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December 17 2018

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Thread Author: marktheshark
Thread ID: 3710
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There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 12467 times.
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What other gaming forums do you guys go to?
I kinda find it a bit hard to imagine that this is the only forum that you guys go to. With all the gaming forums out there, there's probably at least one or more that you guys probably go to.

Anyways: forums - Some of you probably know this already, but I also go here frequently. This place is kinda like my home away from home, if anything.

PC-Engine FX forums - Some members referred me to this site. I joined and talked around a little bit, but the community isn't too great. I'm giving it another chance though. This place actually requires an admin to approve your registration before you can log in for the first time. forums - This website primarily discusses about the posts that Sean Malstrom puts up on his blog, which happen to be mainly videogame-related, but there's other sections too on the forums. These forums are mega obscure & only a few people are there at the time.

nintemple - Obviously a Nintendo forum. Problem is, it's pretty much dead.
The other forum i go to game related is the other NEO-GEO forum, and mostly to help people with technical issues. I used to take part in thier high score thread, and sometimes still do if i beat a score over there while im doing one for here.

I do prefer this forum over all others though. I like the people here, and i LOVE the way the high score section is so perfectly laid out. It is something that really drew me to join this forum cause high scores is about the only way i can feel like i am playing these games against other players.

Im on quite a few other forums, some i dont remember them, but one is SMS Power! i think its called, i havent been there for ages, cause people jump down your throat for starting a new thread if youre not one of the members that everyone kisses arse to.

Im also on the Curt Palme CRT projector forum, which i do go to every now and then, and the Corvette Forum, which i dont really bother with much cause i got sick of dispelling myths from all the Ecklers catalog shoppers...
The only other gaming forum that I post actively is at .

It's a nice place to BS about stuff with a bunch of grumpy assholes like myself. Lately, I've been posting a fair amount there.

Like Marky, NGFL will always be my home, but is a nice way to kill all my extra time.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 13. December 2011 03:22

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I pretty much only post on two forums, NGFL and The Daraku Tenshi Unofficial Forum. Although I rarely post on the DT forums, there's a tournament coming up soon so I'll be at least a little more active there. I don't spend as much time on the internet as I used to and the overall negativity of most forums makes them not worth my time. My home before NGFL was OverClocked ReMix, and I haven't posted there in years.

I lurk on a few other forums, mostly as a way to keep up on news. is a good example. I want to know when a good hack or translation is coming out, but I don't really have anything to contribute so I don't waste time posting.
I usually visit other kind of gaming forums than computer gaming...miniature gaming forums. I mainly visit GWHobby (http://www.gwhobb..., a Dutch miniature gaming forum) and Lead Adventure Forums (http://www.lead-a..., less popular and more pulpy games...and mainly under the Call of Cthulhu and Strange Aeons sections, I'm posting about painting my Naked Lawn Zombie now).
Edited by cthulhu on 13. December 2011 08:56
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
I'm similar to Reelmojo in that I normally just post at NGFL and the Daraku Tenshi forum. I do regularly lurk at various other gaming forums like, SRK and Arcade Otaku which are great for finding out interesting gaming info but I've only posted a few times at those places.

I had to check out the naked Zombie! Grin That's a pretty amusing figure and you made a good job of painting it Cthulhu. A long time ago I used to collect miniatures too and I remember how tricky it was to paint them well.
I go to another forum quite a bit recently and while it is not a gaming forum as such the members there play games on internet scammers. It is called 419eater and they are a great bunch of people.

I'm sure everyone here has received many scamming emails in their email accounts....usually from Ghana,Nigeria and Russia....these emails usually offer anything from undying love to untold riches being deposited into your bank account with you receiving a very hefty percentage for helping out to relocate the funds. All bullshit and even the supposedly hot women often turn out to be men trying to scam people of their money any way they can.

The main purposes of that particular forum is to identify such scammers and if possible give these asswipes a taste of their own medicine is quite amazing how far you can go with some of the scammers and what lengths they will go to in the hope of fleecing you of your cash.It is worth having a look at this forum as all the sting correspondence is put up on the forums for all to read.

Below is one of my such experiences :-

I had a well known scammer from Ghana try his/her tricks on me a few months back and i led them on a merry dance for about 6 weeks. In the very first email from this scammer, she was professing undying love for me After a few days he/she was telling me all sorts of tear jerker stories and could i find it in my heart to send them some money for food and medicine etc. I told him/her that i had fallen in love with them also and when my salary check came in at the end of the month i would indeed help out generously with some funds and was there anything else i could do to ease his/her hardships? He/she replied that as i was such a good and generous man would it be any trouble to purchase them an iphone and perhaps a lap top also? No trouble at all i replied and reiterated the fact that i wouldn't be able to do these wonderful things for them until my humongous salary was deposited into my bank account in a few weeks. He/she were quite happy to wait and kept the undying love act going. I then decided to test their staying power and made a confession that i was actually married but due to a bad car accident my wife was in hospital in a coma this past nine months with the doctors saying her chances of recovery were extremely slim.

I said that i was visiting her every week in hospital to assist the nurses in giving her a sponge bath and when the nurses had left the room climbing on top to have sex with her.
But as i now had a new wonderful woman from Ghana in my life it was time to move on.I told them that my wife was pretty much dead to me and the sex wasn't very good either.
I couldn't wait to get this wonderful new woman from Ghana into my life and be happy again.

Fully expecting them to bail out of the scam now in disgust i was surprised to receive a very sympathetic email from the scammers and now asking if it was possible for me to bring him/her to Australia to comfort me in this time of great tragedy. What a great idea i said to them and it was quickly worked out that i would need to send them $5000 for flights,visas etc. No problem at all when my monthly salary goes in and i would still be able to cough up the cash for an iphone and lap top. Well this opened up the floodgates and i was getting constant messages from him/her professing the greatest love for me in the world along with many sexually explicit messages as well. All of a sudden i was sort of scamming the scammer, and it felt pretty good. Anyway when the fatefull day arrived for me to send him/her the $5000 by western union a miracle occured and my wife woke up from her coma i told them in a message and as such i would have to put the funds transfer on hold while i sorted out my personal life here in Australia. Not to worry i soon as my wife is well enough to go home i will be filing for divorce and bringing my lover from Ghana here to live with me.

After this slight hiccup in our relationship i didn't hear from them for about 5 days but then they were back asking if i could spare some money for medicine to ease the suffering of a dying relative (they never stop with these sad stories)and wanting some sort of an update on my divorce proceedings. I managed to string them along for a few weeks more with some other fictitious stories about what was going on in my life but they eventually gave up and have probably moved on to another victim.I must say that i had a bit of fun while it lasted.
HAHA that is classic Super GFX good stuff.

I visit Gamestrailers to check out the latest game vids but I am not a member or poster. I also use Lens Of Truth to see ( sad I Know) if a game I fancy is better on PS3 OR 360. But NG4L s the only site I post on, I simply would not have time for another site although I love the MD,PC Engine,Saturn I could not check,read,post come up with threads if I was a member of other fan sites.
merlin wrote:
I had to check out the naked Zombie! Grin That's a pretty amusing figure and you made a good job of painting it Cthulhu. A long time ago I used to collect miniatures too and I remember how tricky it was to paint them well.

Thanks, this one was really fun to paint and yes, it can be quite tricky because these miniatures are quite small (28mm scale). I paint Warhammer 40K and pulp miniatures...I enjoy painting pulp more than Warhammer because Warhammer is more like assembly line painting.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
i dont really visit any other forums regularly. But i sometimes go to ntsc-uk, which has recently changed it's name to bordersdown. I was there before i came here, and still go back to ask for advice there occasionally. It's a good gaming forum for non-Neo Geo stuff, retro and new Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I do more reading than posting these days and don't actually spend a lot of time on the net otherwise. There are a few places I tool around on and post on a somewhat regular basis, most aren't completely game related.

Mostly here

Official Nvidia forums ....I have been a long time Nvidia user since the death of 3DFX and messing with a 3Way SLI setup for the last few years

Hard OCP ....Discovered them back in 1998 via and been there ever since

Official PSN forums & Blog

The everlasting Preschool that are the Game Faqs forums LOL

Finally the one and only NGFL Clap

My other net interests usually have something to do with new technology or Law Enforcement [ my former chosen profession ]

Gunsmithing since I like to build neat guns and shoot stuff in the real world, like the 50 Caliber Beowolf AR15 receiver I'm currently waiting on.

General Conspiracy theory and how the American sheeple are being completely screwed bye the scumbags who make up our Government.

Paranormal stuff of all kinds along with UFO's and possible Military involvement as I find it all rather intriguing.

I think that about sums it up for me Smile

I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr

"Last screw is hidden under a warranty-voiding sticker. Darn, cant return this thing to the store - guess Ill just have to make a laptop out of it!"

Ben Heck on PS3 Slim
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