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March 23 2019

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Thread Author: goemon4
Thread ID: 388
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OMFG Transformers
ok, i just got back (time 3:38am) from watching the midnight premier of Transformers the movie. I will say im not a fanboy,but fuck, this movie blew me away! The story, was average, and the humor, plain lame, but fuck, the cinematography and action was beyond top notch. I mean the fight sequence (pretty muhc one main like hour long sequence at the end) was mind numbingly amazing. Tho it butchered the transformers for the most part, and the movie was just a huge billboard for General Motors (among other things like Mountain Dew)

I thought that shia labeouf would have sucked, but he was surprisingly good! Tho some of it to me, well seemed to be bogged down by cheesey humor, the audience behind me was roaring with laughter (i laughed once, mabey twice in the abundance of slapped on humor) And the girl that played it was actually good looking imo (tho she was like 18 tops) but she was actually a good actress. Tho she encounters some, imo, lame dilemmas, i guess it was the character building at work. Which there wasnt much of, which was great, cause it kidna got right down to business, a little off tracking in the intro, but each bit important to the story. Also it was hardly a love story between the 2 main characters. There was, i wont argue, but it wasnt the main focus, it was the background to the transformers, which i liked, since the romanticism wasnt always there. There were a few scenes, but hardly any during the length of the movie. And the only makeout part, was at the very end.

Also as i kidna mentioned, it got to business quickly, which means, there hardly any filler scenes, there was one or two tops, but mostly just to add humor and to segue to another scene. So they were important. Like when sam was trying to find the glasses (it has to do with the plot, i will say no spoilers) it was kinda lame, but was a bit to bog you down with humor, and segue to the next scene. So it had importance.

Now, the visuals, as i said, blew my mind. The people that did this were the best of the best. The transformers, looked like they were actually in the area they were. Their transforming, amazing, action, as i said, fucking great. They didnt go short on the action, which imo was great. As i also said, an hour long fight scene, or just about. It was very long, and very pleasing. Explosions, destruction, chaos, bullets flying, people dieing, robots destroying. Nothing about the action sequences i didnt like. I cant explain it, just see it Grin

The acting now, was actually good. Other than the 2 main, which as i said were good, there were the typical cliched parent characters, vague teen drama in the beginning (which is actually needed) And the government officials, the same, generic, actually you will recognize alot from other movies and shows. (like enemy of the state, and monk (well monks brother) etc) But the acting was good tho. I didnt find it cheesy, annoying, or asking it to just go on, due to liek excess dialog, since there was hardly any. I, as i was kinda getting to, enjoyed the acting, and characters, none i hated, or found unnecessary. But you wont excatly go to see this for the plot, or acting imo, just go for the action, and youll enjoy it all!

Transformers, as i said, pleasing in every aspect., But the transformers names, backgrounds etc, butchered, like the background of the story. My friend, is a huge TF fanboy and was complaining after it alot Grin But i enjoyed it, tho i to knew it was very flawed. They got alot right, but equally alot wrong, liek the personalities of some characters, or their look (bumble bee was a fucking new camaro (a huge GM ad). I was surprised on how much they got right tho. But some of the stuff was just like, put in to add humor, or mold to the new-ish plot, which was actually decent. It wasnt to far off, but wasnt perfect. If your a die hard fan you will know. My friend was right, Megatron looks liek a cooler evangelion Grin but he still looks fuckin bitchin, as do all the TF's.

I will still say, if your a fan of kick ass action, giant robots, or just stunning visuals, see this now! dont go for a plot, i didnt and i was pleased, go for the action which is probably the best i have ever seen. Ever. Nothing imo is better. And dont say otherwise till you see it.

^ my review, it was actually good, but not 100% plot wise, which was ok, since the action made up for it and more! Anyone else see it yet

(and for those who dont want to, GO! see it! Michael Bay did a surprisingly amazing job, and didnt butcher TF that bad, but most of the work all went into the action, which was executed amazingly, imo some of the, if not, the best cinematography, and action i have ever seen, he did a great job at that.)
Michael Bay is such a shit film maker, how does he keep getting work? :eh:

I so want it to be good but I just know it's gonna be shit. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen it but I imagine my reaction will be much like your friend's.
Sounds like a pretty good movie. Although I'm not a huge fan of Michael Bay, I'll probably end up seeing it for the action, looks like it'll be pretty cool.
I dunno why but I actually want to see it now too. Nothing can live up to the sheer awesomeness that the 80's transformers movie sadly.
Sounds good. Was saying to Phry the other day that I dunno if this movie will come out any good at all, but from what you said it's hopefully gonna be a damn good fun movie. Will be going to see it anyways!

ya nothing will beat the old animated G1 work, but still, i found this amazing, but @ Shiny - dont go for the plot, my friend and i didnt ,and we enjoyed it, but ya, he ranted alot about the plots/characters flaws Grin and im not a huge michael bay fan either, but he did a really good job in this. The robots fighting were awesome. (which made up for everything imo)
Well, I just came back from seeing it. I liked it for the action scenes a lot. The cinematograohy was awesome too, but it still had MAJOR flaws like you said. When they pulled that joke on Air Force One about President Bush, I almost hurled. Plus, this loud family behind us kept yelling "OOPS!" and "Whoa!" after EVERY comical mishap. Pretty good movie though, I just hate how it's on Imdb's top 250, that's bullshit.
I finally saw it on Friday night, was a damn good film as far as action goes, just I didn't enjoy certain aspects of the storyline. Just stuff like "random bunch of kids get to help out the government" and "girl walks out of the pentagon carrying an SD card with top secret stuff on it and doesn't get stopped until they realise hours later". If you can turn off your brain to stuff like that and forget all the differences to the original, then the action and CG is pretty kick ass and it's really worth seeing.

One thing I will say though is that they did have a valid reason for changing Bumblebee into a Camaro, and it wasn't just to do with money. Supposedly VW refused permission to use a Beetle in the film because they didn't want to be associated with war, due to the rumours of their role in WWII (you'll have to look that up if you're interested). They decided to change to the Camaro because of that, but they did but the little homage to the VW in there when you first see Bumblebee. For those who haven't seen the movie, you'll find out what I mean Smile


ps. Anyone notice that those glasses seemed to grow in size about 100 fold when Optimus picked them up? Bit of a CG error there Pfft
This comic sort of sums up everything I felt about the movie...

Edited by candycab on 30. July 2007 09:09
I will probably be waiting for the 720P version to release and watching it on the projector instead of doing the theatre thing.

The action looks great so I dont really care much about the plot myself
I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr

"Last screw is hidden under a warranty-voiding sticker. Darn, cant return this thing to the store - guess Ill just have to make a laptop out of it!"

Ben Heck on PS3 Slim
Raiken wrote:Nothing can live up to the sheer awesomeness that the 80's transformers movie sadly.

So true. The new movie is kinda worth seeing just for the amazing visual experience though.

Kazuya_UK wrote:ps. Anyone notice that those glasses seemed to grow in size about 100 fold when Optimus picked them up? Bit of a CG error there Pfft

Hehe. More funny stuff to me was how lightly Jazz's death was taken.
Edited by Goemon on 10. August 2007 21:36
Ok ok, I've seen it. For the following little rant I've decided to check my G1 TF fanboy reasons to slate the movie at the door... Otherwise I'd be here all night. So here goes...

Oh... Your... God... That... Was... Awful!! Michael Bay really should get some sort of award for worst film-maker ever. I've said it before but really, how does he keep getting work? Does his Dad own Paramount or something? I actually had quite high hopes after reading so much about how awesome the action is and I was all set to completely change my mind about it, I really wanted to be saying "It might not be G1 TF but man, that movie kicked ass!" right now but... At least half of the movie has no Transformers on screen at all (in robot form I mean) and only half of the time they are on screen (that's a quarter of the film math fans) they're fighting eachother. The Ultra cheesey dialogue, the cobwebs on the old computers (so the slower audience members are under no illusions as to their age), kids helping the inept government agencies (which seem to be run by about 6 people), said kids remembering every single Transformer's name after hearing them once, other young scamps somehow cracking a code nobody else can with some extraordinary hacking skills, CG errors like the glasses growing, glasses incidentally the Decepticons should have just bought on eBay... Autobots "hiding" around the outside of a suburban house and not being seen by any of the neighbours, almost no dialogue at all between the Decepticons, and where the Hell were the military during all of this? A handfull of planes and a couple of guys, really, that's it, that's Earth's militaries' response? Please... The plot is laughable, the script is cringe-inducing from start to finish, and the acting is atrocious, I'm just glad I didn't pay to see it. I hoped the action would be so good that I'd forget all about what they've done to my beloved TF characters but alas, that too is a big no. Imo Mr Bay should be burned at the stake for releasing it upon the world. I'm not even joking, burned at the stake.

Starscream's still badass though. Wink And the dogfight in which he kicks so much ass, awesome.

Oh, and one more thing... The cube thing that gives life to mechanical things, why does it also give them bullets? And how come everything it gives life to is evil? Why would Prime et al want a planet full of trigger-happy would-be Decepticons? Even that mobile had bullets! :eh:
Edited by Shiny on 17. August 2007 00:37
So, I take it you enjoyed the film thoroughly.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
boogiepop wrote:
So, I take it you enjoyed the film thoroughly.

Lol, yeah... I watched it again today with a friend of mine because A) he really wanted to see it and B) I wanted to see if I over-reacted slightly. Unfortunately, it's no better the second time around. Some of the action is top notch, especially the scenes involving the 'scream, but the rest really is just awful. And my friend's reaction was unsurprisingly similar to mine, he spent most of the movie cringing or laughing at it while pointing out flaws. It's such a shame because it could so easily have been awesome, all Bay had to do was remove the teen drama, tone down the endless product placement, put a bit of thought into the frankly stupid government agency stuff and give us 2 hours of wise-cracking robot carnage. Instead we've got a rubbish, and frequently intelligence insulting, kids movie with about half an hour of decent action.
Edited by Shiny on 17. August 2007 17:43
lol I'm glad I didn't bother to go see it then LOL
It sounds like the typical, modern action movie. You know, I caught a little bit of the new Superman film the other day and all I saw was ten minutes of action. There was no talking whatsoever. When the hell did that become kosher in cinema? Do these douche bag directors need to be reminded that they need dialogue to form a decent plot? The only guy I can think of who could pull that crap off was Akira Kurosawa.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
As a newbie to the Transformers universe, I'm still on the fence about watching this one, especially after recently seeing the 1986 animated film
(which is top-notch on all sorts of factors). Here's the question I pitch: How annoying is it that the focus is more on the humans on the machines? That's the major deterrent when it comes to this film. Okay, so I liked Spike and Sparkplug, but last time I checked, this phenomenon was known as "Transformers" and not "Humans."
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