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March 19 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 3631
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1706 times.
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heard a rumour on the net that Doom 4 has been cancelled due to the poor sales of Rage. Umm other sites have said this is bollocks as Rage has appeared to sell rather well ( and so it should its the d*gs bollocks*. Even if Rage had sold below expectations to cancel Doom 4 would not be viable for two reasons.

1 a decent even mediocre game with the Doom logo would sell regardless just like the brilliant Doom 3 ( which got a lukewarm response but is actually one of the best FPS ever in my book).

2 So what happens ID software just closes shop and retires on the millions they made in the 90s, yeah like guys like Carmack retire to sit at home and smoke dope all day like John Carpenter ( nah) real deal blokes like Carmack live to smash all rivals.

Rage has been a joy to play absolute class which yes has its faults ( being to short) but is the best FPS I have played since Half Life 2( yeah thats 6 years).The game is I feel an experiment in the next gen engine that will lead the next gen of games and consoles for the next 10 years. for instance the COD games run on a modified Quake 3 engine made in 99 and Prey 2 coming next year is still running on the still impressive Doom 3 engine.

So until we are proved otherwise don't stress doom fans, anybody reading this most likely is a Doom/FPS/ID fan, did studios stop giving Spielberg/Lucas budgets after films failed to meet box office results ( 1942 EG), nah unless you really fuck up ( Numerous times eg J Carpenter) and cost millions like his old buddy John Romero ( Daikatana) which is actually a good game, nobody on this planet would dare to stop Carmack making games he is simply to bigger talent not to be on the scene.

Rage has not bombed as far as I can see we just live in a society now where jealousy and a world wide recession affect things like never before. I for one want things to be like the 90s again when the whole gaming world was excited about more than just a Call Of Duty game, a time when we all wanted to lurk down dark corridors with a shotgun ( FPS FANS need to only apply) with only 2 shells and no health. Only Rage has recently achieved this.

Lucas fucked up big style on the 3 new Star Wars films ( although Phantom Menace was ok) yet Carmack has released Quake Quake 2/3 & Doom 3 in a similar timescale all with new engines and NOT let the gaming world down.

So gaming press with your under 30s bitter knives ( most of you guys were to young or in your fathers balls to remember the impact of Doom, try to see it from the over 30s viewpoint because you will never experience the wow factor that we had thanks to ID , Carmack & Romero. Even better buy Doom from Xboxlive and try playing a quality FPS where you have to fight to survive and find health packs and stuff before you find fault with old school shooters. Hey under 20s 360 owners buy Doom 3 on xbox to play on your 360, then you will really experience true no ammo no heath I AM FUCKED TERROR.

Point of interest the new Serious Sam is due next month and that game comes well high above my other games on the list such as UNCHARTED 3, MW3,BF3, for November, why because I know I will have a great time. Am I old you under 30 games games /journos/critics, am I a miserable long in the tooth 70s child. No mate I just spent my teens/20s playing better games than you. Maybe its me a 37 year old Victor Meldrew( for our USA cousins a Alan Harper). My young gamers you never had it so good, but then again maybe not.Shrug

feel free to comment
Edited by STE C on 28. October 2011 15:16
Hi Ste Smile I agree it does sound strange, esp since Rage has only just come out. If indeed Rage has sold badly, i think it's down to the scenario/look, because its not hugely appealing to me , and it doesnt look that appealing either (lots of brown). Its definitely a game i want to try in the future and ive heard good things about it but it wasn't one i was ever going to rush out and buy.

This might cheer you up :

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing, tweeted that this particular rumor is “complete bollocks.


Ste wrote :-Point of interest the new Serious Sam is due next month and that game comes well high above my other games on the list such as UNCHARTED 3, MW3,BF3,

i havent really played those games, but i am getting a bit sick of games that are a load of set pieces or missions strung together, which i imagine those to be. I can see why you would prefer Serious Sam. Its nice to start a game without some crappy training mission that tells you what buttons to press. I imagine in that game you just press start and shoot stuff.

I really want to get Quake 3 : Arena on XBLA because i loved it on Dreamcast but i have a feeling there won't be many people playing it online:(
Edited by RiKo on 27. October 2011 20:55
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Rage is selling just fine. It was never expected to sell more than Modern Warfare 3 or something like that if only because it's a new IP.

And yes, picking up Doom (and don't forget Doom 2) on XBLA is a smart move, but I'd highly recommend the PC versions first. Thanks to modern source ports and a still quite large fanbase you can always find something fresh to do with it. I bought a disc with Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom on it for $10 and that was like 10 years ago.

I'm sure id didn't make their money back on Rage, because they never intended to. They put all of their time and money into making a hot new game engine knowing that they're going to make the most of their money licensing it out to other companies. That doesn't make Rage a failure. That just makes it the true successor to id's other games that followed this business model.

Also, STE, I like how when I read your post I'm agreeing with everything and feeling like I'm part of the over 30 crowd as you call it... but I'm only 29!
looking back I guess my post is a little pompus and hypocritical ( Rage actually has a form of recharging health) but I still think it plays better than anything else since HL2. You are more than likely right Mojo about the game being a loss leader for now until the engine is licensed and what a great engine it is, I assume the early next gen games will look similar to Rage when they come out rumored 2013. It just pissed me off a bit with some of the reviews it received but I suppose its natural to be defensive over one of my favourite studios, especially when sites write rubbish such as Doom getting cancelled.

I guess I was a little tired and jet-lagged when I wrote the thread last night but it was only intended at young game journos and not under 30s gamers so please dont be offended anyone. As we know we have Marktheshark & Angela on this site who are both under 20 but have a lot of respect and play a lot of games released before they were born which I think is very cool.
Edited by STE C on 28. October 2011 15:13
Although I haven't had the honour of playing Rage yet (for financial reasons), I'm sure id's latest installment would blow me away. id Software, which I rank on the same level as Valve, always wore a Gamer's seal of quality and all their titles, even the undeservedly criticized Doom 3 + Resurrection of Evil, were games I enjoyed to the fullest.

Concerning the rumors of Doom 4 being canceled, there are always some douchebags spreading some BL around the Internet. John Carmack & Co. won't give in so fast...

reelmojo wrote:
And yes, picking up Doom (and don't forget Doom 2) on XBLA is a smart move, but I'd highly recommend the PC versions first.

Ditto, I recommend to get all id titles through Steam, as they still are being played online.
Edited by Murikov on 28. October 2011 20:12
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