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July 15 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
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Classic KOF or Evolution KOF? Which will it be?
94, 95, 96, 97 & 98 will ALWAYS be the best! 94, 95, 96, 97 & 98 will ALWAYS be the best! 43%[3 Votes]
99, 00, 01, 02 & 03, I think, are ACTUALLY more fun/better games! 99, 00, 01, 02 & 03, I think, are ACTUALLY more fun/better games! 57%[4 Votes]
Total Votes : 7
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King of Fighters - OROCHI era Vs NESTS era?
to this tried and tested poll.

Instead of the usual favourite/worst, more specific poll, I wanted to go down a different avenue. The difference between the perfected classic formula of 98 meets the fresh, new style/attempts of 99 offers quite a stark contrast. I would nearly go as far as to say the series is pretty much divided into 2 halves. So much so, that for the purpose of this poll, I have 'virtually' done just that!

I have been playing KOF, well... constantly for many years, by whatever means available to me prior to the advent of eBay etc. I started with 95 on PS1 (fair port, regardless of any b*llocks you hear!) then jumped straight to 98 on Dreamcast - via CD-R. I missed 96 & 97 on consoles, as they never made it over here on Saturn or PS1. I DID however play 96 a good few times in a Blackpool bowling alley, the times I often went. never could use a stick though.

Anyway, carrying on I eventually received 99, 00, 01 & 02 on CD-R for DC with them not being officially released here in UK. Eventually 03 was released for PS2, and as I have often stated here on NGFL, I think it's the best one. I was really blown away by the progress they had made on 03 vs 02 in terms of gameplay and presentation etc.

However, over the last 8 years or so, since acquiring Japanese Saturns, DC's and PS2's, I have been enjoying the entire library of KOF titles available, PLUS more (i.e. Max.Impact series, 98&02 Ultimate versions, NeoWave, 94 Re-Bout etc). So, I'm pretty much up to scratch on whats what nowadays in the world of KOF.

So, to answer the question from my perspective, if I had to choose which half of the KOF series is MORE for me, I would elect for: 99, 00, 01, 02 & 03

Whilst I feel that is no doubt the more controversial point of view, for me, I find those later titles offer me more. 95 is my OBVIOUS choice of favourite from the 'other' side (Orochi side?), however, I much prefer and much more enjoy the roster and the PLAYABILITY of the NESTS series onwards. I feel the gameply is much tighter in these and, nowadays, I just find those games more interesting to play. I'm not at all a fan of 96 & 97 I'm afraid. 96 I believe is T H E worst Neo KOF available in terms of the most important feature: playability. Roster is pretty lacking too for a KOF imo. 94 is fine, but superseded infinitely by 95 - something which I find isn't true of any of the other iterations. 98 & 95 are the standouts for me, and whilst 98 has a HUUUGE following, and I do like it, on the whole I prefer to engage in the newer KOF's. 02 is probably my least fave of the NESTS 'half', however, it's still a solid game.

So that's my take? What's yours?...

That's a hard choice, so I'm gonna hold off on voting and give it a bit of thought. I will say though that if you had included KOFXI on the NESTS/Ash side that side would definitely win for me hands down. But alas... Neo only...

That's a head scratcher. Hmm
No matter how much I actually like '01 and '02, the first five titles still make a much stronger appearance in my eyes. Just as you, Ninja, I'm not exactly a worshipper of '96's gameplay, but the rest of the Orochi Saga is pretty strong in almost every terms. They've got the typical KoF soundtrack, colorful background stages, splendid artwork and presentation. Especially '95 and '98 alone are games beyond all comparison.

But the Ash saga was epically awesome too, especially KoF XIII ranks among the very best installments of the series.

To put in a nutshell, some installments are better than others in certain departments, but at least every KoF has something great to offer. And as a whole, KoF is just goddamn epic.
As a person who is a fan of the fighting systems and less so the story lines in KOF, its when you look at the series as a whole that reveals the big picture. Don't get me wrong, I know the story and I love the characters, but its not what brings me back game after game.

There is a clear bias here, not that that is a bad thing, but saying you like the latter part of a series is kinda like saying you like how the book ended, but wasn't a fan of the beginning.

At the latter parts you see how all the series has evolved, the fruit of many years of iteration, creativity and refinement are the things you are responding to. Hindsight, as they say is 20/20.

If you look at the fatal fury series for example; the dramatic evolution from 1 to 3 then on to the real bout series, you'd be hard pressed to find people who prefer the original games over the real bout games.

KOF 94/95 are still my favorite games in the first half of the series, I feel 96/97 while still good, they honestly stagnated for a few years, they were really solid, but didn't have the excitement that shined thru in the first 2 games and wasn't rekindled again til KOF98. 98 was a dream match in a series that is all about dream matches.

Now I do enjoy the Nests series, the inclusion of strikers was a sour point for me. I thought they were lame to be honest. Yes, it was cool to see snk play up their heritage, but I feel they didn't add to what was already an excellent series. It wasn't until Eolith stepped in to develop kof2001 and implemented the final iteration of the striker system. Again, I was still not a fan of the strikers, but this did allow me to use teams of 2 or 4 depending on the strategy I was choosing to employ. Thankfully, 2002 changed all that and we got another dream match and 2002 was a really good game, so it all worked out as the series felt as tho it had returned to form after 3 games that while good, didn't blow me away from 99 to 01.
KOF2003, now they were really on to something, as the last KOF on Neo hardware you couldn't really ask for a better send off for a series. This game is still easily the pinnacle of the series. Great graphics and animation, smooth fast game play and the ability to tag in and out on the fly etc etc, its just a great game that for some reason is maligned by some.
So its a weird series for me where I like 94/95 , 98, 02/03. I don't dislike the other games, but the chapters in between aren't the bright spots in what is an incredible series overall.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
I voted for the NESTs/Ash games. Really, its just about the characters for me. I can't bring myself to vote for the games that K', Kula, and Maxima aren't in, not to mention Adelheid, May Lee, Ash Crimson, etc...
Edited by reelmojo on 16. April 2012 22:37
I prefer the Orochi Saga, especially '97 (my favorite fighting game ever). The only KOF NESTS game that I've played is '99 on the PSX and it feels a bit bland. 2000 looks decent but 2001, not so much.
Edited by marktheshark on 19. April 2012 06:54
I'd definitely give it to the OROCHI saga. I do enjoy 99-03, but theres just something special about 94-97 (&98). King of Fighters '97 is one of my favourite games ever because the whole game just oozes awesome from the intro to the roster, backgrounds to the music, and the Orochi teams & transformations (not forgetting the best KOF boss ever, OROCHI himself!).

Its a hard pick because I really enjoy some of the newer characters like K', Vanessa and May Lee. But a lot of the later KOF's feel very MUGEN-y (Thrown together), especially KOF2003 which imho feels the least like a KOF game of the all. I loved all the OROCHI games, reading all the storylines and what would happen next and the NESTS saga didn't really appeal to me (well Apart from KOF99).

TL;DR: I love all the KOF games, but I choose you OROCHI SAGA!
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the least...
Not as easy a question to answer as you think, seeing as how the best games are '96 and '02... I want to say Orochi (even if he is the easiest boss evaR... stand still and punch until victory) but I think we all know that the later years are better all round games. If we're totally honest.
for me all games are just to awesome if there is something missing in one game you can easily find it in the other games so everything its just to to people taste and choises
i didnt voted cuz i just cant
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