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April 25 2019

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Thread Author: Supergrafx
Thread ID: 3702
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2638 times.
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Position Vacant
This might sound a bit fucked-up, buddy, but I highly doubt that anybody would rush to claim the position... especially after watching a video of a dude getting his face burnt off and dying.

That's a mighty high pay rate, but I suppose somebody would have to have a bit of a death wish to take it.

That said, I'd pick up and go if I could. It's always been a life goal of mine NOT to reach retirement age.


BTW: The video is actually a death video, you might want to warn people a bit more when posting something like that. It could be very disturbing to some people.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 05. December 2011 16:48

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
You bring up a very valid point 2D so i have removed the video as well as the post.Personally i find a chat session with yourself to be way more disturbing than anything i could see on the net but as you say there are some here who would be easily offended by both the video and the post.

God save the Queen and spicy taco's
take it easy mateMai
lee gray
damn missed it
I've had the luck to watch that little recorded incident and I'm pretty sure that no one will be willed to take that job after watching that video - despite the very good paying. :(
I caught it Supergrafx!

Nothing gets past me Wink

Yeah, perhaps it was in 'bad taste' really, but the less who see it, the less harm done. I feel sorry for the guy who 'paid'. I saw the video, and I can honestly say, I didn't really 'get' what happened, or indeed, what I could see(?).

I'm perhaps, a little twisted too, in that, in light of the dark circumstances surrounding the post, I found your ACTUAL post very amusing. Sorry to those who didn't, but SG hits a real chord with my humour I'm afraid. Dry, dry, dry all the way for me.

What can I say? Company perk, expenses paid "Ballbag Emptying Service" made me laugh pretty hard. Considering permanently face removing, T1000-esque life ending injuries are perhaps par for the course, I think the odd perk is probably a much needed distraction - off duty, just in case! Shock

To be honest, the severity of the incident didn't really sink in until the 'family reveal' and denied future prospects were brought into focus. Such videos DO need grounding into reality though, or we become desensitised to what we see. Worryingly so at times :(

And... judging by the 'end result', I'd say you need more weekly gaming time. Clearly all that XBOX360 shit you play at work is affecting your reflexes. Man up to the NEO•GEO and sort it out. An hour or so's gaming on RB2, in your lunch, prior to this incident *could* have saved lives > Forza 4 Laguna Seca Sunday Drive! Think on...

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