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November 14 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 3769
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Arcade Puzzle Games
I thought it would be a nice idea to have a thread to discuss arcade puzzle games. What are your all-time favourites? The Neo Geo has some really good ones of course. Also there are loads of less well known arcade puzzle games out there and it would be nice to take a closer look at them in this thread. Has anyone got any recommendations for more obscure puzzle games?


There are still loads I haven't tried yet but so far this is my top 5:

1. Uo Poko - Cave

Really love this game. The simple control scheme works very well. I like the underwater setting with tropical fish and the cute cats in a submarine. Co-op mode is a lot of fun. One of my favourite Cave games. Surprisingly many people are still unaware of this game.


2. Magical Drop 3 - Data East

This has always been my favourite Neo Geo puzzle game. Magical Journey mode is a nice addition but I normally play in VS mode. IMO one of the best 2 player experiences on Neo Geo. Matches get very fast and intense. Another great game from Data East.


3. Land Maker - Taito

Build structures and then destroy them to defeat your opponent in this Taito F3 game. Very nice presentation, graphics and music. This game deserves to be a lot more well known. This was also released on PlayStation. Known in the US as 'Builder's Block'.


4. Money Idol Exchanger - Face

Great intro, graphics, music and presentation. Very addictive gameplay. A lot harder to get good at than Magical Drop 3. I'm really bad at this game but still have a lot of fun with it.


5. Pururun - Metro/Banpresto

Another one that few people seem to have heard of. Make the coloured blobs disappear creating chain reactions and sending 'Pipi' towards the goal. This game has a lot of charm. Love the style of graphics and music. Unusually the game also features a co-op mode which is really fun. I wish more puzzle games featured co-op play.


I'm keen to try out more arcade puzzlers so if anyone has any recommendations I'd be interested to hear them. A really nice game by Irem I only found out about a few days ago is 'Gussun Oyoyo' (known as 'Risky Challenge' outside Japan). It's a bit like Lemmings in a way. You have to arrange different shaped blocks so that your character can reach the exit in each stage while avoiding enemies and various hazards. The game features co-op play too. It does get very challenging at times. It turns out there's a whole series of these games.


YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 11. January 2012 12:30
I really like the look of Gussun Oyoyo but kind of annoying cos i had an idea for a game like that!

i've always been intending to buy Money Puzzle Exchanger at some point, and i was thinking of buying Landmaker too at some point, i wasnt sure if it would be good or not but it looks really interesting.

I dont play that many arcade puzzle games, but i really like Tetris, Tetris Payout (winning money while playing Tetris = Win, Win!), and Bust a Move. (Puzzle Bobble)
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Thanks for the reply RiKo! Both Money Idol Exchanger and Land Maker would be great additions to your collection. Seems like MIE MVS is quite expensive these days. I always wonder what the PlayStation and Gameboy versions are like. Puzzle Bobble is always fun to play I agree.

One thing that always surprises me is that practically no-one ever mentions Pochi and Nyaa for Neo Geo. It's excellent and deserving of more attention. It was also released for PS2.

My reason for creating this thread is that I thought it'd be nice to talk about what our favourites are and also take a look at the less well known arcade puzzle games that never get mentioned here at NGFL. If anyone has any recommendations I'd be interested to hear them.

Here are a few more less well known ones that I enjoy playing:


This puzzle game features cute cats and is like a cross between Puyo Puyo and Money Idol Exchanger. It was also released on the Saturn. Nice colourful graphics and the gameplay is fast paced. Highly recommended to Money Idol Exchanger fans.

YouTube Video

Bang Bang Ball

This is quite an original puzzle game. You are a blue mouse on a skateboard and have to clear all the coloured balls on the screen. Does get very hectic when there are a lot of balls bouncing around. Has a co-op mode too. There was a later enhanced version called Battle Bubble released by Korean developer Limenko.

YouTube Video

Boxy Boy

In this Namco puzzle game you have to arrange the boxes in a particular way to clear each stage. It might not sound or look particularly exciting but is surprisingly addictive. The puzzles quickly become really difficult but you feel compelled to keep playing until you solve them.

YouTube Video
Its a good thread because i didnt even know most of these games existed. Bang Bang ball is definitely my favourite out of those, it looks like Puzzle Bobble crossed with Smash TV. I didnt even know they made puzzle games like that.

Japenese puzzle games are quite funny cos they always have to put stories into the puzzle games and make up lots of characters. You wouldn't ever get a game like the original Tetris with just blocks and no story.

I forgot about Klax before - i really love that game. I have the arcade version on Midway compilation on Xbox/PS2. Thats a really good compilation. I'm not sure if it counts but i love Tapper/Root Beer Tapper. It is kind of like a puzzle game in a way because you have to think very fast which customers to throw drinks to and you lose when they reach the end of the counters.
Edited by RiKo on 17. January 2012 13:37
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Glad you found the thread of interest RiKo. Bang Bang Ball is pretty good.

I enjoyed playing Klax on the Master System but never tried the original arcade version. I'll have to give it a go. Tapper seems a little bit like a puzzle game to me. I've played that on ZX Spectrum a long time ago. The 'soundtrack' in the ZX Spectrum version is unbelievable! Grin


Another great puzzle game I really like is Cleopatra Fortune. The gameplay took me a while to get the hang of but I'm starting to improve. The music in that game is very catchy. Would be interesting to try out the Naomi sequel.


Bal Cube is another interesting and less well known one. You have to destroy all the coloured blocks by guiding a small bouncing cube around the screen. It's like a variation of Arkanoid.

YouTube Video
Capcom's arcade 3 in 1 set of games "Three Wonders" has a puzzle game I like for its unique gameplay of bombing, pushing, squashing and strategic positioning called "Don't Pull". The first player is a bunny rabbit and the second player is a brown squirrel. The game has 32 rounds in all and a dozen different backgrounds. Worth a try.
Will wrote:
Capcom's arcade 3 in 1 set of games "Three Wonders" has a puzzle game I like for its unique gameplay of bombing, pushing, squashing and strategic positioning called "Don't Pull". The first player is a bunny rabbit and the second player is a brown squirrel. The game has 32 rounds in all and a dozen different backgrounds. Worth a try.

Great shout out for three wonders I love don't pull too great pengo tribute ! It's my fravourite out of the three games then the platform shooter & lastly the shooter a good solid trio of games I Played on the Saturn n kawax !
I have just tried playing a puzzle platform I have not known about by Jaleco in 1990 called "Rod-Land". You play as one or two fairy girls trying to rescue your mama from some evil forces. You fight using wands to perform multi-slam combat moves and use some magic to create your own ladders. You fight odd sorts of bosses like crocodiles, a beluga whale and a giant baby elephant. You might say the gameplay has a close resemblance to Bubble Bobble, but the Chibi Graphics are really touching. The first player looks kinda like Rini from the Sailor Moon Tv series. This is sure to test your puzzling skills.
Edited by Will on 25. February 2012 17:37
Good to hear you're enjoying Rod Land Will. That's actually my favourite Jaleco game along with Dead Dance. I like how when you complete Rod Land there's a second storyline to play through. I remember also playing the NES version and that's a very good port. Technically it's a single screen platformer rather than a puzzle game.

I also love Three Wonders and like Hitorkori have it for Saturn. I never really got into the puzzle game that much though. It seems pretty good but I'm usually too busy playing the wonderful Midnight Wanderers and Chariot to pay it much attention. At some point I will give Don't Pull another try.

Here's another good puzzle game I recommend checking out: Emeraldia by Namco.

YouTube Video
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