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December 16 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 3700
Thread Info
There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6958 times.
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Last Hope
Not worth playing. Not worth playing. 25%[2 Votes]
Original version only, please. Original version only, please. 0%[0 Votes]
Awesome!... but the bullets must be pink. Awesome!... but the bullets must be pink. 38%[3 Votes]
Both versions kick ass! Both versions kick ass! 25%[2 Votes]
I haven't played either of them! I'm a sad panda. I haven't played either of them! I'm a sad panda. 13%[1 Vote]
Total Votes : 8
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Last Hope/Last Hope: Pink Bullets discussion thread
Welcome to Game of the Week!

The Neo Geo will not die! Only two years after SNK produced their final AES game, a small group of German indie developers resurrected the system in a big way.

Last Hope / Last Hope: Pink Bullets

Genre: Horizontal Scrolling Shooter
Players: 1
Size: 542 Megs
Released on: Last Hope - MVS and Dreamcast, Last Hope: Pink Pullets - NGCD, Dreamcast, and MVS (coming on Friday, December 16th, 2011!)

Brief Description:

Last Hope is a horizontally scrolling shooter highly inspired by Yumekobo's Neo Geo classic Pulstar. Last Hope: Pink Bullets is an update adding easier to see pink colored bullets to help make the difficulty more fair. Both games were celebrated for their technically impressive graphics (especially for an unlicensed indie developer) and punishing but fun gameplay.



Last Hope: Pink Bullets review by Alex Lucard


YouTube Video

YouTube Video

High Score Challenge:



Last Hope: Pink Bullets on NG Dev Direct.

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Edited by reelmojo on 12. December 2011 04:47
you can't bundle Last Hope AND Pink Bullets into the same thread dude. I for one dislike Last Hope but like Pink Bullets, if you get my point?

Well, put it another way: I'd never say I like Last Hope and I'd never say I dislike Pink Bullets.

Perhaps a more well thought out POLL could assist this matter though?

After all, you'd never put Fatal Fury 2 and Special combined into one poll... would you? Hmm

I combined them based on the precedent set by Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X. Pink Bullets is an update to Last Hope in the exact same way that MSX was to MS2. Different colors, altered difficulty, player is more powerful, etc., but otherwise the same game.

If you like Pink Bullets but don't like Last Hope, tell us in the thread! You already started, but you usually have long detailed posts that are interesting to read and intricately explain your thoughts on a given subject. Posts like that are what the GOTW discussion threads should be all about. Still, I will alter the poll options a bit.

EDIT: Poll has been changed to better reflect the two versions. I also added an option for those who haven't played either of them yet.
Edited by reelmojo on 05. December 2011 09:24
reelmojo wrote:
If you like Pink Bullets but don't like Last Hope, tell us in the thread! You already started, but you usually have long detailed posts that are interesting to read and intricately explain your thoughts on a given subject. Posts like that are what the GOTW discussion threads should be all about. Still, I will alter the poll options a bit.

EDIT: Poll has been changed to better reflect the two versions. I also added an option for those who haven't played either of them yet.

although, none of the options are really applicable to my miserable self, as I don't particularly like Last Hope and find Pink Bullets to be merely 'alright'. "Kick Ass" is a not a term I would use in either games direction I'm afraid. Dunno... perhaps you could make "Awesome! (etc)" read "Pink Bullets version only, please."?. Maybe not. Whatever. It matters not really, in the grand scheme of things Smile

Opinions on these games can be found all over this site, and seeing as I post less frequently, with lesser sized posts nowadays, I'll save you all the 're-run'.

Needless to say, much 'aint changed: Pink Bullets > Last Hope. Thx!


Here's a quote of myself, dating back to: 05-01-11...

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
[...] Pink Bullets is quite the improvement over the Original, and is a much more enjoyable experience overall. However, as much as an improvement Pink Bullets IS on the whole Last Hope 'experience', Last Hope on the whole is a bit underwhelming I'm afraid. It IS a decent game overall, and I feel like a hypocrite criticizing games like Last Hope when PPL are good enough to put there hearts and souls into these games, and in turn supporting the 'dead' platforms you love, however, I personally REALLY struggle to like Last Hope. It's a game I'll put on and play through (which IS possible in PB!) but not more than once in one sitting. I'm also not fussed about nailing it in one CC, because it just doesn't grab me enough.

[...] The game is fine when paying DC or NGCD money for it, but 399 on MVS? It's quite expensive, however, it's DEFINITELY worth your time over the Original AES' release...


Original thread: http://www.neogeo...ad_id=3063
Older/Earlier thread of interest: http://www.neogeo...post_26419

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 05. December 2011 18:53
I've only played the regular NGCD version of Last Hope so far and I really enjoyed that little Shmup gem (as far as I don't play it on the 'Devil' Difficulty and Arcade Mode...).

But yeah, you guessed it, Last Hope definitely isn't a game for raw beginners nor is it meant to be enjoyed by such players. It rather is addressed at Gamers who enjoyed the likes of R-Type, Pulstar and especially Last Resort, from which NG:DEV 'borrowed' tons of gameplay elements for this very game.

At the very beginning, even while booting up the game, the player feels that he's actually facing a Homebrew title and no Big-Budget production like the above mentioned titles. Some sound effects and graphical / design details clearly leave the impression of a European fan-made project and the fact, that you aren't playing a truly Japanese Horizontal Shmup with all it's stereotypes and familiar features, might give you a different, odd feel when playing it for the first time, some gamers even might dislike it. Not to speak of the difficulty...

But after some getting into Last Hope really show itself at it's best. The music (which is very European / Amiga-ish as well) by Rafael Dyll and some stages really are impressive and testifies the 6 years long work of these two German brothers. Or, to be honest, the 'Creepy Waters' level with it's terrific BGM ranks among the best looking Shmup stages I've ever seen on the Neo Geo.

If you are a fan of titles like Last Resort or Pulstar and if you can acquire a taste for Amiga-ish gameplay or music, you definitely should give Last Hope a try. The NGCD and DC versions aren't too expensive after all. As for Pink Bullets I need to say that I've never had the chance to give a go, but I really would like to acquire it if I ever get in possession of a Dreamcast. It's critics were only positive so far.
I've never tried it, maybe someday I can get a hold of a copy for the DC. No way am I paying for the AES/MVS form.

What I can say : Merlin did send me a copy of the soundtrack, it's gorgeous.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 05. December 2011 19:29

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I for one am not a fan of LH (DC). Never tried the N-G ver., but I've seen vids on YT and I imagine they're identical. The gameplay doesn't feel original: level designs, enemies and weapons meet the status quo of a typical early 90s space shooter. The controls are OK, but positioning the sidekick pod seems gimmicky and can be awkward at times. I could imagine seeing this in the arcades in '91 or '92, but it wouldn't have been fun to play more like challenging (nothing wrong with that, of course). Graphically, it looks like a SNES game (bad in this context). I found the sound to be rather bland. As mentioned, LH is best left for hardcore retro shooter fans.
Edited by shion on 05. December 2011 20:15
got the normal ngcd version but this is one tough game its very easy to confuse background with foreground nice soundtrack thou !
I voted 'both versions kick ass!' Technically there are actually three versions of course: the AES/first DC version with harder to see shots, the NGCD version with pink shots and more gameplay config options and the later Pink Bullets version with two stages swapped round and changes to the colouring of the stages.

Very good shoot 'em up if you ask me. I know I'm in the minority but I actually like this a bit more than Fast Striker. Personally I think the graphical style in this game looks good with some very nice looking stages my favourite being the watery level with sea creatures swimming around. Love the Rafael Dyll soundtrack too. I like the different way you can use the pod attached to your ship. The gameplay is very challenging but I didn't find it too frustrating. I'd say Pulstar and Viewpoint are tougher. One slight criticism I have is that some of the bosses are a bit too static.

@2D seeing as you're such a big fan of Pulstar I feel sure you would enjoy this too. A must buy for your DC.

This track is particularly awesome:


Thanks for all your hard work with Game of the Week Reelmojo. Thumbs Up Good to have to have it back to every single week as it should be.
Its interesting to see the GOTW looking at later NG titles, how about a Fast Striker GOTW in the future.

I have both games for my DC and opinions on both is very different. The original game I recall being unable to get past the 2nd level ( I am a pretty experienced shooter fan but no genius). This really pissed me off as I really wanted to see the levels, although it is obvious when you first play the game it is homebrew title not a commercial release by a studio. I pretty much discarded the first LH after the difficulty level was to high.

I got LH PK last year and to be honest I found it a charming if unremarkable little shooter that when looked at for what it is, is a pretty impressive feat for a couple of guys to make. I suppose a word to describe the game is erm mellow, it not a rapid megablast Jap shooter style game, it owes a lot to them terrible late 80s early 90s Atari St,Amiga Euro shooters.But its obvious Pulstar/R Type influences and pretty detailed graphics/colour scheme give it a charm of its own.

Ii was nice to be able to buy a new Dreamcast/NG game in this day and age, in fact this experience was a factor in the enjoyment I got from the game and I will continue to support other NG DEV/Redspot titles as long as the game is not terrible.

The game is simply not worth the prices it goes for on AES/MVS, that is the truth, obviously if money is no object then fair enough, but for the average Joe it is very poor value. But for 20-40 on DC then it defo worth the plunge ( Pink Bullets), as long as you look at it for what it is, a pleasant little shooter with hypnotic music that you will probably like but not love.
I love Pink Bullets, from what Ninja told me of the original, PB is by far the better game and more fun too. Not having to collect speed-ups or the orbital-thing makes it much less of a chore.

When i first got this game i was addicted for about 2 weeks, i really like the mechanic of the rotating orbital thing (cant remember what its called), makes it very addictive learning how to use it effectively. At first i wasnt so keen on the graphical style, but now i get it and quite like it. The music isnt stand-out for me - more atmospheric rather than distinctive but its still good in an atmospheric way.

Really impressed. But Pink Bullets all the way Thumbs Up a major acheivement for NGDevteams first ever Neo-Geo game!

EDIT: one negative point for me is that the bosses are all quite similiar and a little uninspired
Edited by RiKo on 06. December 2011 13:59
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I have only played the DC version. The game is not by far any bad game, but it did not really impress me either. The gameplay is basic with little or no new or original ideas.
What saves the game for me is the music that about really suits the game and sets a good atomsphere. Rafael is in my opinion one of the better game musicians out there. He has proven this with his excellent work on Fast Striker and Gunlord also. If they make a follow up to this game and implement some new and original levels I think they could be on to a winner.
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