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April 20 2019

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
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FORMULA 1 - Discussion
the ball rolling on this one by saying I'm thoroughly looking forward to the Qualifying and Practice in Singapore this coming weekend.

As usual, I think we'll be hard pushed seeing anyone knocking Vettel off the No.1 spot this season. 2011 is his, as far as (I'm sure?) anyone is concerned.

However, I suppose the battle for 2nd is more interesting all round - with either Button, Hamilton, Webber and Alonso all in the fight.

Personally, I have always been a supporter of McLaren alongside our British drivers (i.e. Di Resta this season, and Button in Brawn in '09) so I'm always pushing for a Button or Hamilton podium myself. Button has seriously proved himself more than ever this season too, and is more than up to the task of taking Hamilton on, on an even keel. I say this as I originally always felt Hamilton was the stronger of the two. My opinions on this have since changed this season.

In truth, I'm usually happy to see any of the racers make the podium, but certain ones perhaps more than others. At the end of the day, they're ALL great guys and all totally deserve the win, but I can't deny there are certain characters I'd love to see making constant podium appearances in the future. In particular, Mercedes' Rosberg (massive potential) and Kubica (eventually, I hope). Seeing Schumacher back on the podium would be very cool too. Seeing the likes of Senna making good on his career groundings and Kobayashi coming to fruition would be great too.

the thing right now that is interesting me right now is the rather extreme weather forecast!

Check out the F1 website for more information: http://www.formul...

Thunder and lightning storms have been forecast for the qualifying AND the GP itself! Shock

Could be a Button win after all then Wink

Agree with all of that Ninja... as much as I liked Button I always thought of Lewis as the superior driver, but this season Lewis has been mostly poor while Jenson has been excellent for the most part. Most of Mclarens problems have been down to stupid mistakes, I can't for the life of me understand how they've got their tactics so wrong at times.

Oh and speaking of Button, look who I met and shook hands with a few weeks back Grin

Sad as it is, it was a definite fanboy moment! LOL

Well, Vettel in pole again, didn't see that one coming Pfft

the GP'll start in a few hours, but I think we all already know the outcome, don't we?

I think this result is further accentuated by Webbers ability to pull a front row starting position out of the bag, at very late notice, yesterday - pushing the McLarens onto the 2nd row of the grid. I was a bit gutted for Hamilton though, bless him. He just put his gloves on to get going when the realisation was he'd overstepped the time limit for a last attempt - further cemented into place by both Button, then Webber taking his 2nd place on the grid. Still, if you're in the top 4, you mustn't grumble, eh?

Although the forecast promised some more dramatic weather conditions (for both qualy, and the race) I can't help but feel this is going to be a typical Singapore GP. Which brings me to a small confession...

I would probably have to say that the Singapore night race is my least favourite race on the calendar. I really fail to get excited by the track layout here, combined with it's aesthetic (from a spectators standpoint) facelessness. I find it a real boring watch and will probably nod off with 15-20 laps left in the bag. It's happened before, especially as it's such a long race too.

Still... I'll be there Wink

Quite obviously, I expect our man Vettel to win. However, he's never actually made a podium here in the past - so expectation may not meet factual reality. We'll see. He's been on fine from though this year and I can't see it slipping away from him this time.

I imagine Alonso or Button to take 2nd place here, with Hamilton behind, or somewhere in between these two. Webber, I think, will sink quite comfortably back into 5th, or 6th, behind Massa. As I said earlier, I'd like to see the Mercedes team higher up the grid, but it won't happen here. If anything, they'll probably slide back into 11th or 12th territory - behind the Force India team.

That's my prediction, anyway...


(p.s. congrats on meeting the man himself! I think you can be rest assured, that at that moment, it was meeting you he had on his mind... not dandruff Grin)
Well most of what you predicted was about right ninja! I was hoping for a brief time that Button would catch Vettel, but sadly it wasn't to be.

Hamilton making mistakes again... He's not been the same as he was before the title win for a long time now. I hope he comes back stronger next year and that Button keeps up this level. Think he's proven so many people wrong this year and shown what a top class driver he really is. Not surprised Ferrari are supposedly interested!

Kazuya_UK wrote:
Well most of what you predicted was about right ninja! I was hoping for a brief time that Button would catch Vettel, but sadly it wasn't to be.

Hamilton making mistakes again... He's not been the same as he was before the title win for a long time now. I hope he comes back stronger next year and that Button keeps up this level. Think he's proven so many people wrong this year and shown what a top class driver he really is. Not surprised Ferrari are supposedly interested!


in Jenson Button? Really. I'd never heard about this before. I think Ferrari could do with a switch up of drivers now to be honest, thus giving Alonso more of a challenge, although he probably won't like that (i.e. Hamilton @McLaren). Still, as long as Alonso remains in the No.1 seat, he'll probably be ok.

Kimi Raikonnen is allegedly coming back for 2012 season too, so that should be interesting. But, to Williams though... whatever that's all about - to replace Barichello. Can't believe he's still driving to be honest!

There are quite a lot of switch-ups I'd like to see if I were honest. Like I've said before, I really want to see the talents of Nico Rosberg driving for a top, top team. Mercedes are good, probably around the 4th best out there - which is impressive for their relatively short time in F1. However, I just think Rosberg would perhaps benefit now, from a seat at Ferrari, McLaren or indeed Red Bull. Problem is with Red Bull perhaps, it's difficult to measure the talents of the driver vs the strengths of the car. Also, Kovaleinen is wasted at Lotus. Super nice guy... great driver... but rookie team. Put Kovaleinen in a Mercedes, or a Force India perhaps(?) and put Chandok back in a car... a Lotus to be specific. Also, replace Trulli with the likes of Ricciardo (Red Bull funded) for experience - as he's been outdoing Liuzzi as of late.

Apologies for my ramblings. Just, kinda ended up going off on one! Grin

Did you enjoy the GP btw? (Kaz... and whoever else who may be interested Pfft )

Yea there were rumours flying around, not saying it would happen but I wouldn't be surprised if they had at least thought about it... or Red Bull for that matter! Speaking of Ferrari, did I ever mention that I LOATHE the horse faced, stuck on eyebrows guy that drives for them. Great driver, but Button I think has more class than he could ever have... I think Button wouldn't be happy to just be his number 2 at Ferrari.

I do like Rosberg actually, would be good to see him at a top team.

I did enjoy the GP, just wish Button had been able to push Vettel really hard on the last couple of laps, would have been very exciting! And yea come on, there must be some other F1 fans on here somewhere! Smile

with regards to the Suzuka GP, but needless to say, it was absolutely awesome!

It sounds a tad bittersweet of me to say, but I was amused to see our Jenson take 1st position > Vettel, who actually placed THIRD!

Needless to say though, he has now officially WON this years F1 Championship, so congrats to him. I thought it was nice that BOTH Jenson & Vettel had causes to celebrate individually. I can of course however, feel Vettels pain of not finishing his final winning race in 1st... lol Grin

Roll on: Korea GP...

Agreed, it was a great race, and although I didn't expect him to get a penatly, what Vettel did at the start was absolute borderline... shouldn't really be able to get away with stuff like that! I don't hate Vettel but things like that really annoy me! Oh well, Button won the race, and rightly so, it was yet another great drive from him. I'm hoping Hamilton comes back strong again next season but for now I think Button is undoubtedly the number 1 at Mclaren by a long way!

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes now that there is officially less at stake and that Vettel has won it... looking forward to another early morning start to my day on Sunday for Korea. Will you be up too Ninja? I might grab the laptop and jump into chat Sunday morning if you fancy chatting while watching it?

Hamilton on pole eh? I get the feeling this is gonna be one Hell of an interesting race...

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