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June 18 2019

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Thread Author: shion
Thread ID: 3606
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There are 4 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2103 times.
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In future GOTW posts...
Is there any way someone could group all the GOTW links into one? It's sort of annoying having to scroll down to the members' actual discussion. Even with "Scroll where I click" turned on in my browser, I still have to guess where the post ends, and where the discussion begins. It's been bugging me for a while, but now that we are getting a GOTW consistently, the entries are starting to pile up and the list is getting longer. Thanks...
Yeah I've been toying with ways to keep all of the links there while making it more concise. The giant wall of links is bothering me as well, but I feel keeping links to all of the old threads makes it so much easier to find them that I don't want to lose them.

Either way, the answer to your question is yes. It will happen soon.

I wish our spoiler tags here actually hid the text like some other forums instead of just covering it up.
Spoiler Alert! To See The Content, Just Click On The Image!
That would completely solve the problem.

EDIT: You posting this prompted me to get off my ass and try to implement some ideas rather than just thinking about them and wondering if they'd work. I wanted to have two columns of links, but the forum deletes extra spacing (and doesn't recognize tabs at all) which makes it too hard to find anything like this:

#1 Magician Lord --> #2 Nam 1975 -->
#3 Pulstar --> #4 Baseball Stars Professional -->
#5 Blues Journey --> #6 Fatal Fury -->
#7 Shock Troopers --> #8 Sengoku -->
#9 Ninja Commando --> #10 Ninja Master's -->
#11 Crystalis --> #12 Thrash Rally -->...

So for now I've just deleted the double spacing, which effectively makes the list half as long. I've also edited the way the four screenshots are displayed so that they'll appear two by two, side by side assuming your computer's resolution is high enough. That helps make it a bit faster to scroll through as well. The screenshots still display the way they used to on my PC though. I'm running at 1024 by 768 so I'm sure anything higher than that will display them correctly.

The only other solution I can think of at the moment would be to have a single link that points to a page on the site that collects all of the links in one place. Since this page would be separate and not even on the forums it could have the title screen of each game instead of just text so it would look pretty cool. This is a bit beyond the scope of what I can do on the site though.

Oh yeah, and making the text smaller doesn't work, as it seems the default text size is the smallest that will register. [size=6]Otherwise it just does this.[/size]
Edited by reelmojo on 11. October 2011 04:16
Good job so far Mojo. Instead of columns, I suggest simply a block of entries (one after the other, separated by commas). These days, more people know about and use the "Find" feature most browsers have; should the links stay, we can leave that option available to those interested in past GOTWs, at the very least.

The simplest solution I can suggest is making a new thread/sticky dedicated to past GOTWs links, and then featuring that link somewhere in the current GOTW thread. Smile GL at any rate...
I was about to suggest the spoiler option, but then realised reelmojo has already said this. Good idea dude, I guess it is getting a bit long now! As a personal preference I think I'd prefer mojo's way rather than having them in one block seperated by commas.

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