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August 25 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
Thread ID: 3785
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There are 231 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 51442 times.
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New SNK(P) Handheld
-SD- wrote:

Another new video, this time from

Nothing really new to see, and the music/vocal balance needs sorting.....

Oh yeah sorry... I should have posted that here. I put it on my blog but forgot about putting it here too.
I am just wondering did it come out to be true that you can't power the NGX without the docking system?
Right now that's what they are sticking to. I'm sure once they release the standalone system there will be an AC adapter.
so actually they are saying if you want to play the NGX you need to buy the docking system just for a bit of extra money....

but i am sure if it has regular output for adapters you can put any kind of adapter and charge i know cuz i charge almost everything with my regular adapter if the devices has a regular output for adapter and if i saw correctly from the input of the docking system yes it has
If you buy it without the dock im sure it will include a charger. Youre stressing about nothing.
They are saying the only way to charge is by using the docking station because that is the only way you can buy the system as of December. Once they release the standalone system (if they sell the standalone system) they will have an AC adapter of sorts to charge the system. I wouldn't be surprised if you could plug the docking system's AC adapter right into the console itself (just like the way the 3DS cradle works). It is most likely just a pass-through.
They say alot of things.

Ill be amazed if any of you play it long enough to need to charge the batteries.
LOL! Well I know that I'll be bringing it with me to South America when I head to Ecuador. That plane ride alone should kill the battery.
Will they even let you use it on a plane?
@Daraku: Hope you enjoy your trip to Ecuador as much as I did mine- just watch out for pick pocketers if you visit Quito- they'd probably be more interested in your NGX than NeoGeoMan is! Wink Don't know if you intend to incorporate the Galápagos Islands into the trip but if possible I'd highly recommend it. Absolutely incredible destination!

I'm still maintaining a "wait and see" attitude regarding the Neo Geo X. Looking forward to your opinions of it when it arrives! Hmm
Actually, it's Quito that I'm headed to. I don't know if we are going to have time to head to the Galapagos, but I do plan on headed there if we get the chance.
seems like the release got delayed to the 18th now....what the ....Shock
Delayed according to GameStop's pre-orders, anyway. Seems other sales outlets have also announced delays with expected arrivals even later than GameStop's.
Actually all of the websites have it listed that way (Amazon, Gamestop, EB Games) . Also over at the forums there have been several people that got it straight from the horses mouth (TOMMO). It's delayed.
Did they announce any reason for the delay? Makes you wonder about manufacturing problems. If it was just a "higher demand than supply" issue, at least some units should still ship on time...
Unfortunately not...:(
Speculations range from a change in Region to adding boxes to the Ninja Masters game. I'm hoping that they sold enough of these things that they needed to produce more than what was available due to sales. I think it's all just wishful thinking. Their manufacturer probably just had some issues and fell behind.
we can only hope so Daraku, I know GS in Boston aren't getting any extra only the pre-order ones and since they changed the release date they have not been taking orders in store or online Shrug
Yeah, our GS is only taking reserves too... they are not stocking.
Blaze claims that the NA launch stock has sold out. It likely wasn't that much because of how niche the thing is, but it makes continued support seems more likely at least.
-SD- wrote:
If I'm right about the hardware, then the next round of 'Teh Drama' will be if someone discovers it's running GnGeo....

Turns out it's running a version of Final Burn Alpha, so I was nearly correct Beard

There's a whole thread over on related to hacking and cracking the system, internal photos and all. And yeah, someone's got other MVS ROMs working on it already.

Strangely enough, it seems like there's already other emulators on the system: NES, SNES, Megadrive, Master System, Gameboy Advance..... And PSone, along with a BIOS file LOL Guess what Blaze are going to be getting from Sony for Xmas.....BanHammer
Edited by -SD- on 24. December 2012 00:02
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO•GEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
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