music too.

WHP is my fave in the series, but I also really like WH2 & WH2Jet too. I think the presentation in Jet is as solid as ever. I love the opening "Athlete Admitted" animation of the player character atop the skyscraper (drama!) and the musical entrance. Personally, I like the 3x character team fights (similar to how Real Bout is set out) and the way the 'win' screen actually details your finishing 'move' is cool too.

Gameplay is improved over WH2, but is not the technical feat that WHP is. It's a solid fighter though and a credit to the NG library imo.

The only one not worth actually bothering with is WH1 I'm afraid, as it near borders on unplayable, but then, most early SNK fighters suffer the same issues today (FF1 & AOF1 spring to mind, most prominently).

Overall, great game... a 'rock-solid game'...

What bugs me about Jet is the added speed and modified moves are there to give rise to more elaborate, Capcom-like combos. The move in the series only seems to add to the already drowning chorus of "me toos" during that time in fighting game history. C'mon, anyone back in the day would be thinking this in their heads, if not aloud. Technically speaking, though, it's a good game, just not as memorable for me as the previous two entries. Maybe it was fan service for SNKs most loyal followers?

You think WH borders on "unplayable?" That's my favorite (WH) game dude! Maybe nostalgia has a little to do with it, but the bare-bones simplicity of the gameplay makes it a simple pleasure. None of this combo timing, evading and teams. It's a much simpler game for a much simpler time I suppose. Smile
Edited by shion on 28. May 2012 22:56
encounting and only two comments?

Come on now. Don't be shy y'all! Pfft

Never really played much of 2 Jet. World Heroes 1 & Perfect are still my favourite of the WH games. I don't like that they removed Death Matches from 2J and P, as that was the thing I liked playing World Heroes for!
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the least...
Let it be stated that I'm a devoted ADK fan. Ninja Masters is one of my very favorite Neo fighters. Magician Lord is among my fav Neo platformers. Hell, I even like Ninja Combat- a feeling likely shared by very few others here Pfft. Should be of little surprise then that I enjoy the World Heroes series quite a bit. I played 1 & 2 in the arcades and spent many hours with the *meh* Gensis port of WH1 (and stepbrothers' copy of the superior SNES version) long before I owned SNK hardware.

Still, Jet is the one WH installment for the AES I don't yet own. Not due to it's quality, which is quite decent (as indicated by my vote) but rather it's "lower priority" status in my eyes next to the other three WH games- all of which I feel compare more favorably in one way or another. For me, WH1 has the nostalgia advantage and is competent enough to hang with other fighters of its time. WH2 retains the Deathmatch mode and has (IMO) superior audio/visual presentation. WH Perfect has speed, deeper gameplay (I marginally prefer it's 4 attack-button system to the 2 attack-button interface of the previous games) and some very nice backgrounds- outnumbering the less impressive ones also on offer.
Jet has... well... um... not much, frankly, to give it much comparative appeal amidst its brethren. The speed of gameplay in prior entries was never a huge deal to me so the "boost" in Jet is appreciated but not essential. And with only 2 new characters and a handful of new backgrounds, there's little here that I can't find in the combined sum of other three WH games.
The "tournament" format offered in Jet is kinda cool with some neat cinematic touches and its 3-opponent battles reminiscent of the first Real Bout game. Interesting, but not enough so to elevate it from the level of "lowest priority of the series" for me.

Jet is indeed a good game that I will certainly pick up for the AES sometime in the future. As far as I'm concerned, being the weakest link in a series of (IMO) consistently solid and enjoyable games is still quite respectable! Thumbs Up
Edited by Chiba3010 on 01. June 2012 07:24
I like Ninja Combat too. So much so at one point i had two AES carts and two MVS carts of it... Reason for this though was cause i had the 2x MVS carts for about 15 years, and i bought it on AES a few years ago in mint NOS sealed up condition for a small price, then later on i bought a large package with a console and 8 games, 6 of which i didnt have. I couldnt sell my spare AES Ninja Combat, so i converted it to Cyber Lip from a non working MVS Cyber Lip cart i had here cause they share the same board types.

Onto WH 2 JET, i loved it years ago in the arcades, and loved it when i first had it on my MVS, but for some reason when i last played it on my AES, i cant fight for shit on it, im useless, couldnt even beat 3 people.

No idea what the hell is going on there. Im just shit at it now i guess!! Still reckon its a great game, great for multi player round robin battles.
NEO-GEO man wrote:
I like Ninja Combat too. So much so at one point i had two AES carts and two MVS carts of it...

Cheers, fellow NC fan! Clap Nice to know I'm not the only one who loves it despite its flaws. It's an old-school arcade quarter-muncher, pure and simple. Tough as nails, flashy, loud and ridiculously cheesy at times- just like so many other scrollers of its time (many of which don't measure up, IMO). It's sad that so many people expect more from it than it was ever meant to offer. I guess it just doesn't translate to the home console as smoothly as other titles because I'm fairly convinced it wasn't developed with that format in mind... Ok, I'll let the thread get back on topic. Wink
Chiba3010, you need to enter the hi score thread for Ninja Combat mate Wink
NEO-GEO man wrote:
Chiba3010, you need to enter the hi score thread for Ninja Combat mate Wink

It shall be so. Might be able to find some time for a high-score run over the weekend in between sessions of work on my current oil painting project. Smile
Looking forward to an entry in the HSC section from you Chiba...Wink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Me too!! Im still abit too sick to be sitting here playing games yet, but im looking forward to getting back behind the stick Wink
Neo-Geo Man: Im sad to hear about your illness, but Im happy to have you back among us at NGFL.

I hope that you get better soon, mateFlowers

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Cheers mate, have had glandular fever, and it has made me very ill for a few weeks now. Starting to improve the past week, but still a way to go yet.
I really loved the first game when it came out at the arcades, something about the historical figures fighting it out seems really cool to my young mind.

Played the series again recently and both JET and PERFECT still really enjoyable to me.
I love the World Heroes series and Jet is another very good installment. I like the design of the three new characters Jack, Ryofu and Zeus. Graphics are impressive and the London rooftop stage of Jack and Ryofu's stage with the ships look particularly nice. As much as I enjoy Jet though I feel it's definitely a step back from the previous game.

Removing the death match mode was a mistake. That was one of the trademark festures of the series and a lot of people enjoyed that mode.

The final battle against Zeus while good is not as memorable as fighting Dio in the ruins of the colosseum. That last fight in WH2 is one of the most epic boss fights in a Neo Geo fighting game ranking only just behind Krauser in FF2/S.

I've always liked bonus stages in fighting games and WH2 has two while Jet only has one.

The music is very good in WH2J with some catchy tunes but overall I felt the WH2 soundtrack was better. I missed the themes for Janne, Erick and J.Carn.

The presentation in Jet doesn't seem quite as good. The intro is clearly inferior to the one in WH2. The lifebars and timer looked better in WH2 as well. The way the tournament is presented is not really to my taste and the endings are a bit disappointing.

Despite a few changes to the characters' moves and slightly increased speed the gameplay doesn't feel improved over the previous game.

Despite what I've said I do enjoy WH2J but for me the first two games will always be my favourites in the series. I'm a bit surprised you consider the first game to be almost unplayable Ninja.
This is probably what caused the series to lose its popularity, while making WH2J the least popular of the four. I heard it was considered by gamers in Japan as a legend, broken in more ways than one.

On the positive side, it introduces two interesting modes. One of them requiring the player to KO at least 2 out of 3 opponents in each battle until Captain Kidd, Hanzou, Jack, Ryofu and Zeus. The other allowing Player 1 to play against any character of their choice for the CPU player to control or let Player 2 choose, good for practicing for either casual or tournament battles.

On the negative side, it's more difficult to perform combos in this than WH2. Its "auto combos" were removed in WH2J. Its intro looked boring by several gamers, but it kind of makes me feel like a WH anime based on this segment exists, especially when viewing the Neo Geo CD version. And most notably, ADK replaced the death match mode feature with a plain multiplayer mode, probably either because adding speed and new moves to the characters could mess up in the death match mode gameplay, or it's probably when ADK heard about the criticism of the WH franchise, then thought the death match mode was a gimmick to them and focused on serious fighting starting with WH2J. In fact, fighting games that heavily-differentiate themselves from SFII like Video System's Tao Taido, Sega's Dark Edge and Taito's Dino Rex were so different from SFII, they were too difficult for most gamers to enjoy. This is probably why Data East focused more on quality than innovation, and created the moderately successful Fighter's History series.
I used to love the WH series but over the years it's become a series that is just okay. I've never played Jet that I can remember but I'm sure it's pretty close to the second game.
I do love the idea of characters using the stage to deal damage to their opponents, and I think that is why I enjoyed the game so much back in the 90's.
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