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July 15 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3850
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3279 times.
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for the likes of Strikers 1945+ and Prehistoric Isle 2 for AES.

My latest search turned up a real corker! Some guy (who's actually a very reputable seller, as I've dealt with them many time before) revcently appeared to have every f*cking conversion possible under the sun - from IronClad AES to Breakers Revenge.


What is the deal with the price of these, frankly, frankensteined artifacts?! This guy is asking near £300 per conversion! I mean, technically, he's selling a Breakers (just... Breakers) conversion for that price too! Surely you'd be best off putting your hard-earned towards an original instead?

Here's my search: http://www.ebay.c...m270.l1313
£400+ for the Strikers conversion too! Y'know... I'm not entirely sure AES collecting is something I will or can ever warm too. It just makes precisely ZERO sense... and I'm all about the logic in life Wink

approach many take to conversions, what do you suppose the deal is with this guy and his £300 a pop?!

I've seen conversions go for around £150 a time (Blazing Star, Pulstar etc) before - which seems more realistic for - essentially - fake, counterfeit gash, however, £300 a time is like modern day piracy... surely??! Shock

Cheers guys...
The guy is obviously a greedy fuck who prays on collection-crazed dolts.

So, people who will to drop 300 quid on some fucking fake AES (butchered up MVS) deserve to be ripped off.

I'll never understand some people.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 13. March 2012 02:44

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
They're certainly very good looking conversions but ridiculously expensive. I'd also be very wary of them actually being true 'conversions' and containing MVS ROMs, and not in fact EPROM-tastic bootlegs.

Looking at the guy's other legitimate games, they're all generally very much overpriced. Matrimelee and View Point are a good £100 or so more than they should be and SSIV is about £50 more.

Actually, looking at his other items, I'm thinking they are boots.

From the Waku Waku 7 listing:
genuine original SNK - we do not sell conversion or bootlegs

World Heroes Perfect:
100% genuine original SNK Neo Geo product !

But it doesn't say anything like this in the conversion listings, just that they're 100% working.

At the end of the day well made conversions can look fantastic on your shelf. But unless you have the tools, knowledge and skill to do them yourself you're at the mercy of others unfortunately. You're either going to end up spending a stupid sum of money or getting ripped off with bootlegs.

And for all the messing around of desoldering chips here, resoldering them there, getting artwork printed, is it worth it? It works out really expensive too having to buy a nice condition AES each and every time. I'd love to have my PI2, Strikers, Blazing Star and Tomaday converted, but for all the expense and messing around I think I'll stick with the SMVSC2 and Shock Boxes.

However, I would still like conversions of Metal Slug and Shock Troopers. Now these two games are probably the most converted out of all games and there's literally thousands of 'legit' MVS-AES conversions of them floating around out there and have been for years. My problem is with all these new bootlegs that have suddenly started floating around.
Edited by -SD- on 13. March 2012 05:00
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First of all welcome back and good to read again from you, Ninja! Thumbs Up

This Austrian hustler doesn't do anything else than ripping-off Neo-Newbies, common if not maximum prices for Conversions are at about £150, everything above is a total rip-off from my point of view.

Just as SD already wrote, some conversions sure look very nice in your AES shelf with all these self-made (and hopefully) High-Quality inserts and manuals, and the conversions offered by this particular guy sure look awesome judging from the pictures.

But every potential buyer should be aware if he's spending over £200 for the custom work invested in these conversions or not. And then it's not even sure if it doesn't just contain cheap EEPROMS instead of genuine MVS roms.

IF someone's interested in getting a proper conversion, he should first assure himself the roms are original (maybe by guarantee by the seller, opening the AES carts isn't that easy afaik), everthing else is a total waste.
I totally agree £300!? crazy. I saw a guy selling a Blazing Star conversion for £220 and then a manual under a seperate listing for £30. At least have the decency to sell the manual with the conversion!

I personally like conversions esp of games that were never released on MVS, and also games that are too expensive in AES form - e.g. Blazing Star, Metal Slug etc but i would pay just over 100-150. I think my Metal Slug was £110 when i got it a couple of years ago. i think this is sensible, i really like AES games, so why not pay £1000 less for something that looks exactly the same, and that you can actually play (i wouldnt play a game i paid over a £1000 for!). I also wanted a Strikers conversion at the timeand i saw one at £130 but i forgot about it, and never got it. Seems like prices have gone up.

If they can make conversions without using MVS parts though, isnt that a good thing? as long as it works of course!
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is the most ridiculous price hiking I have witnessed in some time.

It used to average around the £600 mark a couple of years back, How on Earth, in a time of heavy recession, has that price near DOUBLED??!


I planned to buy this game one day as a treat, but at over £1000 a pop (WTF?) that will never happen. when put into perspective: it's JUST a game.

The most I'd go to for an AES title is £500 max (I.e. for the likes of Ninja Masters, ROTD etc)... and maybe £600 a pop for the 'Star' titles. But even then, those figures I'm throwing around STILL border on the mentally insane!! Shock

Umm he is pretty expensive to be honest, for the price of his conversions you could have a CMVS and still buy plenty of boxed MVS games that look professional ( I have a few myself). I agree no game is really worth over £500 but Blazing Star is a game to blow it on if you are feeling flush Ninja.

Sadly I think NG prices will continue to go up but with the world economy the way it is we could see carts become more common as I am sure some poor sods will be forced to sell collections.
I think you guys should read this thread over at regarding Tokyo Toy Factory and Neo Ayato's involvement in selling boots/conversions.

This is quite disappointing considering I was so impressed with the games that I recently purchased from TTF. Now, he may not have sold any unofficial carts since establishing the business, but it does make you worry.

It would seem that some of these conversions have been floating around for years being passed off as legitimate and fooling the majority of buyers. They were knowingly fucking people over and flooding the market with bootlegs. I dread to think how many Japanese stores were fooled and how many of the 'legit' Metal Slugs out there are really the work of these guys?

I really don't think there's any safe way to buy certain AES games nowadays, unless you purchased them yourself on release day, or you know that the seller did.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO‚ÄĘGEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
NeoGeoNinja wrote:- I THINK BLAZING STAR...
is the most ridiculous price hiking I have witnessed in some time.

yes i was gutted about that, i was expecting to pay maybe £450, but a bit shocked by current prices. Definitely not going to get a genuine one now. Even £450 would have been the most i ever spent on a game, but i would pay it for Blazing Star!

SD wrote :- I really don't think there's any safe way to buy certain AES games nowadays, unless you purchased them yourself on release day, or you know that the seller did.

I suppose it was inevitable given the prices some carts sell for now:( I was reading the thread and you can only tell if you open up the carts - which isnt easy. At least if people will now check up on these longtime sellers, it will force them to sell genuine copies - otherwise their reputations will be ruined.

It's worrying though, especially for people who paid a lot for games like Metal Slug. I'm glad i never buy games to sell on, cos if i had paid a lot for Metal Slug - just wouldnt open up my cart to look, stay happy that way Smile
Edited by RiKo on 15. March 2012 18:36
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
-SD- wrote:
I think you guys should read this thread over at regarding Tokyo Toy Factory and Neo Ayato's involvement in selling boots/conversions.

I've read that as well, these French scammers behind the story sure are dickheads. It's less about selling conversions by itself, I mean if you clearly state the game as a conversion before selling it, that's fine by me. If these are made from original roms, that's even better.

But these frenchies used to sell all these conversions AS ORIGINALS to unaware Japanese buyers at Yahoo auctions. Eventually one victim contacted these crooks, complaining about a lousily cut insert and he insisted on getting his money back (with a more than good reason). Among themselves the french agreed that the buyer should go fuck himself and that it would be all right as long as he won't realize he actually bought a conversion. Now that's some serious stuff.

I actually never bought anything from TTF, I always thought their prices were always a tad to high. And just as you pointed out SD, it isn't clear if TTF or NA really were selling conversions after their establishment. Of course most members at are exaggerating as always at the moment, posting personal data of one of the scammers for example. But it's still worrisome to know that one of the supposedly original AES games in your possession actually could be a conversion made from a bootleg...

Kudos to the guys at for revealing this story!
Edited by Murikov on 15. March 2012 20:19
It's worrying that more of these high quality conversions complete with manual are appearing. Like RiKo said it seems like the only way of telling whether a game is genuine or not is by opening it up. When I bought my Blazing Star the seller had opened it up and showed pics of the PCBs in the auction. With prices rising considerably for the rarer AES games this is going to become more and more of a problem in the future unfortunately. I'm glad I got out of AES collecting to be honest.

I strongly advise people not to buy (or make) any conversions whatever the price. The more people that buy them on ebay the more will be made. It's sad that officially released AES and MVS carts are being butchered to make these 'freaked' carts. The MVS carts for games like Strikers 1945+, Prehistoric Isle 2, Blazing Star and Pulstar will inevitably become rarer and more expensive in the future. My advice is find a way of playing MVS carts or use emulation or just stick to officially released AES games. You don't have to own every game you like in AES format.
I had been planning to buy some games from TTF, but after reading that article about them I have changed my mind. It's strange that there is always someone cynical trying to fool others when there is a lot of money involved. But it's a good thing that this have been discovered. But it's also good to know that there is a lot of honest AES shops out there also.
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