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December 10 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
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Super Sidekicks 2. What do you think of it?
What is soccer anyway? What is soccer anyway? 8%[1 Vote]
I've never played it, maybe I'll do so one day... I've never played it, maybe I'll do so one day... 8%[1 Vote]
It's terrible. It's terrible. 0%[0 Votes]
Quite average, nothing groundbreaking. Quite average, nothing groundbreaking. 8%[1 Vote]
Good game, but its sequels are better. Good game, but its sequels are better. 42%[5 Votes]
Awesome game, a must for soccer lovers! Awesome game, a must for soccer lovers! 33%[4 Votes]
Total Votes : 12
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Super Sidekicks 2 - Game of the Week
Welcome to the Game of the Week!

As the Neo Geo library can't really show off with many Sports titles, we deliver this week a certain soccer game from 1994, an overall good year for our beloved Arcade system.

Don't let yourself deter by the genre and the fact that there are two other Super Sidekicks sequels out there, this doesn't mean the second installment isn't fun at all. Get together with a friend a have good time with this one (or just join our HSC)! Thumbs Up

Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship

Genre: Sports
Players: 2
Size: 106 MEGS
Released on: MVS, MVS, NGCD

Brief Description:

Published in 1994, Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship (Japanese title: Tokuten Ou 2 - Real Fight Football) corrected most of the flaws in the original's design, including the ability to switch players' control during the game, a smaller goal, and no more long shots taken (in Super Sidekicks 1 the simple long shot was sometimes too long, leading into a throw-in situation). It increased the number of teams to 48 and divided them into 6 geographical "regions" (new teams underlined):



Super Sidekicks 2 review by Kazuya_UK
Super Sidekicks 2 review by Kyle Knight


YouTube Video

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To tell you the truth; Im really not that into soccer games when playing against the computer. Face off against a friend however, now thats something completely different. Its as amusing as having a good fight against a friend in KOF or SS. The taunts and the joy of beating the other guy is truly rewarding.

I guess ice hockey isnt that big in JAPAN, otherwise it would have been fun to see how they would have translated that sport into a NEO GEO game.


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
This is not a popular NG title so it would not be unreasonable to see a lack of interest in this GOTW . I have only played it briefly and think that its ok, but its a game of its time that has not aged as well as the 90s NG beat em ups. Back then arcade soccer games were all that was available in the home and arcade so it was fine but sadly they are not a lot of fun to play nowadays.
I've always enjoyed the Super Sidekicks series. Not the kind of games I would sit there playing for hours at a time but always fun to have a few matches every so often. The first game was good but this sequel is more polished with better visuals, improved gameplay and a better selection of teams to choose from. It seems a lot easier to score goals than in the first game at least for me.

I feel that the sports game genre is one of the Neo Geo's strengths but it sometimes seems as if many people have limited interest in these games. My advice is give them a try even if you don't normally play sports games. You might be surprised how much you enjoy them.
What? SS2 is a true classic?!

I love the Neo Geo sports games. I remember the first time I saw Super Sidekicks 2 in my local arcade back in the days. It blew me away with big sprites, fast and funny gameplay. Today I own the AES version. It's a cool game!

By the way I did this little fun artwork. Check it out in the left upper corner Headbang
Edited by neros on 02. March 2012 09:32
My youtube channel:
Neros: Nice alternate SSK artworkSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I went for the first option due to my complete and utter lack of interest in the game.

Turns out I'm also really bad at football in video games, as well as in Year 9 PE lessons. My current record is getting beaten 7-0 on probably the first ISS on the PSone. My mate scored one of those with the Goal Keeper too LOL

Hence, I haven't touched a footy game in about 15 years.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO•GEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
-SD- wrote:
I went for the first option due to my complete and utter lack of interest in the game.

Turns out I'm also really bad at football in video games, as well as in Year 9 PE lessons. My current record is getting beaten 7-0 on probably the first ISS on the PSone. My mate scored one of those with the Goal Keeper too

Hence, I haven't touched a footy game in about 15 years.

That one with the Goal Keeper was hilarious! LOL

Seriously, I think the same way with soccer games in general, especially the ones hyped by the casual gamer community (FIFA, PES, etc.). I've never even touched a modern soccer game in my humble gaming career yet...

The Neo on the other side has very simplified summaries of what we call soccer, Soccer Brawl might be one of the examples. You don't need more than 3 to 4 buttons, there are even Super moves (in the case of Soccer Brawl) and these games don't give a crap on the Offside rules. Wink

As for Super Sidekicks 2, I haven't had the chance to play it properly this week as I was quite busy between studying and filling out my tax declaration. I'll give it a go as soon as I can. Smile
This happens to be the first soccer video game I have ever tried to play and even though I had no clue what I was doing I found it to be enjoyable. It's a nice break in the fighting/shumps genre (which I love mind you) that SNK is known for. The game sounds remind you of something along the lines of the KOF series which was amusing in it's own right. Like priest said I would bet it's a blast with another live opponent but the A.I.(for me anyway) was quite the challenge as well. I see myself sticking with this to get better and I'm not even that big of a soccer fan. Smile
As my current budget has slowed the pace of my Neo Geo AES collecting, this game represents my single AES acquisition for 2017. Not much to nitpick in Sidekicks 2! It’s a solid soccer game with simple, responsive gameplay and a cinematic flair that’s distinctly “SNK”. Nice, pseudo-3-D visuals and realistic sounds, crowd cheers and chants enhance a very immersive environment. The difficulty curve is typical of SNK games; starts out easy the first few games then the challenge spikes significantly just when you think you’ve got the AI all figured out. I’ve played enough soccer games to rank a few as favorites worth owning and, along with the Worldwide Soccer series on the Saturn, Sidekicks 2 on the Neo claims high honors. Haven’t played the Sidekicks sequels that followed, so I can’t really weigh in on how they stack up next to SS2. Thumbs Up
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