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September 25 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3675
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2827 times.
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KOF XIII... for NeoGeo AES & MVS?
OK, OK, OK...
I admit. I used that ridiculous title JUST to hook you into my thread, but... what if?

OK. realistically, I am NOT suggesting for one moment that KOFXIII can run on AES/MVS hardware, but I must admit, the likes of Fast Striker have shown us that extreme ramps in the use of 'Meg' are not impossible.

So, with this in mind, I wonder what the absolute MAX Meg count is an AES/MVS will recognise, or what the MAX is without the AES/MVS struggling to address all that memory?

KOFXII/XIII run in HD resolution. Straight away, such a resolution is NOT required to run on a Neo, thus a standard SD res would surely help alleviate memory usage CONSIDERABLY.

Also, in my idea, I wouldn't be expecting to see this game as a run of the mill KOF, as such. I'm talking more of a Mark of the Wolves type title, with around 12-15 characters (not teams specifically) with a nice, well rounded system, solid feel and well polished presentation etc. A complete package. An SNK Heroes/Dream match type affair (Terry, Andy, Joe as team FFury, Ryo, Robert & Takuma as team AOF, Mai, King & Yuri/Leona as team SNK Gal Fighters, K, Kyo & Iori as team KOF etc). I'd have to sit here and look over a KOXIII character select screen to refine further (which I'm not doing right now!)

As such, I'm unsure as to what the best solution is re: backgrounds and music, however, my first port of call is having the characters and all their animation working on an AES/MVS first, and foremost.

I mean, the likes of SF3 with it's insane amount of frames ran on CPS3 and MOTW?Last Blades etc ran on the MVS/AES hardware, so... I was thinking of gearing the style and appearance of this title towards the latter two titles. After all, the animation found in AOF3 & MOTWs (in parts) isn't a million miles away from the new-age KOF's, imo.

I guess, music would be reworked for the super powerful Neo soundchip and backgrounds reworked or new, more 'Neo' ones even.

saying this would ever happen, but it's not like I'm suggesting running Tekken 6 or Super SF4 run on this hardware.

I just wondered, if in capable hands, if would ever be possible? Hell, in SD, I reckon the Wii/PS2/GCN/XBOX and even DC could run the likes of KOF XIII and Guilty Gear. That's right... un-HD'd.

Any opinions?

NG Dev Team was asked before if they would ever make a fighting game and their answer was no only because they're such a small team they don't think they could do it right in regards to balance and all of that. But you're right, if Fast Striker has 1560 Megs there's no reason why a fighting game couldn't do the same. The problem at that point is RAM. While MEG count is theoretically limitless, the NG hardware only has 64kb of RAM and 74 kb of VRAM. Loading all of those frames of animation into memory at once might be impossible, but as you said MOTW works. It is possible, with some clever coding, that MOTW's level of animation is not the ceiling when it comes to the NG and thus something that animates as smoothly as KOFXIII could happen.

Hell, with clever coding someone could probably make a whole animated movie if they wanted to.
You could make a fighting game with graphics like Fast Stricker, but there is only so much you can do with the hardware.
You could take your PS3 next door Ninja and run it on your crt with the scart/av cable that came with your PS3. Sounds daft but that might give you a idea of how it would look on NG hardware. I think KOF03 was the perfect way to end the series on the original hardware, I find it difficult to imagine any possible improvements over that on the NG.
I reckon you are right ninja, like mojo says in a way the MEG count is limitless because the cartridges use bank-switching on High MEG count carts - you can actually do this with any console. Super Mario 3 on NES used bank-switching. It's possible you maybe limited in someways how you can use the memory by the paging system itself. That would be the only possible reason a low res version of KOFXIII would not be possible. Shame we dont have any NG programmers we can ask.
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STE C wrote:
You could take your PS3 next door Ninja and run it on your crt with the scart/av cable that came with your PS3. Sounds daft but that might give you a idea of how it would look on NG hardware.

Hmmmm.... Depends on his CRT i spose... If its a high def capable ( or beyond high def, which a few of them are ) CRT its going to look better than almost any digital TV or projector you can get for less than $20,000...

Does the PS3 actually put out RGB from the SCART cable??
lee gray
to be fair the looks of the game plus the backdrop is not too much different from the AES KOF games... you would have thought by now with all this high tech stuff you can do on these systems that there would have been some backdrop interactivity like with super street fighter 4 but instead all the moveable onlookers just repeat the same action. plus still no use of speech in the cinematic scenes so again less memory i think this could easily fit on an AES cart.

Fast striker had a meg count of over 1600 so theres still room for higher....... no load times too as loadings quite long on kof xiii
Edited by lee gray on 26. November 2011 08:57
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