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November 19 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
Thread ID: 3785
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There are 231 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 52218 times.
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New SNK(P) Handheld
@Salvio007: Looks like the developers of the GCW Zero were thinking similarly in terms of specs. They just announced a RAM upgrade to 512MB and an internal storage upgrade to 16GB without increasing the price of the system. Clap

@Merlin: Thanks for bringing this handheld to our attention! I've already made a pledge for the project. Hope it reaches its fundraising goal, momentum seems steady so far.
Chiba, that's great news! Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll pledge for one next week Wink
Salvio007 wrote:

Chiba, that's great news! Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll pledge for one next week Wink

Yeah, I found the announcement very, very encouraging- not just due to the changes in specs, but the indication of how closely the GCW dev team is paying attention to online feedback and discussion threads. Thumbs Up

Since the funding deadline is January 28th, you've got plenty of time left to jump in if you want to pledge. Smile
Glad that info was of interest Chiba and that's good news about the increased RAM and
increased storage space. I agree Salvio that, while most emulators seem to run very well on the GCW Zero, it does make sense to have more RAM.

Although I think the handheld looks very promising I'm not going to order one like you guys. I only use handhelds occasionally when travelling and am pretty happy with my Caanoo. I did make a small pledge of $10 though because I think it's worth supporting a project like this.

It would have been better if I had started a new topic. Sorry for making this thread go off-topic.
No worries Merlin. Coincidentally, I returned to this discussion just now to suggest we move the GCW Zero topic into its own thread! I'll try and start it later tonight (with all due credit going to you for bringing the GCW project to our attention), unless you'd like to do it yourself before I get around to it. Wink

Soooooooooooooooooooo..... Back to the NGX. Seems that Tommo's claims that the first production run of the NGX would sell out by early January were likely true, explaining the brief and ridiculous price inflations. That seems to have subsided, as it's now back in stock online at Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and Toys 'R Us. As the second run of units has hit the shelves, there are three as-of-yet undisclosed numbers I'm curious about:

1. Number of units sold.

2. Number of units re-sold in used condition.

2. The percentage of purchased units suffered from the oft-mentioned defective components and hardware bugs/glitches.

It'd be interesting to see how many people actually experienced a deal-breaking problem with the system. I'm guessing that the numbers of unhappy customers is really quite small. Of course, they are more likely to "share" something publicly about their purchase. Until the sales figures are released, we can't legitimately conclude the NGX a success or failure.
To bad they didnt realease it in my country and i don't want to order it trough the internet so no ngx for me but i got my eyes on a mvs muahahaha
Correction: there are reports on that the controllers are compatible with not only the PC, but also the PS3.

However, they are made in China, not Japan like the originals.
I think even that is questionable cuz who knnows maybe even back then they made them in some factory in China...
Some bs review here about the neo-geo x and some bs comments in the review about the neo-geo what do you think?

Good news for Neo Geo X owners: another 15 games are being released. A great line up of games including even the mighty Breakers Revenge. Thanks to 'Strider Freddy' on Facebook for the info.


Art Of Fighting 3
Blazing Star
Breakers Revenge
Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
Kizuna Encounter
The King Of Fighters 96
The Last Blade 2
Metal Slug 2
Samurai Shodown 3
Savage Reign
Shock Troopers
Super Sidekicks 3 The Next Glory
Top Hunter
World Heroes Jet
Have just placed my order for my Neogeo X! Had to sell my remaining Technic turntable to raise the money but can't wait to play some games that to date have been restricted to playing on Mame or Xbox live on my commute to London. Feeling very excited and also nice to put some money back into SNKs pocket.
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