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January 17 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 3585
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2819 times.
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How about this...
Just had an idea for a new forum section, I got the idea from reelmojo posting in the shoutbox about the half price xbla titles. How about an extra section in the marketplace where we can post about any great gaming offers that we see? This could mean cheap price PSN or live titles that are relevant to members here, good eBay deals, web store or even retail store bargains, or maybe money off vouchers or special offers that people spot for VG related stuff.

It would be kind of a hot uk deals style forum but for videogames, and basically a place for us to give each other a heads up on stuff. I look around a lot at home and while at work looking for offers etc so I'd be more than happy to post things that I spot! Good idea or not?

good idea

outland on xbla at 400msp from 800 great game !Grin
Yup, well that sort of thing would definitely be worth posting in this new section, along with Trouble Witches Neo at 400MSP. I'd probably think about posting good finds on the front page news too if it was particularly relevant to SNK games etc, but any kind of good info could be posted on the forum Smile

Sounds like a great idea. And SNK related deals should definitely be posted as news. I know I for one would hate to miss out if Metal Slug XX was ever put on sale.
Reelmojo's Wizorb love actually gave me a slightly different idea instead.

I think a thread dedicated to the recommendation of either new, or old AND discounted PSN & XBLA titles would be preferable - as opposed to JUST making the thread dedicated to discount titles.

For example, if you recently played the rather outstanding Bloodrayne: Betrayal, and you want to let a community, that you think will appreciate the 'heads up' know, then post it in such a thread (undiscounted, but new release).

Similarly, if you think PPL missed out on Hard Corps Uprising and all it's amazingness first time around, then a discount is certainly a great way to redistribute your recommendations and love for it (discounted, but old release)

All this coupled with general updates on discounted XBLA/PSN stuff too of course Wink

This is just my opinion...

reelmojo wrote:
Sounds like a great idea. And SNK related deals should definitely be posted as news. I know I for one would hate to miss out if Metal Slug XX was ever put on sale.

Absolutely agreed, I think that they should be posted as news. I was going to mention Trouble Witches Neo in fact but I haven't had time to post it yet, I will do though. I'm going to be posting much more regularly on the main page now, but in case I'm not free to post about something that comes up (like over the last couple of days), would be cool if anyone else wanted to join in as news staff. You are more than welcome to post stuff of interest reelmojo... sorry not trying to get you to do my work for me, but if you ever want to post stuff it's absolutely fine! I'm looking at having a handful of people to be admin/news staff though. I know SNK news is kinda thin on the ground, but there's always something that can be posted I reckon.

Ninja: Interesting point! I'd still like to have a whole forum dedicated to offers and the like that are going to be of interest to the people around here, but something along the lines of what you said has a place that's for sure. It's worth thinking about, and in all honesty I do wonder for one if there aren't more independant titles on XBLA that I've/we've missed out on personally. Wizorb is head and shoulders above most of the ones I have played in the past in terms of quality but there has to be others that are worth a look. Its made me much more interested in keeping a close eye on it. XBLA is just one part of what you say though... I think a bit more thought on this is needed anyways as it sounds very worthwhile!

yes i think its a great idea too. I like good download games. I would really recommend Space Giraffe on 360. I'm sure it's been half price for ages. but im not sure exactly how much it costs. Must be no more than 4, maybe even less

It's a game that took me a while to get into initially, but once you understand it (and realise it's not Tempest) it has a lot of depth. There is a lot of space for high-level play too. great game and great sound and visuals too Smile if you do buy it make sure you play through to at least level 20. if you don''t love it by then, then you never will.

Edited by RiKo on 02. October 2011 20:17
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