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December 19 2018

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 3725
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Visco Games company discussion
While alerting members of NeoGeoForLife that the Neo-Geo fighting game Breakers was released exactly 15 years ago on December 17th, 1996, for the Neo-Geo MVS arcade, I've decided to start a discussion about its developer, Visco Games. As soon as 2012 arrives, it will also be Visco Games' 30th Anniversary, which was founded sometime in 1982.

According to former Romstar and SNK America employee Tony Gonzales, Visco Games was one of the few companies under the Taito umbrella, where some had Taito labeled on the title screens and some arcade flyers of several arcade games by them and not Taito. He also believes that Visco and Seta (another Taito umbrella company) are one and the same, because some Visco titles use Seta chips. Allumer also has some of the same employees. Visco has also teamed up with Seta and Sammy in developing the Sammy Seta Visco Board, but later dropped it from the assembly line when Sammy bought Sega to become Sammy Sega Holdings, while Seta became defunct and Visco changed it direction to manufacturing slot machines mostly for other regions in Southeastern Asia.

After struggling to find the answer to what was Visco Games' first arcade video game, I think some websites are saying it's Panic Road. Currently, the MAME version isn't fixed well enough.

YouTube Video

Their second arcade game was Maze of Flott, which is probably a pre-cursor to the Drift Out series, which I will tell about later in this reply.

YouTube Video

Perhaps Visco's earliest hit was their third arcade game, Ashura Blaster, a battle jetcopter-based shoot 'em up that is another one of them shoot 'em ups developed by a Taito umbrella company with Seta's Twin Eagle and Toaplan's Tiger series.

YouTube Video

In the home market, they helped port Seta's Twin Eagle and Toaplan's Rally Bike to the NES, which these ports were published by Romstar overseas. They also created some original titles of their own for the same platform like Great Boxing: Rush Up (known outside of Japan as World Champ) and Western Kids (known outside of Japan as Cowboy Kid). Some other titles they developed were for the Mega Drive / Genesis, including the port of Chiki Chiki Boys (also known outside of Japan for the arcades as Mega Twins). At the same time, they started their Drift Out racing series with Drift Out, which received three sequels: Drift Out '94: The Hard Order, Super Drift Out and Neo Drift Out: New Technology.

YouTube Video

When the Neo-Geo became quite popular, Visco decided to develop a few titles for the platform, starting with Andro Dunos, a horizontal shoot 'em up with a mixture of elements from several other horizontal shoot 'em ups.

YouTube Video

While some games they developed like Thunder & Lightning 1 and 2, and Puzzle de Pon! were argued by several gamers as clones. Visco's popularity was at its peak in 1996 when the company announced and released Breakers, which not only was considered by some as a clone of Capcom's Street Fighter II: World Warrior, but some say it is one of the best 3RD-Party Neo-Geo fighting games with Data East's Fighter's History Dynamite (known in the PAL regions as Karnov's Revenge) and a couple of ADK fighting games like World Heroes Perfect and Ninja Master's: Haou Ninpou Chou.

While some of you already played this, I've decided to show the not-so popular Neo-Geo CD port (recording directly from a real Neo-Geo CD). See also its related thread.

YouTube Video

In 1998, Visco released an arcade-exclusive version of Breakers known as Breakers Revenge, while in 2000, they started the Vasara series, a series of vertical-scrolling shoot 'em ups. It was their final series of video games before switching to slot machine manufacturing.

Edited by 1983parrothead on 07. August 2013 19:52
Panic Road was by Seibu Kaihatsu.
Well, some Japanese websites say that Visco developed it, while some said that Seibu Kaihatsu was the developer with Visco as the co-developer.
Great thread Parrothead and thanks for all the info. I'm a big fan of Visco Corporation and consider them to be one of the best third party Neo Geo developers. Their games are of a high average quality and it seems whatever genre they attempt they create something really good.

Their Neo Geo games are all of a high standard. Breakers is without doubt one of the best fighters on the system and Neo Drift Out the best racer. I really enjoyed the Shinobi style game Ganryu which isn't all that highly regarded by many people. Two games which I think are deserving of more attention are the Puzzle de Pon titles. There are a few subtle differences between these and the Puzzle Bobble games. Visco were good at developing shooters too and the Vasara games are not to be missed by shooter fans. I remember playing the Breakout style game Blocken a few times with Tobalman and that was quite fun.

Anyone here actually played Bang Bang Busters yet? I love Zupapa and Nightmare in the Dark so am really keen to give this a go. There's still a chance NCI might release this for NGCD.

Forgot to mention two of their final games in the Vasara series.
YES Vasara Wink

I just got Vasara full PCB kit, and I'm loving it. Really, really underrated shmup. The gameplay is fantastic.
My youtube channel:
neros wrote:

YES Vasara Wink

I just got Vasara full PCB kit, and I'm loving it. Really, really underrated shmup. The gameplay is fantastic.

It even predates Capcom's Sengoku Basara franchise.
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