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September 23 2018

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Thread Author: marktheshark
Thread ID: 3591
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What's the most amount of gaming-related stuff that you got or gave away?
So, just wondering here. What's the most amount of gaming related stuff that you gave to another at a point of time or have received, regardless if it was on a birthday or not? Christmas & other holidays don't count.

For me, that time of giving away the most will come in a week or two as I'm giving one of my friends 3-5 PSP games & a memory stick since he's probably going away to another school by the end of the month.

I'm not sure when I received the most amount of stuff at one time, but it might've been one of my birthdays.
For me it's one that I've talked about on here before. I have a friend who collects classic games just like me, and when he wanted to add a Genesis to his collection I gave him one. At the time I had three, a model 2, a model 2 with a Sega CD and 32X attached, and a model 2 that was modded to be region free (and that's not even counting my Nomad). Since the region free one made my standard system useless to me I just gave him that one.

Recently he repaid the favor by giving me an SNES! He also someone found himself with multiple systems so it was the perfect way to pay me back. He was having problems with his controllers and he thought it was a fault with his console. He happened to find an SNES in great condition for $5 at a garage sale so he bought it. After realizing that the initial problem was in fact a couple of faulty controllers he realized he had two working systems so he gave his original one to me.

And that is the story of the perfect 16-bit exchange.
I bought my best friend a ROB NES robot all mint condition, boxed and working. It cost me quite a lot because this was a year or so ago, and good condition ones cost a fair bit. Some people here will know i had suffered from a serious illness for many years, and when i was recovering this friend bought me a brand new N64 with about 6 games, to play while i was getting better. So i really wanted to get him something nice and i know he is a big Nintendo fan.

Apart from that a guy on the net gave me his chipped Playstation 1 and about 200 games (mainly copies) including Thrill Kill and Einhander. i paid postage costs but it was all free. I had just asked a question on a discussion forum about how to play imported games on my Playstation. I didnt know the guy before that post . Was pretty amazing. What a nice guy Thumbs Up
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and prized 'gift' was the AES I was physically given last year. It was totally unexpected and somewhat fantastic. The final jewel in my collecting crown really.

Many years ago (perhaps a decade?), an ex-girlfriends brother caught wind of my collecting/gaming antics, and without hesitation, willfully handed over a Sega Saturn and around 20+ games for free! Pretty fantastic stuff... especially as some of those titles happened to be MKTrilogy, Guardian Heroes and Burning Rangers!

too over the years, but I have to say nothing quite as substantial as an AES or a Saturn collection. I've given away a boxed MegaDrive II before and most recently my GameGear. I wasn't using the GG, so gave it to a friend who I know will appreciate it, as he's obsessed with the GG Shinobi's.

This specific friend and I, have a pretty good relationship re: hand downs etc. He sorts me with things I will like that he is less inclined towards, and vice versa Smile

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
Many years ago (perhaps a decade?), an ex-girlfriends brother caught wind of my collecting/gaming antics, and without hesitation, willfully handed over a Sega Saturn and around 20+ games for free! Pretty fantastic stuff... especially as some of those titles happened to be MKTrilogy, Guardian Heroes and Burning Rangers!

Now that's awesome! Guardian Heroes and Burning Rangers are pretty expensive games even! My girlfriend's brother used to have a 3DO but he sold it before I started dating his sister. Even if he wouldn't have given it to me I definitely would have bought it off of him. So I remain 3DO-less.

I also got an AES given to me from the free games thread here on the forums. It came from Merlin, and I got Blue's Journey and Magician Lord from SuperGrafx. A while back Merlin also gave me a Psikyo art book because we're both huge Daraku Tenshi fans. Merlin's a pretty awesome guy!
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