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July 22 2017

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 3677
Thread Info
There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2571 times.
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Add more modes to the KOF high scores?
No, leave it as it stands No, leave it as it stands 40%[2 Votes]
Yes, cause i like single play mode as well Yes, cause i like single play mode as well 20%[1 Vote]
Yes, cause i like endurance mode Yes, cause i like endurance mode 0%[0 Votes]
Yes, cause i like to play every mode on these games Yes, cause i like to play every mode on these games 40%[2 Votes]
Total Votes : 5
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A thought for the KOF High Score threads...
Since these games have more than one mode, team play, single play, and some have endurance mode, is anyone interested in seeing these modes added to the high scores tables as an extra list??

I know that on some years, this will make quite a difference, and i reckon its worth adding Wink

Ill make this a poll...
Neo-Geo Man, I know what you're going with, and yes, there's separate play modes on KOF games, but not a lot of users on NGFL these days participate in HSC's as it used to, but post to priest though, as he has the say to this and not me.

Also, you really didn't need to post the same reply on all the KOF HSC's as it stands that you're spamming the boards, kinda what I did, but stopped, because I know the consequences.
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 26. November 2011 06:22
What i did was not spamming the boards, i did that to move them all to the top of the list for easy finding. Im trying to generate further interest in a pretty close to dead forum, so i think the least you could do as an active member is support me in that, rather than knock me for it. Unless youd rather see no further activity??

Any good reason as to why you dont want to see more incentive placed in the high score threads??

Not to be rude or disrepectful to you, but i think you best leave it to a moderator or site admin to be telling me what i should and shouldnt do and where i should or should not post...
Neo-Geo man: As you might know, IŽm more than happy for suggestions that will make the HSC a more atractive forum for most members...Post requests in each HSC thread instead, like youŽve done before. ThanksSmile

Just post a score in available modes and IŽll make a seperate scoreboard...

The Stray: I told you not to "spam" the HSC threads once. I often write OK (or something like that) in the latest post of each HSC just to know that I keep the updates...up to date. But this one time I felt like you where just trying to win over me by posting some jiberish that didnŽt really belong there. After I explained this to you, you respected my wishSmile
Edited by priest on 26. November 2011 17:15

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Adding more options and modes to the HSC threads sounds OK to me, but I think it really depends on how much time and motivation are left in our mods, or, to call it by his name, in Priest. Wink

I imagine it takes lot of time and patience to edit all these threads for implementing all these modes and different gameplay varieties in those HSC threads. And not to mention the time normally needed to update all HSC progresses in the according threads, in the Hall of Fame or in the awarding of medals...

But if Priest is willing to do it, why not? You decide.
Murikov i know youre right there mate, and i reckon he does a great job, which is why i try to support where i can!!!

Thanks again Priest also, and i will have some time during the week to have a good go at some of them in single play mode.

I actually quite like the single play mode on some of them!! Smile
I apreciate your support guysFlowers

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
No worries
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