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November 14 2018

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 3786
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This site is the only active site I actually post on , on a regular basis. The other site is the nearly dead Shenmue Dojo which I have recently joined ( although a little activity has jumped due to the recent Yu Suzuki interview). The site has many old posts about which version of Shenmue 2 is better , the original Dreamcast version or the later improved Xbox version with many arguments and no real resolution.

I decided to do a pretty intense test and actually bought the Xbox version for this purpose. Below is a copy of the thread I started last week and this is I reckon is the definitive and thorough comparison between the 2 versions of the greatest game of all time.

test 1

I have ran both versions side by side on a 26inch Sony Trinton ctr television that I purchased in 1999 and is of a very high standard, the picture is as good as the day I bought it and is the highest quality I have seen of any crt. Both consoles are using a high quality rgb scart cable, 2 of my friends and my wife all agreed the same thing as I.
The DC version looks crisper and the colours are more vibrant, the xbox version clearly has less slowdown and a higher polygon count but we all agreed it looked a bit washed out and all 4 of us agreed the dc game simply looked nicer.
Nothing wrong with the xbox version mind and it wont bother you unless you have seen the dc one in action.

test 2

ran both versions through a 40inch HD Samsung tv on rgb scart and the image was pretty poor and unplayable to a fan such as myself. Tried the dc with a vga box and still the results were poor, also tried dc on 20inch lcd monitor with vga box and results were poor washed out and pixalated if that word exists.
Tried S2 on my 360 through HDMI and was actually impressed with how it looked, obviously not as good as crt but acceptable and nice to see on a big screen.

test 3

We all know how good dc games look through vga but I inherited from work a 20inch Mitsubishi crt flat screen diamond monitor which was a blessing. The dc's natural 640 output is way ahead of its time.
It simply looks breathtaking and is in my opinion the ultimate way to play Shenmue. I have noticed certain details in the graphics which I have not noticed before, it really is a sight to behold and I will argue the case against anyone saying they know of a better way to play the game. Remember if you can get hold of a vga box ( difficult for me as they were never relesed in the UK and it cost me 25) you really need to play it on a crt monitor, which thankfully can be found in charity shops and car boot sales (garage sales) for peaunts as nobody wants them.

so thats my verdict , no disrespect to the xbox version but S2 simply looks better on the dc, even through crt.
Edited by STE C on 25. January 2012 16:44
really nice comparison Ste Thumbs Up

STE wrote:- The DC version looks crisper and the colours are more vibrant, the xbox version clearly has less slowdown and a higher polygon count but we all agreed it looked a bit washed out and all 4 of us agreed the dc game simply looked nicer.

I noticed that with Crazy Taxi 3 and Guilty Gear X2. both great looking games on Xbox but lack the vibrancy and sharpness of the DC versions of Crazy Taxi and Guilty Gear X. I think this is a difference in the RGB output of the Xbox which isnt actually bad - but the DC just has really high RGB output quality!

I have both versions too. I would play this on Dreamcast just because it's the system the game was designed for. Doesn't feel right playing it on Xbox if you have the DC version.

The main differences i noticed was that there was a lot less slowdown in the Xbox version, and that you don't have the horrible loading times of the DC version (the only really bad point of the Shenmue games on DC imo)

is the Xbox version in English or Japanese? cos i know the DC one is subtitled. its been a while since i played it.


some random information - Xbox version of SF 3 : Third Strike is slightly better than the DC one. The parry timing is correct. However it runs slightly fast, so its not quite as good as the PS2 version which runs the correct speed and has the proper parry-timing. I believe the DC version was based on an older version of the arcade board. (i did a lot of reseacrh on this a while ago!). not sure how the PS2 RGB output compares to the DC though. Anyone know?
Edited by RiKo on 25. January 2012 17:58
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Xbox Shenmue 2 is dubbed Riko, same voice actors from the Western Shenmue 1. I much prefer the subtitles and original Japanese language in DC Pal Shenmue 2 I really wish they never bothered dubbing Shenmue 1 for the west as it took a year to do and is not that good ( although people say its charming in a bad way).

Pal Shenmue 2 came out just 2 months after the Japanese release so imagine if Shenmue 1 was subtitled it would in theory have been out by Feb 2000 in the west rather than Dec 2000. If this was the case could it have helped or even saved the DCs fate. Most of the best DCs games came out shortly before or after Feb 2001 when Sega dropped the bombshell about ceasing production.
aw i really love the dubbed voices in original Shenmue 1, i do agree they are kind of crap in places. But they add quite a lot to the game for me, they add a bit of light relief. Tom is funny esp and Ryo's manner and voice are pretty funny in places. Also its great being insulted by the school girls in Dobuita in English. There's some guy by the docks who looks like Elvis who has teh wworst voice ever.

I have to say i dont think Shenmue would have saved the Dreamcast, *I* think it's an awesome game but it was misunderstood by so many people who played it. Most people fail to grasp that is it really a RPG (it was after all originally Virtua Fighter RPG) It was partly Sega's fault for hyping it as this open world game where you could interact with any object and go anywhere. If you come to it expecting an action RPG it's stunning but expect an open world game and it disappoints. Also most of the objects you can interact with are in your house. There are hardly any after that.

I remember watching a couple of young lads playing it in Game before it had officially been released. and at first they were 'Woah this looks amazing, i've heard of this game' but they ran around the opening area for about 15 minutes looking for people to have fights with (they didnt find anyone) and they kept trying to leave to go into Dobuita but of course the game wont let you until you've spoken to certain people about 'the incident'. so they said 'this is shit and went to play some game on the playstation' My brother came round really eager to see it, and he was disappointed too. I showed him a fight with a 2 guys one of which had a knife as a weapon, and after i beat them the knife was on teh ground and my brother said 'cool, pick that up' and i said 'i can't' and he said 'that's crap'

I agree a lot of the DC's best games came after the DC was already finished. which was a big shame. A lot of those games werent massmarket games though. Rez, Jet Set Radio, Cosmic Smash, Outrigger, Chu Chu Rocket, 18 Wheeler all good + mostly innovative games but they werent going to be big sellers. Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Sonic 1 + 2 those are the kinds of games they needed. I think really Sega needed the massmarket and they failed to get EA on board. (even Microsoft couldnt get them for a year or so!) there werent really any good football(soccer) games. They needed more third party developers and they just couldn get them. Dreamcast did really well in the states with the US football games and basketball games, and they were *really* competitive with pricing. Europe and Japan let the side down really.

i think partly the failure of the Saturn was to blame becasue no one trusted or believed in Sega to suceed, and also Sony's hype around Playstation 2 (Emotion Engine? everyone laughs now but most people + the press believed it at the time! George Lucas was saying it could do Phantom Menace-like CGI in realtime. People crying when Metal Gear Solid 2 was first shown. laughable now, the reality was muddy textures and jagged edges in 70% of games. The first games were even sub-dreamcast in terms of graphics.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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