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May 29 2016

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Thread Author: wyndcrosser
Thread ID: 3918
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There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2328 times.
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New to Neo Geo Territory
I started to get back into retro gaming after being in the military the since 2003. Now, I've got some extra money, and a little time between the live-in GF, work, and college. I just picked up a NeoGeo Pocket and a series of GREAT games, and just recently a NeoGeoCD. I don't have any NeoGeo CD games, so I've been "finding some". When I actually have the space I'll start collecting a few games as well. My next purchase is a CMVS, well my next creation. That's why I joined, I'm looking for a decent MV-1C, some douche bought all 10 that were on ebay on Monday.

Neo Geo Pocket Mods
-Front Light

Neo Geo CD
-Language Mod
I kept the button inside by the rear to avoid ruining the beauty that is the neo geo cd console, lol.

Snes and NES. Also two great and fun retro systems.
Did you do the NGPC front-light mod yourself, or did you buy it that way or have it done for you? I feel like I should do that mod someday.
Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Translation
NGPC Flash Cart and Linker Project
Avatar art thanks to Trev-Mun.
Hey Wyndcrosser and welcome to NGFL! Thumbs Up

Glad to read you're entering the marvelous world of NGPC/NGCD/MVS, I'm sure you'll find a decent CMVS soon. In the selling forum of NGFL you're free to create an appropriate thread too.

Have you already any favorite Pocket/CD/MVS games?
The NGCD is a great way to start collecting and it wont break your bank either, welcome Sir.
I did the mod myself, I did it after I started modding GBA with lights, and replacing my SEGA Nomad with a new LCD and a new custom battery.

I got the Neo Geo CD for Cross Swords and Top Hunter and Wind Jammers, those are great games.

I picked up the Neo Geo Pocket for BioMotor and Card Battle (1 and 2, I just made a flash cart for the second game in the series, with a custom label). I Love the stick, I'm actually trying to mod a Gba SP into a Neo Geo pocket light, and using the neo's game stick.

I think I might go with the NeoGeo Omega, save me the hassles of building a CMVS.

Thanks for the replies
STE C wrote:
The NGCD is a great way to start collecting and it wont break your bank either, welcome Sir.

Especially with the "finding" games, haha. I used to rip off tens of NGCD games before buying them proper. Fancy forgetting CD copy protection, SNK... tut tut. Sega made the same mistake with the DC, as I recall.

Welcome aboard, Wynd. Smile
Hey Wynd, you've got a couple of awesome NGCD games there, especially Windjammers is a complete blast when playing against a another player! The Card Fighters Clash series is brilliant too.

And mother of god, I've never heard before of the Omega CMVS! To me it looks like the perfected CMVS! For all unaware members like myself, check out the manufacturer's website:

Welcome to NGFL, WyndcrosserSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hi wyndcrosser. That was a good move getting yourself a Neo Geo CD. I'm a big fan of the CD system myself. Like STE said quite a few NGCD games are not that expensive. Loading times are pretty insignificant for a lot of games and the arranged soundtracks are excellent.

wyndcrosser wrote:
I got the Neo Geo CD for Cross Swords and Top Hunter and Wind Jammers, those are great games.

They sure are great games. I particularly love Crossed Swords. Wanting to play Crossed Swords 2 was my initial reason for wanting a CD system.

Welcome to NGFL!
I'm surprised you didn't hear about the OMEGA, I thought it was a like a neo geo "thing". It looks cool, but I want to build my own lol... the hard part is finding a cheap MV-1C board and finding a good enough case lol

Welcome to the site Wyndcrosser. hope you stick around for the discussions too Smile
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