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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 3759
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6127 times.
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New Neo Geo homebrew development
I was just reading in a thread at the forums that someone has been developing some new NGCD homebrew games. I thought it was pretty interesting. 'NG Dev Group' have developed an Arkanoid game, based on the NES and arcade versions, which will be released soon.


1 Player
36 Rounds
6 special items
9 diferent bricks types
Full animation
Collisions effects & explosions effects
Final Boss

Also there's a side scrolling beat 'em up and a horizontal shoot 'em up in the works. Nice to see some new homebrew development for the system.



Edited by merlin on 05. January 2012 21:12
Awesome. You can never have too much Arkanoid. And it looks like they just made a clone of a game as their first project to help learn the ins and outs of the hardware before moving on and making original games. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I do wish they would change their name though. Maybe they'll think of that before releasing an original game.
I read that recently on and I admit that I'd like to see further Homebrew releases in the future. The Neo Geo developing manual which showed up a while ago might even push things a little forward so we can expect more and more (semi)professionally developed roms.

My favorite unreleased homebrew rom so far is Neo Pong which was developed by NG:DEV.
i like that he got the typical warm response from Neo about his Arkanoid game. They are quite funny though, i'll give them that Smile

i'm not that excited about the Arkanoid clone, but maybe if he spices it up a bit would be cool. Nice little project though. I hope more homebrew developers get involved in making Neo Geo games.

I couldnt see the beat em up i like the shoot em up. i think that looks promising. for some reason its quite refreshing to see a space ship flying against a lush landscape, rather than the usual in-space blackness.
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Yes 'NG Dev Group' probably could do with a name change. It's actually only one person so far but he mentioned wanting to recruit a sprite designer. I noticed on the Spanish site there are what appear to be demo versions you can download but I haven't tried them yet.

Neo Pong was a pretty nice effort I agree Murikov. I remember Xian Xi tried to make a cart version but because of the way it's programmed the game doesn't work on actual Neo Geo hardware. My favourite Neo Geo homebrew is Codename Blut Engel. Although the graphics are quite primitive and there's only one stage it was a nice attempt to bring a Cave style shoot 'em up to the Neo Geo.

RiKo there's some info about that beat 'em up on the second site I linked to.

Nombre del juego : NGD:FIGHT
Tipo de juego : Final Fight
Nº de jugadores : 2
Niveles : 6
Dificultad : 1 nivel (progresivo)





Even if these games are quite simple I still think it's impressive someone can do this. The programming involved must be very complex.
lee gray
RiKo wrote:
i like that he got the typical warm response from Neo about his Arkanoid game. They are quite funny though, i'll give them that Smile

Yeah there really is no need for it, I never shit on someones thread unless they are being an asshole.........if you cant say nothing nice dont bother posting is what I say.
He wanted to share something he did was all and everyone jumped to conclusions....atleast they were nice afterwards Smile
Edited by lee gray on 07. January 2012 20:17
A video showing the Arkanoid game running on an actual NGCD top loader.

YouTube Video
Nice! I love paddle games. I hate to say it though, but the true experience is lost without a dial.
Strange as it might sound I've never played Arkanoid style games using a paddle controller before just with a pad or stick.

I noticed in the comments posted on the NG Dev Group blog that someone asked if the Arkanoid game was going to be released for AES and how much it would cost. NG Dev Group said:

AES / MVS version release is possible. we are talking with publishers

about 200€
A new video of the Arkanoid game has been posted.

YouTube Video

NG DEV Group posted on their blog:

Pre-orders are opened in a few days.
CD version about 25€
AES / MVS about 200€
all depends of publisher.
Next video with some surprises are comming soon.

for AES/MVS and CD, we are working on it (BOX, Insert, Manual, etc…)

I really hope they don't sacrifice any official SNK carts.

It turns out there's also a French Neo Geo homebrew developer out there I wasn't aware of. They've made a Pang game featuring the ostrich slug! I can't remember anyone here mentioning any of their games before.

YouTube Video
Xian Xi
For 200€ I'd rather have them make a proper port of Arkanoid. Who would pay 200€ for a hack with sprites ripped from the NES version of the game and not the arcade version. That's a hefty step backwards.

And since it's only a small group of developers they will of course use neo geo sac carts.

As for the other game I know they did a very limited run of it on AES I think. I remember asking the guy for the roms to try it and he said that they are exclusive to those who bought the game from him.
Jamma Nation X
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A new teaser video for homebrew game 'Time's UP' was posted recently.

YouTube Video
If you remember thunder and lighting on the arcades from visco a game simmilar to that arkanoid i mean its from the same genre i hope that you know about thunder and lighting 2 apparently game released for the neo-geo well at least that is what the wikkipedia page of visco says
YouTube Video
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