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July 16 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3887
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EA - Officially: The Worst...
I've been saying here... here, there and everywhere for goddamn years, but it seems, I'm not the only one who feels this way. This is a start. Arguably the biggest consumer base of EA's games made a statement:

EA - The Worst Company In America (2012) Clap


All the details on the stand-offs EA overcame to reach such heights is detailed elsewhere on the site. FYI, open Polls were held to determine the 'winner' in each instance :-)

Now, if we could move onto the 'Worst Company In The World', I'd be grateful Grin

Seriously though, I had no idea that so many other PPL felt the same way. Most PPL I talk to who, I would consider to be modern gamers, often revere EA. I celebrate their occasional publishing rights and their aggressively taken over studio developments - from time to time (i.e. Dead Space for example).

My beef still sits rather strongly with behaviour from the last gen. Absolutely disgusting. Activision are just as bad, however, EA are more established in such 'ethics', thus, are more deserving of such directed hatred.

A VERY tempting avatar, I'm sure you'll ALL agree...


Haha, that's the internet for you. EA has some pretty shitty business practices, don't get me wrong... but worse than illegal foreclosures? Worse than charging people $5 per transaction just to access their own money? Some of the other companies on the list fuck with people's actual lives.

However, I'd firmly agree with giving EA the Worst Video Game Company Award.
haha well I dont mind EA *too much*. They do seem to be making an effort to fund games that arent quite so massmarket now. I just think of games like Mirrors Edge and like you say Dead Space, and i'm sure there's loads of others. If people are dumb enough to buy yearly updates of sports sims i will quite happily reap the benefits in the good games that EA does release. To be honest i dont know what they did last gen, what did they do? although i remember EA Trax that did suck. I have no doubt they do some dodgy things though - i mean unfair things. If i had to vote for most evil videogame i probably would vote for them just because i can't think of anyone worse

althugh ....its worth remembering that Nintendo were actually found guilty by law of ripping off consumers in the UK (in the SNES days), by keeping prices of their carts artifically high. when you think a large proportion of their consumers are kids or young mums that's pretty bad. The reality is that all videogame companies are evil - they all want your money. Sega was evil before they needed our help. Capcom has been a pretty bad offender when you think of it for expensive DLC, and minor updates but charging full price for game. Sony tricks us with pre-rendered videoes every generation and Microsoft...well everyone *knows* they are evil, too evil to even put their name on their console Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I love Mirror's Edge, but don't forget EA made DICE work on the Battlefield series because they wanted to compete directly with Call of Duty which of course results in no Mirror's Edge 2.

Another good game they've come out with recently is SSX. Most of their sports games are sims, but SSX bears no resemblance to the actual sport of snowboarding. It's just fun. I've only played the demo, but it seems really good.

If EA wants to make old school fans happy I have a suggestion. As soon as they're finished with Madden '13 use that engine to get to work on a Mutant League Football sequel!
YES, at least the public was ready to make this statement! Clap

I too enjoyed the likes of Dead Space as well, a few efforts EA published in the last years were quite remarkable. But you can't deny how much EA fucked up a lot of franchises. I still can't (and I never will) forgive them what they did with the Command & Conquer series...

Serves them right so far.
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