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June 19 2018

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 3893
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There are 17 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4761 times.
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Who is THE NeoGeo Ninja?
Andy Bogard Andy Bogard 9%[1 Vote]
Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui 0%[0 Votes]
Eiji Kisaragi Eiji Kisaragi 9%[1 Vote]
Hokutomaru Hokutomaru 9%[1 Vote]
Hanzo Hattori Hanzo Hattori 45%[5 Votes]
Galford Galford 18%[2 Votes]
Zantetsu Zantetsu 0%[0 Votes]
Saizo Saizo 0%[0 Votes]
Kagetsura Kagetsura 0%[0 Votes]
Someone else (because 9 options wasn't enough for me). Someone else (because 9 options wasn't enough for me). 9%[1 Vote]
Total Votes : 11
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Who is THE NeoGeo Ninja?
Okay, this is obviously inspired by one of our most active forum members, but allow me to explain.

If this were a Sega fansite and someone was named MegaDrive Ninja your mind would instantly go to Shinobi. If it were NES Ninja you'd probably think of Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. So it stands to reason that one ninja on the NeoGeo has to be more badass than all of the rest, right? RIGHT!?

Mai is probably the most famous ninja from SNK, but that probably has less to do with her ninja skills and more to do with her ridiculous breasts. Hanzo is based on a real life person which instantly ups his badass factor. Zantetsu would be the coolest character in The Last Blade if SNK hadn't been on such a roll when they were creating characters at the time. Kagetsura isn't from a fighting game, so the mere fact that he kills multiple people at a time instead of just one instantly makes him a better ninja than most. And then there's Andy Bogard. He's so badass that he breaks all the ninja rules and gets away with it. He wears white, he doesn't use weapons, and he's certainly not silent. Also, he trained one of the other choices in the poll and he gets to have sex with Mai.

Yep. Winner.
vote for the resident NeoGeoNinja 'mojo (not including myself, of course Wink )

But this is definitely a great question! Who is T H E Neo Geo Ninja?

Here's a more comprehensive list I decided to draw up after being inspired by Reelmojo's poll:

Andy Bogard (FF)
Mai Shiranui (FF2)
Eiji Kisaragi (AOF2)
Hokutomaru (MOTW)
Hanzo Hattori (SS)
Galford (SS)
Zantetsu (LB.)
Saizo (Breakers Revenge)

Hanzou (WH)
Fuuma (WH)
Lin (KOF 00)
Jin Fu-Ha (AOF3)
Kamui (NMasters)
Sasuke (NMasters)
Earthquake (SS)
Kazuki (SS4)
Sogetsu (SS4)
Mezu (KEncounter)
Gozu (KEncounter)
Amon (DDragon)
Kazuma (Galaxy Fight)
Saizo (Matrimelee)

Kagetsura in mine, nor have I included any 'none-fighting game' caharcters either (i.e. Ninja Commando, Ninja Combat etc).

Perhaps there are some fighting game characters who are Ninja's, who are less obvious, that I have perhaps missed?

As you can see, there's a shit load of amazing competition. Whilst Andy (I think) is the most accomplished and well known Ninja, I can't help but feel my vote swaying more in Galford or Hanzou's general direction. I really dig both of those...

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 11. April 2012 15:37
i agree mojo Thumbs Up Neo Geo = bigger badder, better so any Neo Geo Ninja has to be pretty awesome

I voted for Galford, because not only is he a ninja but he has a bad-ass dog too. I like Mai but she is the last person i think of when i think of ninjas, Andy is tough but that long blond hair kind of devalues his ninja-ness, and out of the others i like Galford the best, so def him.
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You better don't deal with this bad dude here! And honestly, who wouldn't let him go?

It's great to see another SNK related topic around here, thanks Mojo!

As for my likes, I find Hattori Hanzo the one and only Neo Geo Ninja (only in virtual life of course, otherwise I must be worried to lose my head one dark night)...

I mean, he's a ruthless Killer Machine, a badass in every department. Remember his X-Ray Zetsumei Ougi in Samurai Shodown V Special? Now that's what I call a finisher!

But come on, the SNK universe is full of awesome Ninjas, even whole games are dedicated to them (Sengoku 3, Ninja Master's, Ninja Commando and, err, Ninja Combat).

Honorable mentions from my part:
Kamui (NM)
Eiji Kisaragi (AOF2)
Fuuma (WH)
Tough one but Im gonna go for Hanzo although I am a huge Andy fan as well.
Hanzo is the best ninja for me. Andy is a good character, fun to use but lacks personality. I don't think he is good as Hanzo or Galford.
Hanzo Hattori (SS) he is my main choice in ss1 & 2 too cool
Hanzo Hattori, hands down.The fact that he's a historical figure and legend just makes him the best.

Also I'm surprised nobody mentioned Musashi from Ganryu. That guy took on wave after wave of ninja and a few gigantic monsters. He's definitely up there, to me.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 12. April 2012 01:23

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Gembu counts, right.

I'm ashamed to say "Hanzo" makes me think of the World Heroes character first rather than the SS one :v.
I'm really surprised that Andy isn't running away with this, but I guess I always tend to underestimate Samurai Shodown's popularity. Also, no votes for Zantetsu? For shame!
Eiji Kisaragi. He's been around since the early days of the neogeo, and like a true ninja, he hangs out in the background and doesn't show his face as a playable character in a bajillion games like Andy or Hanzo.

His attacks also seem a lot like ninja attacks in my mind, in contrast to say, Andy's attacks. He can even climb the damn invisible wall on the edge of the screen!

He also has dark ninja-style motives - like, to assassinate Ryo or eliminate Kyogukenryu, or take revenge on Iori. What the heck were Hanzo or Andy's motives? Just to keep winning frequent fighting tournaments?

Overall though, his sprites were larger than life in AOF2 (just like every elses) and this is probably why I remember him most as a defining image of the neogeo.
Edited by Gunlord on 12. April 2012 05:11
of the guys listed here in this thread, especially the likes of Hanzo, Galford, Andy, Zantetsu and Hanzou too.

However, after careful consideration, my vote goes to 'The All-American Ninja' Galford - MORE SPECIFICALLY - in his SS3 & SS4 'Bust' guise i.e. without Poppy, but emblazoned with an amazing array of Lightning based attacks not found in his 'Slash' repertoire.

My main character in SS3 & SS4... and my choice for the ultimate Neo•Geo Ninja Ninja
Glowsquid wrote:
Gembu counts, right.

LOL Not sure if he qualifies as a ninja but if he is then without question Gembu would be THE Neo Geo ninja.

Good list Ninja but how could you forget Fudomaru?! Wink

As for my choice of best ninja well I was torn between Hanzou from World Heroes and Mezu from the Fu'un series. I've always loved Hanzou's design but recently I've come to appreciate just how awesome Mezu is. He can slash opponents with his long metal claws, turn people into a block of ice, has that cool looking spin attack and I like his piledriver type grappling move. Most impressive of all though is his 'mudoh suiryuuha' move when he turns his whole body into a giant whirlpool. His hyper dimension attacks look pretty cool too. I'm surprised Hanzou/Fuuma/Mezu/Gozu weren't included in the poll.
merlin wrote:
Good list Ninja but how could you forget Fudomaru?! Wink

have possibly overlooked this specific Ninja. Especially coming from such a HIGH quality production.

I'm sure he's VERY memorable! Pfft

merlin wrote:I'm surprised Hanzou/Fuuma/Mezu/Gozu weren't included in the poll.

That would be my unfamiliarity with World Heroes and Fu'un. My bad. Although characters like that were exactly why the last choice of the poll is there.

Seriously though, still no Zantetsu votes? I almost feel like changing my vote now!
reelmojo wrote:
Seriously though, still no Zantetsu votes? I almost feel like changing my vote now!

in Last Blade 1 &2, if that helps salve your conscience? Wink

I think, my choice was probably influenced by my preference for SS (3&4) > LB series. I just think SS has more personality on the whole, right down to the art style.

As much as PPL love LB and it's fancy artistic approach > SS's artstyle (which, I ACTUALLY think is better, personally) I feel that it somehow too, loses it's personality a bit in the process. I'm not speaking against the character design or playabilty of the Last Blades, but just in the same way I feel about the Real Bouts vs MOTW for example, something... somewhere is lost in that graphical approach to SNK's fighters imo.

I don't enjoy PLAYING them any less for it, but when I sit back and analyse my feelings on the subject, that's the decision I arrive - very nice to look at, but lacking personality vs other SNK titles Smile

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