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November 19 2018

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 3648
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I have worked in retail for the majority of my working life, many different shops/businesses over the years. Because of this I am always polite & courteous to other people who do similar jobs to me when I am a customer myself even when approached in a pressure sales manner or receiving poor service. Reason being I know what its like ( as all retail workers do) to be upset, by spoke down too, treated with contempt by the general public, hence why I am usually nice as pie and conduct myself in a pleasant manner whilst shopping.

Ok but I lost that for a second yesterday and perhaps do not feel as guilty as I should, let me explain. I usually purchase new games from the Tesco's/Asda near to where I live as they are generally cheaper than the likes of Game/Gamestation on launch day ( often by up to 6). I know my stuff so I do not require advice or service from a specialist shop I simply run in get my game job done. I also do not like the way Game ect conduct business as a company, this goes back years and the faults of this company should be well known to most of you. I have a friend who was manager of one of the Carlisle stores for about 3 years and he has told me some pretty unpleasant stuff about the company.
Still I received through the post a while back an offer/points/voucher thingy) from Gamestation that would make it viable to purchase the newly released Uncharted 3 cheaper than the supermarkets so after work yesterday ( the shop I work in closes at 5pm) I nipped in Gamestation to buy it.
I got to counter and asked for my game, they replied we only have the standard edition in, that was fine for me as I have no interest in collectors sets ect just wanted the least expensive version anyway. As the young man was putting the sale through he asked if I would be interested in a headset, as I do not play multiplayer online I said no thanks mate. He then asked if i wanted to purchase a Uncharted 3 guide book for about 15, again I said no thanks. He then asked if I wanted to pre-order Modern Warfare 3 for 2.50 ( whatever that means ) again I politely said no thanks as I plan to buy it from a supermarket next week but obviously did not mention this. Now thats 3 products offered to me with in a minute, I realize this is Game/Gamestations policy and staff have to push these things but this is one reason that I seldom shop there. I remained polite during these 3 attempts and waited for him to put my game in bag.

Now this is where a change in my personality occurs. Before he handed me my game ( so he was in the position of power) he picked up the guidebook again and said are you sure you dont want this mate you never know you might need it. A step to far as far as I was concerned, I took the game out his hand and said look mate I have being playing videogames since 1979 that guidebook you keep trying to push on me is an insult to my intelligence, he shrugged his shoulders and his fellow worker behind him found it amusing. Now even the independent sports shop I work in encourages add on sales as most shops of any sort do now, but I know the line between being helpful/annoying.

Now I have mixed feelings about what I said as I guess it makes me look like a miserable old sod and for a minute I felt a bit bad for the lad . But typing this now I actually do not as nothing personal to the employee it has simply depend my negative opinion of that company. I would genuinely like to support a proper videogame store ( such as the cool one near where Ninja lives) but I refuse to support the company in question.

I have also noticed more female staff appearing in both shops here in Carlisle ( which was rare here), in fact the local Game has appears to have more female members than male. I am in no way sexist and I suspect female members do the job as good as if not better than males. But it seems a bit coincident that the girls in question are all above average in the looks department. I know Game are struggling as a company but is it possible that they are hiring totty for the sake of attracting more business to a a male dominated environment as a landlord would do in a pub. I know some high street fashion stores have an unwritten policy of only hiring staff in the above average looks department, this I know is true as I have worked in one. I guess I could be wrong as in any walk of life ( and please do not think I am lookist if that word exists) it is a big advantage to be attractive whatever the case.

another Ste C rant for you to digest , please comment on what you think about the above subjects I am curious to hear.
Edited by STE C on 04. November 2011 08:16
I see nothing "wrong" with your actions, STE.

I've worked retail before and I understand that employees are pushed to make an extra profit. Heck, basically their jobs depends on it... BUT... asking once is enough. You declined politely once, that should have been enough. I'd have basically done the same thing.

Of course, I'm not the nicest person in the world. Pfft

Also, they have some real cuties working at game stores here... only thing is, they know next to nothing about gaming. Basically, they know enough to talk/sell you the newest games. Try to talk to them about gaming in general, and they don't know shit. They put doll-faces in the stores to draw all the cave-dwelling gaming nerds, so they have wank material... and that's that. Shit I've even seen them (managers) make the girls stand OUTSIDE the store, like a greeter, making all the nerds come inside and sploodge in their Ninja Turtle underoos.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 03. November 2011 18:24

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
No, I personally don't think you look like a fecking idiot. I would also consider it quite rude and an insult to my intelligence if someone kept on trying to sell me a guidebook to whetever game. I'm not going to buy guidebooks if I got a website like Gamefaqs (which is free)...the only reason to buy any guidebook is because they sometimes have nice game art.
I also detest pushy sales persons...if I want something or want to know something, I'll ask...not the other way around. Luckily, most shops here don't have pushy people working in them.
My arcade stuff

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Before I read the post I was thinking, "they're required to upsell, calm down man!". Then I read what he did and I totally agree with you, STE. I've been in retail for a long time to so I'm just like you with being nice to people who might not always deserve it. But I've always been taught that you ask if the customer wants something else once, then let it go. This guy was being way too pushy and basically saying "you look too dumb to understand an action game!" Even though I'm sure he didn't mean it that way. Some people just don't have the common sense to work with the public. As a cashier, it is his job to be polite to you, and he failed.

As far as the whole hiring attractive girls thing goes, I thought the Gamestop near my house was doing that with this girl a few years back. But then I asked her if they had Battle Fantasia (they didn't) and she proceeded to tell me all about how much she loved that game. She knew her shit better than most Gamestop employees, which isn't really saying much.
No reason for you to feel bad STE. It's understandable you were annoyed. Obviously it's pretty common in shops these days to be offered additional items, extended warranties etc. at the checkout but they're not normally that pushy. Most people would find that annoying. Most of my jobs have been in retail and I used to always dislike having to try and get extra sales at the checkout. I would definitely never say it a second time when the customer had clearly said no. No-one else I worked with did that either.

I stopped buying games from UK game stores quite a while ago. I get everything online now.
Well, at least the numerous trips/times to Gamestop's I've been these days and not 1 of the clerks said shit like that to me, feels good in a sense, but yeah, it gets rather annoying and I might even know stuff like that is kinda like a company policy or something similar.

Other than that STE C, at least its not that bad, now isn't it.
LIFE_IN_2D wrote:

Shit I've even seen them (managers) make the girls stand OUTSIDE the store, like a greeter, making all the nerds come inside and sploodge in their Ninja Turtle underoos.

Haha a classic response 2DGrin
Ste wrote :- I took the game out his hand and said look mate I have being playing videogames since 1979 that guidebook you keep trying to push on me is an insult to my intelligence, he shrugged his shoulders and his fellow worker behind him found it amusing.

haha love it STE Thumbs Up, you tell them. I know what you mean though, cos now whenever i go into Game or gamestation i get members of staff asking if they can help and suggesting games. It's like because i am over 30 they assume i don't know anything about games or i am a parent buying games for my kids. I never buy anything in those shops anymore - unless it's a real bargain, not because i am making a stand or anything but just cos the prices on the net are usually cheaper.

I have also noticed more female staff appearing in both shops here in Carlisle ( which was rare here), in fact the local Game has appears to have more female members than male. I am in no way sexist and I suspect female members do the job as good as if not better than males. But it seems a bit coincident that the girls in question are all above average in the looks department

haha yes i noticed that in my local Game, to be fair they did know genuinely seem to know about and like games but yes i thought they hired them for their looks too cos i figured there's a lot of rough looking women into games too. so why not hire them?
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I know exactly what you mean with this. It's standard practice to upsell of course, and I have done the same myself, but you also need to know when (to put it bluntly), shut the fuck up! I've noticed lately in Gamestation in both Lincoln and Leicester, that they have floor wanderers in store all the time rather than just being behind the counter like they used to. They are very quick to jump on you the minute you walk in, so much so it's like walking into an Apple store... shudder! I mean, I like Apple products but I steer clear of the stores as the staff there tend to be incredibly odd and NEVER give you a minutes peace.

I've noticed the fact that they employ a lot of girls now too. Now, don't get me wrong, they seem knowledgeable enough, and I am way way way in favour of girl gamers (nearly all my girlfriends have been gamers) but the cynical side of me knows that this is a ploy. A lot of guys find it hard to say no to a pretty girl, and are more likely to buy stuff when confronted by a girl smiling sweetly at them. Sad but true I'm afraid. I don't fall for it but this kind of thing does work and I've noticed this at virtually every video game store there is lately.

If it works though...

I probably would have told the guy to stick it in his ass and laughed at him.
I wouldn't scream at the guy or anything but I would let him know I don't appreciate that sort of crap and my money spends elsewhere just as well as it does in their store.

I wouldn't feel bad about it in the least either. There is too much of this sort of BS high pressure sale tactics to squeeze another couple of bucks out of us for overly priced accessories on every purchase.

Ok so its store policy... That doesn't mean you have to put up with it and not voice the fact that its BS right there on the spot. If more people did they wouldn't be pushing this sort of thing on us incessantly. Its your right to feel that way and your right to voice it.

Years back I stopped buying from EB for reasons exactly like this and their horrid sticker policy, its a very rare occasion that I buy anything at Game Stop [ formerly EB ] other than older used games for a few dollars like PS2, original X-Box etc.

This kind of thing and every business saying we need to put you in our computer etc etc can get stuffed ! NO ! I don't need to tell you a thing and I never will ! Now do you want my purchase or not ?

I feel these Video Game chain stores are about the worst place to buy anything unless you want a generally rude obnoxious over priced buying experience. Their prices are the worst there are here in the U.S. .

I would rather pay for overnight shipping from online vendors and wait a few hours than deal with these stores or hit a regular store like Target, Walmart etc.
Edited by candycab on 07. November 2011 01:10
I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr

"Last screw is hidden under a warranty-voiding sticker. Darn, cant return this thing to the store - guess Ill just have to make a laptop out of it!"

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lee gray
I expect having good looking birds trying to sell you extras is a good ploy as more guys might say yes just to not look cheap.
I hate it when Iam asked for extras and dont think I could do a job where I had to ask due to the fact its not what I like.... if I wanted extras I would pick them up myself.
I hate it too when in some clothes shops as soon as you walk in you are asked if you need help, I dont like that sort of pressure, I want to do things at my pace.
I work at tesco on stock control and it is funny when ppl try to talk down to us staff like they are special, I sometimes feel like saying to them, why dont I come to their place of work and insult them (thats if they do work as I expect some are dole scum considering some are in the shop each day)
My mate is always embarrassed to let ppl know he works at tesco but I am not as I am working for my living.
candycab: Well it sounds as if stores in the US are about the same as the UK. I avoid them like the plague if I can and shop online, but sometimes it's nice to actually be able to go in and browse, and if they leave the Hell alone and don't treat me like an idiot I do buy stuff.

On a good note, for anyone in the Lincoln area by the way I highly recommend Gotham Games - it's a tiny 2nd hand game store but they do a ton of retro stuff, and is well worth a look. The staff there tend to leave you alone and don't talk down to you... I think the owners seem to be proper gamers and know their stuff!

lee gray: I feel your pain dude, up until the start of this year I worked for Tesco and had done for 7 years. I was a team leader in the cash office so was nowhere near customers for a long time, and for my last couple of months I moved outside to be Team Leader on fresh food counters. One of the things that made me want to leave were how customers treated staff there, some are nasty beyond belief! Don't see why your friend is embarressed to say where he works. I mean yea, Tesco isn't a great job, but there are worse ones out there, and we all have to have a living. The only thing I will say is that I'm EXTREMELY glad I got out of Tesco... it was probably the best thing I have ever done! If you get the chance and can find something better, go for it!

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