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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 3640
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1768 times.
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The dream thread...
I think we had a thread about dreams some time ago, but wanted to start a new one as I just had quite possibly the most insane and vivid dream I've ever experienced! Just posted this on Facebook and had an even funnier response from a friend so I figured I'd share it:

Summary: William Shatner was a Terminator, he was trying to kill me with a lighter/aerosol can flame thrower, so I stabbed him with an umbrella and he exploded. Fuck... I just killed Shatner!!! This is not good! o_O

To which my friend replied:

I had a dream about William Shatner the other day. He had hijacked a bus and was threatening to blow it up! Then got away and he caught up with us and set a bomb on a car and threatened to blow it up. WTF is with that?

What he Hell? Is Shatner an evil entity coming to kill us in our dreams, Kruger style? Please tell me none of you have recently had Shatner dreams, if so we must seriously do something about this before he kills us all! Shock

LOL, in all seriousness though, I've had some insane dreams recently. Anyone else want to share theirs? I remember last time this got interesting and definitely provided some insight into the mental health of NGFL members... LOL

Kaz wrote:- What the Hell? Is Shatner an evil entity coming to kill us in our dreams, Kruger style? Please tell me none of you have recently had Shatner dreams, if so we must seriously do something about this before he kills us all! Shock

haha, A spookier thought is that they could be premonitions. maybe he is going to be the next Osama Bin Laden *dramatic music*

haha i want to know why William Shatner?, are you watching him on a Tv programme at the moment? must be some reason he is invading people's dreams.


I don't really dream much at the moment, but i still remember one of the best dreams i ever had when i was younger. I was in the library and i got talking to this girl, anyway she said she had a twin sister, and i went back to their house and things were just strating to get interesting in the bathroom with the 2 girls....but then suddenly one of the girls stood up and ran to the bathroom door and slammed it, and i woke up to hear one of my then housemates slamming the front door shut. b*stard lol. I know its just sounds like a pervy dream but it was really good as well in that it seemed totally real with lots of realistic talking and stuff too. I even had a grin on my face all that day!

What was annoying was that was the only time i was ever going to going to get with twins - in my dreams lol dammit. Although on the plus side - William Shatner didnt try and kill me, or even worse - join in Shock noooooo!
Edited by RiKo on 29. October 2011 17:43
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lee gray
I had an awful dream last night, I was at a nuclear plant with a deep river and was on a ledge and a giant was trying to kill me, then Someone put a rope around his neck and he was swinging saying it wont hold hold him and was trying to grab me and There was a button I pushed and it opened a secret door and tthen I was back in my house to my relief.

Noticed through the door window the out side had all been cordoned off with police tape and I thought WTF, the house had been ransacked, I run upstairs to my room and my money had gone, I was wishing in my dream that it was only a dream, cant remember what else happened but im gld it was only a dream
RiKo: Sorry for the late reply. Nope, definitely not watching anything Shatner related, so no idea why I dreamt about him. It was bizarre, and the dream is still very vivid in my head even a few weeks later!

Wow lee that's pretty messed up too! I tend to get those kind of dreams if I am stressed out. Stressed at the moment?

lee gray
It could be as i had a week off work and back tomorrow lol,
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