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February 21 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
Thread ID: 3785
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There are 231 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 49001 times.
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New SNK(P) Handheld
Like Merlin I have been put off by the widescreen display. Can you play games in standard ratio? (even if you get borders at edge of screen) does seem like a bizarre design design otherwise.

Also i would like to know how good the screen quality is. I cant really tell from the video Merlin posted earlier. Nice to see ths system in action though!

Bojan wrote:- How do you people afford to buy every new hardware that comes out?

Basically when you are old(er) you have a lot more disposable income. but unfortunately you have *much* less time to play games and also you dont want to play them as much. Someone needs to fix this!

I remember back in the early 90s i bought a SNES and could only afford 7 games for the duration of the time i owned it (at least 3 of which were presents for bdays and xmas). Those 7 games got played a lot though Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Well i worked for about4 years and i still couldn't afford any gaming console though i wanted to buy wii cuz i wanted to play tennis with that controller but nothing happpened i hope in the future i will be able to by it cuz you know it is going to cost a lot lesser than now
Back when the Neo was in it's hay-days I had a paper route that paid very well. I was saving my money to get a Neo and ended up getting a SNES instead.
@Merlin: Well, spent some time playing and optimizing the Caanoo. My memory served me well- with enough tweaking, MAME can run both CPS2 and MVS titles decently but is by no means capable of perfect emulation. At best, maybe 85-95% accuracy for most of them with sacrifices made mainly in the areas of audio quality and some frame-skipping being necessary to keep them running fairly smoothly. Oh- any any game that adds additional layered effects like rain will slow things down very significantly. They're certainly playable but from what I've seen the Neo Geo X appears to play MVS titles with far greater accuracy.

Still, the Caanoo is great for playing many classic arcade games flawlessly and others decently with some sacrifices you'll need to impose. Many of the games I looked forward to playing on it run perfectly, so it was well worth it's purchase price for me! If you decide to take the plunge and go for one I'll be happy to share my optimized settings for any titles you want to play and save you some time and trouble experimenting. Wink I could also try and record some video of the machine in action for you to judge for yourself, providing my iPhone is capable of catching the audio/visual subtleties that constitute the aforementioned losses in accurate emulation.

As far as portable Neo games are concerned, I'll likely be going with the NG X to play them in optimal quality, closer to the real deal than what the Caanoo is capable of delivering. Thumbs Up
I know that my schedule is going to be very busy come December 6th, but I'd love to do a video review as soon as possible for the system.
Look at what I stumbled across.
YouTube Video

The handheld seems solid and durable and gives away a strong feeling
@Chiba. Thank you very much for all the info and advice. I really appreciate it. Thumbs Up After thinking about it for a while I've decided to go ahead and get a Caanoo. It is a little bit disappointing to hear that the MVS and CPS-2 games don't run 100% perfectly but hopefully once I've configured the Mame settings it won't bother me too much. When it arrives I'd definitely like to take you up on your offer of sharing your optimized settings.
@Merlin: Glad to be of help! Just let me know when you get it up and running and I'll send you some of my "best-performance" settings for any games I've already tweaked myself. Since we seem to favor similar genres (scrolling beat-em-ups in addition to 1 on 1 "vs" fighters) I'm sure we'll find quite a bit of overlap. Wink There may even be a chance that marginally better combinations of settings that I've yet to implement are possible, despite thorough experimentation- I'd love to discover anything can be further improved upon!

I'll send you a PM with some other useful info so I don't stray any further off topic...

So yeah, back to the NGX discussion! Smile
yesterday i had to go into the Game Stop i pre-ordered it from and cancel my pre-order.
Game Stop really sucks!!!
Hi All

This link has some comparison pictures of the Neo-Geo X against PS Vita & 3DS XL


I'm liking the way it looks Smile
Yeah it looks nice, but it looks to have a wide screen on it, i hope this isnt the case, NEO-GEO games are in 4:3 aspect...
rbelmonte171 wrote:

yesterday i had to go into the Game Stop i pre-ordered it from and cancel my pre-order.
Game Stop really sucks!!!

Wait... What happened?

I decided to just pull those photos over to the forum. Thanks Monkey Boy for finding this.
Edited by DarakuTenshi on 01. October 2012 15:52
they changed their bonus Ninja Masters game to on-line orders only now
that's the second time this kind of stuff happens to me i pre-ordered the new mario for my son so i could get him the golden pin and they changed that to, so i went in and cancelled my pre-order, i will just take my business else where.
Actually... I checked out the Ninja Master bonus when it first popped on their website and it said that it was a Web only promotion. When I reserved it I asked the store clerk and they said well if it's on the web it's probably for the store too. I was a bit apprehensive about what he said so when I went home and checked again and it said web only.

The way I look at it... at the store I can pay off the stuff little at a time if I want to. That way the money is out of site and out of mind. Today I dropped some more cash for a 2nd Joystick. I hope they have other games available, but hey... even if this thing can run ROMs I'll be happy. I was going to build a Neo-Rom console anyway. And this is way better.
I wonder if the joysticks are going to be USB or propitiatory.
Nice comparison pictures. At least from those pictures, it looks pretty good up against Sony and Nintendo's system. The joystick looks to be the identical size as the AES original; let's hope something similar can be said for its internals.
it looks good, any word on screen-quality yet?
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yeah it seems it is widescreen stretched. I'm sure there is a feature that will allow you to change that (I hope at least). If not maybe in a firmware update. Either way it's still a killer product for Neo fans.
Its a deal killer with a wide screen on it. Why reinvent the wheel? We had widescreen forced down our throats in the first place, and its totally impractical for alot of things.
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