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December 06 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
Thread ID: 3785
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New SNK(P) Handheld
Found this on, seems to be legit and official (although I haven't read anything on SNKP's website).


Famicom Plaza has a look at at the new device, which carries official licensing from SNK Playmore. The device has 4.3 inch screen, two gigabytes of internal storage, and ships with 20 Neo Geo classics built in:


The games are all the North American versions with English.

No details yet on pricing or release date. Famicom Plaza's report does not list the maker or provide ordering information.
Just seen this on a couple of other forums.

I have to say that it looks absolutely fantastic, really loving the design. I'm just hoping that the Neo Geo emulation is as close to perfect as possible, and you can load your own games from SD card. Anything else like CPS2 or SNES support would be an added bonus.

As long as the joystick is as good as the one on the Pocket then I'm totally sold and I want one now. Please.

Even the back of the system looks really nice!
Edited by -SD- on 25. January 2012 09:54
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At first i thought it was a completely new handheld like Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita :( But it too much for expecting from SNK now. It looks like an iphone which makes it look like a cheap Chinese device, like the logos though, i wish it looked more like a NGPC. It has a widescreen display so i asume you can watch movies on it.You don't need a widescreen for playing neo geo games . Mame or finalburn alpha support would be awsome.
Neat little concept, like to see more specs before i'm sold on it. It does look like a reconfigured iPhone, though.

Honestly, if SNK(P) is going to keep licensing for devices like this and DLC like Neo Geo Station, I would prefer to see quality over quantity with the included titles. League Bowling, World Heroes, and Cyber Lip aren't going to draw people in. Believe me, I own the home carts. Games like this do not properly represent the rich history of SNK(P).

Beyond that, as corny as it may sound, devices like this could wake up a whole new generation to SNK/Neo Geo, at least spark some curiosity. Maybe a 12 year old gets this for X-mas and says, "Hey maybe i'll try that King of Fighters XIII"

Just MHO.
Edited by SteveDave on 25. January 2012 15:20
Emulation will never be like the real thing!
I find it awesome, especially the joystick right there. I really like NGPC's joystick, and looks like they brought that design back for this one.

Still, I wish they put in games that wasn't already released via PSN, and start re-releasing post-1996 games.

But yeah I don't really care if it looked like an iPhone, I just hope it's not as flimsy and easy to break as one Pfft But if it's as durable as the NGPC, it should be sweet.
sukotsuto wrote:But yeah I don't really care if it looked like an iPhone, I just hope it's not as flimsy and easy to break as one Pfft But if it's as durable as the NGPC, it should be sweet.

This is why I will need to see/hold one in person before i'm sold. Ergonomics and durability are the two biggest factors in my handheld purchases.
Interesting news. I really like the look of it. Very stylish looking design. I could potentially be interested in a handheld like this for some portable Neo Geo gaming but unfortunately there is a problem.

Why did they make it widescreen? Even if it does end up having the ability to play videos most people will be buying it to play Neo Geo and 4:3 is the correct aspect ratio for those games. Hopefully there will at least be an option to choose which aspect ratio you prefer but still it's a strange decision by the manufacturer to make a Neo Geo handheld with a widescreen display.

Although it's nice to see Ultimate 11, Nam-1975, Mutation Nation, and League Bowling included, it's really getting tiring to see World Heroes 1, Fatal Fury, Samsho I, and KOF '94 be re-released for the umpteenth time instead of the much better sequels. It would also be nice if Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade 1 & 2, and Twinkle Star Sprites become re-released FOR ONCE.

The game selection on there, to sum it up, is a sad, pathetic joke. Why is Baseball Stars Pro included instead of Baseball Stars 2? Why is Top Player's Golf included instead ofNeo Turf Masters? Why is only the first Sengoku game included, but the sequels are absent? There's so much wrong with the game selection on that thing.
I really want to be excited for the fact alone that a new handheld is being released, but then I look at the picture and read the specs, and disappointment sinks in. SNK, SNK, SNK... :(

This is pretty pointless in this day and age. If SNK actually believes I'm going to shell out cash for something the iPhone/iPad already does (and does quite well), they're in for a big disappointment. I can already play all those games on my iPad w/iCade, plus many more. Additionally, an iPhone/iPad can be used in hundreds of other ways to top it off (and with Wifi/3G, hundreds of other additional ways). This really isn't even a successor to the NGPC, seeing that the aim of the latter was to offer original games. Even as a handheld emulator, this isn't even new; the device just looks like a poor man's GP2X Wiz (or something of that nature), which can emulate dozens of consoles/handhelds. The buttons look wimpy, especially when considering the purpose they'll be used for: playing arcade games!

I find there to be some poetic justice in SNK emulating their own games from twenty years ago; a practice that was once the scourge of the cartridge industry and the reason SNK itself claimed to be the downfall of their enterprise is now the source of income...

The only way I see this panning out for SNK is if it is truly a successor to the NGPC, or a continuation of the N-G, meaning original games based on N-G hardware! It sounds like a long shot, but still within the realm of possibility (I wouldn't hold my breath though). Long story short: it seems like they think we're in '04, when emulation hasn't really taken off, and a device like this would've been relevant. Thank you SNK, but you couldn't even give me one of these.
Edited by shion on 26. January 2012 04:36
Probabaly just a bullshit lie, but if it isn't...

The widescreen bit is dumb. The Font for text looks cheap. The top buttons look oddly placed. The thing looks cheap as hell.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
This looks well, fake. The labelling for the shoulder buttons makes no sense, the select/start/"menu" buttons change between photos and the SD cart port looks totally wrong.

Assuming this is real, I could see myself getting one if you can put more game beside those included (something the SD cart port hints at). otherwise it'll be like those Atari Flashback machines and those strange genesis with wiimote ripoffs - cute, but pointless.
I agree with what Mark said about the starting line-up of games but like SD mentioned it
should, hopefully, be possible to add more roms on SD card and/or internal storage. Although it could be a hoax I'm inclined to think this device might actually be licensed by Playmore considering the initial selection of games.

It's true what Tobalman said that this device isn't exactly necessary since there are already multiple emulation handhelds on the market as well as iPhone/iPad. The attraction with this device would of course be that it has SNK and Neo Geo written on it and if it's officially licensed by Playmore. I've read quite a few people say this would be a day one purchase for them.

I expect that if this product does actually come to market they will correct the order of the shoulder buttons.

Change it to a 4:3 screen and I'll buy one for sure!
Edited by merlin on 26. January 2012 13:37
Glowsquid wrote:
The labelling for the shoulder buttons makes no sense, the select/start/"menu" buttons change between photos and the SD cart port looks totally wrong.

Noticed that too, what a fail. Furthermore the original source does not exist anymore.

EDIT: The National Console Support Inc. declared the announcement as a hoax.

Edited by Murikov on 26. January 2012 18:21
lee gray
Shame it looks like it may now be a fake but in all honesty it looks exactly like a smart phone with buttons put on it, still if real i might have brought it
Aw, noooo...
Oh well, was sceptic since the device is shown to have the original SNK logo on it instead of the SNK.P one.
But still, what a shame...
i would have bought it lol. I like how the hoaxers seem to be able to make a more stylish handheld than most game companies .

that should be a Neo Geo phone, it would be awesome. Its widescreen for the phone functionailty and Neo games can play in a square Thumbs Up
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In light of this most likely being fake, I've started to look into the alternatives. The GPH Caanoo seems to be the best of these open source handhelds, and the NGP would have probably been very similar, if not a direct clone. Obviously I'd rather have one with a Pocket-style thumbstick in a nice shiny casing that says NEO•GEO on it, but that's not happening. Yet.

So does anyone here own a Caanoo?
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I have been very sceptical to this and thought it was fake for sure. But now it's actually listed at Play-Asia so perhaps there is some truth to it after all!?
Can you provide a link to it on Play-Asia please as I can't manage to find it.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO•GEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
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