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November 14 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3846
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There are 10 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4196 times.
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Street Fighter X Tekken - THE Thread
that there hasn't been a dedicated thread drawn up yet to coincide with the release of this game? Hmm...

Anyway, I was lucky enough to score this bad boy last Wednesday here in the UK (7/3). So, I had a couple of days over the release date, which was nice.

To be honest, I'm not too sure where to start with this game.

As predicted, it 'pretty much' is a mash-up of SF4 and Tekken. At the same time, be aware - it's REALLY not this either (confused?). The core gameplay and feel of the moves and characters is quite different from SF4. The game is much quicker paced and doesn't feel slow, deliberate and plodding like SF4. Yeah, it's quite fast actually. Not forgetting the most obvious difference: it's a tag battle game, more akin to Tekken Tag if I were honest > Marvel VS titles.

Now, everyone has the Marvel-esque chain combo system as standard - L > M > H. However, there's a strange twist to this, in that, whereby you press the hard attack again (i.e. L > M > H > H) you automatically launch a fourth attack named *cough* the 'Launcher". I'm still undecided on this 'feature' but I'm trying to adapt. Anyway, as soon as the launcher connects, your 2nd character is thrust into action (whilst your opponent is still aloft!). This is where you really forced to take advantage of juggling. Literally. It's not very tactful about it. TBH it actually works. It keeps the action fast and frantic.

So, tagging in and out uses a section of your Cross Gauge. This is done Marvel VS esque by pressing 2-buttons - both Medium attacks. However, a 4 combo launch-into-tag is seemingly 'free' by comparison, thus, heavily promoting auto-tag juggle gameplay. See, the juggling may come across as offensive, but it's nowhere near as offensive as it is n say, SF4, where juggling seems (imo) out of place and unfair. SFxTKN makes no secret that combo's and juggling ARE part of the core gameplay experience.

There are LOTS of differing attack techniques at your disposal. EX moves are still present, except now, with a twist. You can do EX moves as standard (i.e. with 2x buttons, like hadoken with 2x P) but also now, you can charge certain moves (one per character) into EX's... and then *gulp* into Supers if you charge long enough! It's quite cool actually. Ryu for example can charge through to Super Hadoken (a la Denjin like).

the part I wanted to get to really was: The Tekken characters and, how do they transfer into a X-over Capcom-biased universe?

Seemingly, so far... the characters I've used have transferred well BUT... some are difficult to just jump into vs the Capcom characters. for example, I'm BIG on using ALL the Mishima lineage in the Tekken series, thus, I was very keen to continue that tradition in SFxTKN.

Truth is, I found Kazuya, Jin and the like pretty tough to just pick up and get into. They retain their moves from Tekken quite faithfully and it can be hard using these techniques against the more extravagant SF'rs imo. A particular, yet minor gripe (due to adjustment) is Capcoms choice to retain the Mishima style 'Dragon Punch' command. It's not an instant move and requires a delayed input and is preceded by a dash (before attack). Like I say, I've adjusted, but I think it was a strange choice myself.

Graphics have been altered slightly to appease both game styles. It certainly looks a LITTLE darker than it's SF4 cousin. Stage are more outrageous than in SF4, but there are less unfortunately. Music, imo, is much better than SF4 though (SF4's is non-descript at best).

The roster is pretty solid. Unfortunately, RiKo's darling CViper is absent, however, my SF4 fave Abel is present Grin I think I would have preferred to see CViper > Rufus BUT seeing as Bob from Tekken is present, Rufus is quite complimentary Wink

From Tekken stables, I would like to have seen Bruce Irvin to have been included, and maybe Kunimitsu too. Also Dragunov and Lee Chao Lan would have been great, but on the whole, I really can't complain. No Blank or Honda thus far (planned though, I think) so it's all good.

I'm unsure. I'm a bit of a die-hard of cross-overs, Street Fighter and of Tekken. I love all fighters and, when new, I'll try them all/most. If I dislike them, I say that I tried and moved on (SF4 & BBlue etc). SFxTKN falls into odd territory, which, I actually like. It doesn't play entirely like SF4, it doesn't play like Tekken and it isn't a Marvel affair either. It's more grounded than a Marvel game and faster and more interesting than SF imo. Make of that what you will.

That's about it really. Any further opinions or pre-conceived ideas etc would be cool to read up on Wink

Hope alls well here @ the mighty NGFL Headbang


(p.s. I voted Kazuya. BOTH are hard as F*ck, but Kazuya is just beyond awesome in my book Wink )
Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 10. March 2012 22:00
Gigantic posts...Yup! Ninja is backGrin

I hope you´re here to stay Ninja...?

PS I voted Ryu...Obviously
Edited by priest on 10. March 2012 22:24

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
really interesting report ninja Thumbs Up good to hear you opinions. i am not really that intersted in this game just at the moment, although i would like to try it out at some point . iIm not really into crossovers (King of the Fighters withstanding). but still interesting to read. and also no Viper!? sacrilege! She did seem to be quite well-used in Marvel Vs Capcom from internet videos. but i guess she is more of a SNK style character so maybe thats why.

Ninja wrote :- the game is much quicker paced and doesn't feel slow, deliberate and plodding like SF4

you are not the first to say that but i have to say i disagree on that, imo SF4 is pretty much the ideal speed for a modern fighter. Any faster and you could push the attack/defend balance into button bushing terroitory - ie people will just attack and spam combos more cos they know they are more likely to be able to connect and catch people in an 'attack mix-up storm'. When i come to SF4 from playing Neo Geo fighters i always notice how much faster SF4 is.

watch this vid featuring my fav Viper and Ibuki, its perfect speed. Ibuki has one of the slowest walking speeds in the game and Viper's isnt far behind. but that's when the dash comes in (something i dont use much admittedly!) i think its just fast enough to be able to catch people off-guard but slow enough to be able to defend/throw and set up focus attacks.

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Just heard that the DLC is on the disc and that some hackers manage to obtain it for free. The DLC consists of over 100 alternate costumes in total, 12 (14 for 360 version) characters, and possibly more.

The 12 characters are:

Mega Man (360 version)
Bryan Fury
Pac-Man (360 version)

Wow, Capcom. Really? Then again, this is current-gen Capcom that we're talking about (or Crapcom or Cashcom) so it's not too surprising at this point.
Edited by marktheshark on 11. March 2012 02:01
Loving the game, I really am, and I'm surprised how easily I've got into using Kazuya and the other Tekken characters. as I wondered how the Hell it would all work out. Need to put some more time into the game, although I've managed to finish it 5 or 6 times so far. I'd have to say that Ogre is without a doubt the easier of the two bosses, with Akuma/Gouki being a lot harder... saying that on the default difficulty, neither is too hard at all.

Spotted this in tutorial mode earlier too... made me chuckle! Grin

Oh and as for the DLC thing... I totally expected it. I don't care that they are on the disc in a way, it's just the fact that I see DLC content almost as an afterthought. As in, at a later date if they decide to add more characters to an already complete game, for those that want them, that's fine, and it means you get some extra enjoyment out of a game you've already played to death. Of course they are going to plan on doing them, but the fact that they are already complete and could technically be use right now grates on me to say the least. As much as I want them, I'll probably not bother just on the principle, especially if they are charging through the nose for them, and also for extra costumes.

Who remembers the days when we'd just pay for a game, and to get these characters or costumes we'd unlock them by just playing the damn thing? I miss those days... :(


ps - want some avatars for forum posts? Go here:


pps - Kaz of course!!!! Wink
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 11. March 2012 20:30
lol @ the Dan quote Kaz. nice spot Thumbs Up

Mark the Shark wrote :-Just heard that the DLC is on the disc and that some hackers manage to obtain it for free. The DLC consists of over 100 alternate costumes in total, 12 (14 for 360 version) characters, and possibly more.

still no Viper :/

I agree with Kaz - the fact that the DLC is already finished does grate. but maybe one good thing is that you can play against people who are using those characters - because the data is already on your disk. Still don;'t think they should be doing this *unless* they charge a cheaper price for the main game, and then you pay extra to get the additional content if you decide its a game you are going to play long-term. that would be fair.

Btw did anyone hear about the Magnavox Oddyssey 2 console? - many of the games you bought in shops -just unlocked games already pre-installed on the system. At one point there were only 12 games you could buy but no one knew they were actually already on the system at the time. Very cheeky Smile so maybe this is how the Xbox 720 is going to work without a disc drive? hmmmm
Edited by RiKo on 12. March 2012 14:59
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I voted for Kazuya, if only because I've never been a fan of Ryu. As early as SF2CE I've always preferred Ken. Now, if Capcom ever had the balls to make a SF game that takes place after Third Strike so Ryu will have more training from Oro then maybe he'd win.

As for the game itself, I'm really liking it so far. The chain combos make me feel like I'm not a scrub (I am though), the juggling system is fun to play with, and the character variety is absolutely incredible. Even if you had somehow never heard of Tekken you could look at SFxT as a brand new Street Fighter where over half of the cast is comprised of new characters. But... instead half-assed boring designs like El Fuerte and (dare I say) Abel we get awesome Tekken characters. And the Tekken series has always had great character design.

My initial team was Cammy (naturally) and Raven. As much as I love using Raven though I'm just not that great with him so I've been experimenting a lot. I've done well with Paul and Juri recently, but mostly only after I tag Juri in so I think Paul is going to be replaced in that team. I took a few days break from playing online since last time I played I almost exclusively fought shotos (and the one non-shoto that I fought was Sagat so... yeah).

By the way, my PSN username is reelmojo if anyone wants to add me. Yeah, it's nice to finally have both consoles so when one version of a multi-platform game is clearly better I can make sure I get the right one.

Completely unrelated: I've got a semi permanent solution to my PC troubles so I'm back for the most part!
Been playing a lot more recently. I did end up replacing Paul once I tried using Lili. Good Lord that girl is awesome! I'm still much better with Juri but my Lili skills have been improving over the past few days. I had some great matches online tonight (and not just against shotos!). I even almost won after using Pandora once. Almost. That's the one new mechanic in this game that I just can't seem to get to work in my favor. Probably because my execution isn't good enough to pull off really long combos.

I accepted your friend request, Ninja. Hopefully we can get some matches in sometime. I tend to play at weird hours of the night though, especially when you take the time difference into account.

Riko, it does seem like Viper would have been a good fit for this game. I guess since she was in MVC3 they're giving her a break. I'd trade her for Blanka, but then again I'd trade Blanka for anybody. Also I wish they'd have not put both Cody and Guy in there again. Maki or Sodom would have been cool in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to Sakura since she's been one of my favorites since SFA2, and it's about time Elena made her return!

On the Tekken side I'm a bit more old school (I only ever seriously played Tekken 2 and 3) so I'd have picked Baek, Jun, and Kunimitsu personally. Playing as some of the Tekken characters in this game makes me want to go buy Tekken 6 and makes me a lot more interested in TTT2, which I'm sure is exactly why Capcom and Namco are doing these cross overs to begin with.
Sf is amongs the slowest games i ever played
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