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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: marktheshark
Thread ID: 3614
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Mainstream consoles that you didn't like.
I might be walking on eggshells with this kind of topic. Nonetheless, I've been meaning to do this topic for some time now.

Anyways, what are some "mainstream" or popular consoles that you didn't like? First of all, a mainstream console is a console that was very popular at sometime in the past or at the present. Most Nintendo & Sega systems could be classified as mainstream seeing as how they were the most popular consoles of their time. All the Playstation systems & both Xbox & Xbox 360 could also be classified as mainstream. However, niche systems like Atari Jaguar & the Wonderswan are not mainstream due to the fact that they were neither popular when they first came out, nor are they popular at this point in time.

Sorry for the redundant explanation. The definition of mainstream might be a bit loose from time to time.

Y'all might not like me for this, but a few mainstream consoles that I didn't like are:

Xbox 360 & PS3: I've already said in these forums from time to time that both systems were more like phony PC's than actual consoles. The statement sounds a bit radical at first, but I can't help but feel that it's actually the case here. Most kinds of games on both systems are what you would once find on the PC. Not only that, but DLC really seems like a bastardized version of PC game expansion packs from back in the day. Another problem is that both of these systems are very similar to each other. Say what you will about PS3 having this or 360 having that, but the library for both consoles are very similar to each other. Is there ANYTHING that stands out in one of these systems besides the default console color, 1st party exclusives, & hardware stuff?

PSP - I'll no doubt get flak for this, but I really don't like the PSP. One thing I don't like is the UMD format. Why would a handheld even use discs in the first place? Loading times are acceptable for home consoles, but they just stick out like a sore thumb in a handheld & not in a good way. You also have to be careful not to drop the PSP since you could break some parts needed to run the UMD's. The worst part about the PSP is the fact that it just comes off as a home console shoehorned into a smaller size. How many games on the PSP were either ports or remakes of home console games? While the DS also has ports & remakes of console games, a good part of its library has pick up & play games that you could play for a few minutes & then put down. Speaking of ports & remakes, the PSP has a whole ton of them. There's nothing wrong with ports or remakes, but they can get kinda redundant and tiring when a system's library mainly consists of such games. If you take away all the ports & remakes on the PSP, you aren't left with a lot. Even then, a lot of original games just seem like smaller versions of the console brethen with little to distinguish between them.
Nice topic Mark, but I can only answer your question in retrospect. Current generation consoles have never been by cup of tea, so I can't really talk about my dislike of any one , in particular. What I can say is...

As a kid, in the 90's I really didn't like any consoles. I grew up a PC gamer
and was a bit of an elitist, as I looked down on consoles. Don't ask me why, but I liked the idea that while all the kids were talking about SNES and Genesis ( the two big guns during my childhood), I had a whole different set of games that most kids never even got to see. Epic Mega Games and Apogee Software made some pretty choice games, way back when. I remember all my buddies used to come over and play Wolfenstein 3D for HOURS, there was nothing like it on any system at the time. PC gaming was just so "underground" at the time. There was really no boundaries in PC gaming -- and really liked the fact that they had games such as Wolf 3D that had levels of violence and mature content that most consoles didn't come close to. The fact that I had a choice of using a Keyboard, joystick or gamepad on most PC games was an added bonus.

Aside from PC gaming I was BIG into going to local arcades at the time. At the point in gaming history, most of the games at the arcade looked and played so much better than anything on the current consoles. Plus, the fact that going to the arcade was a social event and got me out of the house was appealing. I remember playing stuff like Samurai Shodown 2, Fatal Fury 2, AVP and Final Fight and thinking, “who needs a console” ? Those games blew anything on a console right-out the fucking water.

Most of my exposure to consoles was through my buddies, as they had all the “mainstream” consoles of my childhood. It was nice to see the other sides of gaming this way, but I really never felt I was “missing out" on anything that great. The small doses were enough for me.

I suppose the console I hated the most was the SNES, as a kid. The reason why I hated the SNES was because I thought it was for kids. Genesis had some “mature” titles, with fair amounts of violence and gore. SNES in my young eyes, was full of cutesy kiddy crap and HORRIBLY censored (and incomplete) games (like MK). There were some titles I enjoyed, but even as a kid, I knew that Nintendo had a targeted parents who wanted to limit the amount of violence and gore in their children’s gaming experience. That idea was very unappealing to me at the time, as I was playing violent stuff like Wolfenstein 3D , the original Prince of Persia, and Monster Bash.

So, I guess that about sums up my feelings about that. I'll shut my trap Pfft

Good topic Marky, I hope more people respond!
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 17. October 2011 13:12

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Interesting thread Mark and defo worthy of a good response. As a few people know on this site my lack of love for the N64 has been with me since it was released. Although I do own one and have a small collection of games, the games I own are the only games of any interest to me and these titles in my opinion are nowhere near the quality of the better PS1/Saturn titles.

I had and still do a NGCD & Saturn at the time of the N64s release and despite enjoying my SNES ( although not as much as the MD) I never really got excited about the build up to launch. A friend brought his over shortly after launch with Wave Race & Goldeneye and despite them being ( I now own both these) considered amongst the systems best games I was never really impressed with the console. He later bought Turok which at the time was impressive but the combination of the pad which I still do not like and the blurry graphics I was not convinced.
Why would I want a console like that when I could be playing Capcom & Sega's great arcade conversions on the Saturn, my friend who owned the N64 shortly afterwards traded it for a Saturn and was more than pleased with his choice. Despite me in the past always been excited and often embracing a console at launch I kinda knew this console was not going to be a huge success.

I know I will get backlash for this but I really do not like the N64 my main reasons listed below.

Horrible joypad with trigger underneath, ok so its not as bad as the Jaguar pad but I find it a horrible controller.

Vastly underpowered even by 1996/97 standards.

No UK rgb decoder built it giving the games horrible blurred visuals, even the expansion pack which was supposed to deliver hi res graphics completely failed to do so apart from maybe Turok 2 which turned into a horrible jerky mess when it was used.

Cartridge decision pretty much killed 3rd party support and missed out on many good games due to limited memory.

The console itself looks ugly.

The worst collection of games on a console apart from maybe the Jag/3DO but they were not really commercial systems for Marks thread.

Certain games that were and still are universally praised which I still dont get and I have tried , Mario 64, Zelda, Smash Brothers, Goldeneye.

A butchered version of Quake 2 which had different levels to the original and was not a patch on the hi res PS1 version.

A lukewarm version of Quake which had levels cut and missing, vastly overshadowed by the brilliant Saturn version.

Duke Nukem 3D oh dear censored and not a patch on the Saturn version.

on a positive note I do really like Wave Race , Mario Kart & Diddy Kong Racings ok but my list ends there. And yet it is considered one of the best consoles ever, this I just dont get and it makes me almost angry when its hailed as this mythical system.

The Gamecube I got at launch and have a nice collection of games that puts the N64 to shame so its not about me being Sega biased although I know I am a little bit. The Wii and the N64 have a lot it commom, they are both platform to many poor poor games.

As for the 360/PS3 I own both and enjoy them almost equally although If I had to own just 1 then the 360 would swing it as the exclusives Halo & Gears are simply better games than Killzone & Uncharted.

As for handhelds, well I have never once thought about owning a PSP or the new one. I do have a DS but purchased it simply to get my wife into gaming which did help.
Edited by STE C on 17. October 2011 15:18
great topic mark, we need more topics where we can slag off consoles we didn't like Smile

I'm with you STE on the N64, i feel very similarly about it (I do own one). I think it looks ugly and i have never been keen on the controller. I much prefer the Playstation one. It was actually delayed so that Mario 64 could be completed which was why it wasnt quite as impressive as it should have been at the time.

Really my main problem with it was the anti-aliasing (how jagged lines are smoothed out) made everything look a bit blurry and the cartridge format meant that the games didnt have the audio-visual impact of Playstation games. It did have some great games but you had to *really* like those games that were available because you werent going to get much entertainment from anywhere else! I still play Perfect Dark in multiplayer with one of my friends and i love it for that at least Smile


I also have to go for the PS2 (i own one of these too). I know it had probably the best game line-up of any of that generation but my dislike is for the hardware itself. I was used to the crisp RGB vibrant worlds of the Dreamcast and considering all the hype surrounding it, who would have thought Sony would release a console that *apparently* couldnt even anti-alias? it was also a struggle for developers (any without million pound budgets) to get detailed textures into its tiny video memory which meant rough-looking games with jagged edges and indistinct textures for a lot of its life.

After that things got even worse because a cheap workaround was to use motion-blur instead of anti-aliasing and this resulted in blurry games (surprise surprise). but yes a great console in terms of games, theres no doubt about that. Its a shame because it meant that some of the greatest games around didnt look as good as they should have done:(
Edited by RiKo on 17. October 2011 22:57
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I detest "N64 fog." It shows up in almost every game. Riko, you hit the nail on the head by mentioning anti-aliasing. That is the other big flaw the games have, IMO. The closer you got to virtually anything (in the game), the more pixilated the object would get. It was very annoying considering this was a system claiming to be twice as powerful as the PSX and Saturn...
Edited by shion on 18. October 2011 01:41
N64 64bit , 64 SHIT
Edited by STE C on 18. October 2011 13:11
STE C wrote:
[quote]RiKo wrote:


I also have to go for the PS2 (i own one of these too). I know it had probably the best game line-up of any of that generation but my dislike is for the hardware itself. I was used to the crisp RGB vibrant worlds of the Dreamcast and considering all the hype surrounding it, who would have thought Sony would release a console that *apparently* couldnt even anti-alias? it was also a struggle for developers (any without million pound budgets) to get detailed textures into its tiny video memory which meant rough-looking games with jagged edges and indistinct textures for a lot of its life.

I understand this Riko although I also own a PS2 ( chipped as well for Jap games) it is one of my consoles that I seldon play. It has a great line up of games and the later games really took advantage of the hardware but I did not actually purchase one until 2004. I guess I have always felt bitter towards it as I blame it for the Dreamcasts demise to an extent. I still much prefer the DCs brighter crisper visuals and this is evident in the time I spend on the DC as opposed to the PS2. I simply could not imagine the PS2 hosting a game as impressive as Shenmue. So yeah I have loads of great games for my PS2 inc quality Jap titles like Rumble Fish but I just do not like the console itself. Still if you want to experience SNKs finest but cant afford a MVS/AES then the PS2 is the way to go, still dont like the console mind.

Edited by STE C on 18. October 2011 13:09
The N64 is capable of alot of things the others of the day were clearly not.

Look at golden eye, perfect dark, mario kart.... Those 3 alone defined 4 player gaming in a way the Saturn and Playsation never ever had a hope of doing, due to lack of the ability to process the info required to play games such as these with 4 simultaneous players. Sure, there was 4 player and more on the others, but not with this sort of game play and complex physics. ( which for their day they were, no question about it, while the others could easily do it and even beat it with a single player, they couldnt touch it for 4 simultaneous, which is what made the N64 what it is )

Graphics aside, show credit where it is clearly due. Graphics on retro games mean 18 kinds of f*** all these days and you all know it. The polygonal 3D effect and depth on the N64 was far superior to the 3 big 32s.

Besides that, you know im not giving you a hard time, i respect your opinions and people love games for different reasons!! Smile

Games these days are not the same for a true retro gamer, since the Saturn Playstation 3DO and N64 era, nothing has come close for me, it all got too fair aimed the wrong way and there was no instant fun any more.
Edited by NEO-GEO man on 18. October 2011 14:03
NeoGeoMan wrote :-The polygonal 3D effect and depth on the N64 was far superior to the 3 big 32s.

i agree with that for sure, i remember when i had my Playstation and my friends used to come round to play Tekken 3 and Poy Poy (lol). Anyway one time my friend brought his N64 round with Mario 64, and we were all blown away by the graphics. For me the N64 was the first console that could actually make 3D environments look properly solid. All other consoles had polygons you could walk through or that glitched in some way, and this spoilt the illusion.

STE wrote :- I simply could not imagine the PS2 hosting a game as impressive as Shenmue.

yes me too actually, it wasn't really the kind of console you could get lots of luxurious textures into, The DC had proper texture compression so it could fit a surprising number into its memory. Also when you look at Crazy Taxi on the PS2 it doesnt bode well. Some of the later games on PS2 were technically amazing - e.g. God of War 2. Gran Turismo 4, but you wanted games like that near launch not when the next generation was just about to appear.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Here's a few more consoles that I don't like.

Nintendo 64 - I remember playing the games for the system a lot when I was 6-9 years old. However, the system just hasn't aged so well. Super Mario 64 was very good & Zelda OOT was the last good Zelda game IMO. There were also a lot of other games that I enjoyed. The main problem that I have with this system is that there is a huge lack of fighters, shooters, well anything arcadey pretty much aside from racing games. Another problem that I had is that Nintendo was replacing 2D Mario with 3D Mario even though the former is more popular. The sound is questionable & the N64 FPS's are good...if you don't have a PC or if it's not powerful enough. If I was my current age during the late-90's or very early 2000's & had the money, I would've gotten a Sega Saturn & a PC instead.

Gamecube - Although I didn't really notice the flaws of the N64 around the late-90's & very early 2000's, the Gamecube's problems just stick out like a sore thumb to me, even at the height of it's lifespan.

For starters, the memory cards were pretty crappy. The memory card 59 for example had a very small capacity & would fill up very quickly. In fact, it was only months after geting a Gamecube that I had to get a memory card 251 because the 59 was filled to the limits. Worst of all, the 59 wasn't even big enough for some games. The 251 is much better, but you should have at least 2 or 3 if you want a big Gamecube collection. The 1019 is much larger than the other 2, but it will probably get corrupted if you use it on a Wii.

There's also the mini discs. Thanks to their paltry 1.5 GB capacity, some games had to be split up into 2 discs. Some games that were in a single disc had content missing that the other versions had. You could argue that the disc capacity alone prevented quite a few 3rd party games from being on Gamecube.

The game library is somewhat better than the N64's, but some genres still aren't adequately represented. There was still a big lack of RPG's on the Gameube for example. Say what you will about Tales of Symphonia (there's a PS2 version with more content, folks!), & Baten Kaitos 1 & 2, but what else is there besides those? Lost Kingdoms? Pokemon Colosseum? There's also like, 1 2D fighter on the Gamecube.

The controller also blows. It's good for some games, but doesn't really work for 2D-like games. The D-Pad & C-stick being too small compared to the controller stick. Can't Nintendo just make a normal controller instead? Without the weird button layouts & sizes?

Even Nintendo's 1st-party games were lacking. Pikmin 1 & 2 were fun as was SSBM, Metroid Prime 1 & 2, & F-Zero GX, but that's about it. Super Mario Sunshine was lacking compared to Super Mario 64. Wind Waker was a heavy decline from what Zelda once was. Four Swords Adventures required you to have this extremely clunky & frustrating setup for multiplayer. Kirby Air Ride was simply crap even compared to other Kirby spinoffs.
Edited by marktheshark on 24. October 2011 07:26
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