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December 17 2018

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 3687
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There are 6 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3373 times.
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nah don't get excited about the title. This is a thread to see if anybody is up for doing a review on our new baby.I know Kaz did the last one and it was great but as you know he has recently moved house ect and possibly has a lot on his plate ( although he may just post a killer review any second now knowing our anchorman.

So who is up for giving a detailed review for the guys who own & don't own this lovely game. We all know the online reviews and mags are praising it so that's great , but a genuine NG4L review would be cool as its the first proper SNKP game for 2 years. And of course this is THE NEO GEO/SNK site on the net so max kudos to the man/women who does.

My bets are Ninja/ Riko could be up for it, I despite my experience sadly do not think I am up to the job as my English and literature is pretty ropey. Also I am am single player for pleasure and basically get by on special moves and super moves, I don't tend to get involved in all the guard cancel combo type stuff ( which is a shame as it would enhance my enjoyment) But as I play solo and enjoy it I tend to stay in my comfort zone which is fine for me , hence I could only give a newspaper amateur opinion.

But a few things I want to say.


Vastly improved graphics and backgrounds .

Better and original roster ( Hai Jai) now I did not expect him.

more passion, more ideas, simply the best KOF sine 03, this for me makes KOF XII, Neowave, XI pretty much irrelevant.

The elephant background is a classic

not sure about the music it all sounds a bit samey.

They actually seem to be stocking it in Game/Gamestation.

I would be happy with a decent SNKP game every few years as long as they can keep this quality up, its obvious now that the talent is still around. For me this game feels very RBFF which is no bad thing. Christ even Games TM gave it 8/10.

Sorry for babbling but I haven't been this excited about an SNKP game for years. I for one have been a doom monger about the future of 2D fighters and SNKP in general, now I feel very positive about the genre in general. KOF IS BACK AND ITS ERM 2011.
Edited by STE C on 29. November 2011 10:31
I want to write one, genuinely I do, but haven't had enough time to give it the attention it deserves. If I can I will but I can't promise to at the moment (I think I've spent an hour with it since last week:( ).

I'd love to post a review if anyone wants to do one, and I can help with preparing screenshots and putting the review together in a layout for the site etc if anyone wanted me to?

lee gray
Heres my take on it.

Gameplay: excellent, good contact and solid control, feels like a neo geo game of old but better, lots of moves for each fighter and the NEO MAX moves are sweet, some have a nice zoom effect like Clarks where he takes up half the screen and slow motion ones like Ryo.
some are easy to perform too, Raidens one have the wrestling bell and crowd cheers as he performs his. also there are target actions in the game that boost your power meter if performed correctly.

Stages: there are tons of stages, most with different details in the next round, there are 5 different placements for Rose in Sky noah which is good to see, plus plenty of cameos, the latest one I found was Bao above the trees in pao pao cafe, but only appears occasionally.
they have so much going on too and the detail is magnificent.

Background music, mostly reused tracks but plenty of them and can change from A-B so a bit of variety playing the stages.

sound effects are awesome too with bone crunching noises and inside the temple, it has a echoey sort of noise.
some nice taunts.
Options are also sweet as plenty of trials to do and theres versus mode, practice mode , gallery view, plenty of cut scenes too during story mode, over 30 fighters.
customizing is great as the more you play with a fighter, the more colours you unlock for them to use, you can even change Raidens face to Bears unmasked face and make him black with a white beard wearing all pink, the variety is endless.

Online game is good if you can get a game with decent connection, its fun and you also get to play the 3 downloadable stages too at random.... it is hard to find someone where the connection is good though and I have had lag and even lost connection during the fights...hopefully that will be fixed

The final boss is a cheap twonk, but if you can get in first and corner him, hes susceptible to trips, however give him first blood and he throws black clouds at you which are annoying.

for years my fav neo games were fatal fury 2 and samurai shodown 2...if this was a neo game, it would be my fav.

I played super street fighter 4 afterwards and it seems slow and sloggish compared.

I would give it 9/10
I'd give the game 9 too. My only complain about the gameplay is there is only one type of weak attack. Forexample Kyo only does a low kick with b and elbow with a. Doesn't have these moves:

I guess only Iori has two type of weak attacks.
Running Wild
I know Mature has both a far and a close standing weak kick.

I always thought it was odd in older KOF's how majority of characters had both far and close standing weak punches and kicks. I don't think it hurts the game much without them.
it always struck me as odd that, to be different, SNK made THIS ^ attack his Light Punch and his 'backfist' attack his Hard Punch - especially as real time delivery of a backfist pales in power by comparison to a normal standing 'gyaku' reverse type punch (i.e. his light punch).

Over analytical, perhaps. However, it's something I notice everytime I use Kyo. Just SNK making attacks notibly different for differents sake I guess.

Yeah... I know...

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