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January 22 2019

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Thread Author: Shiny
Thread ID: 353
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There are 25 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7609 times.
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Live action KoF movie
SNK news! Hurrah!

Apparently a live action King of Fighters movie is to begin shooting next year. Grin It will be directed by Gordon Chan and produced by Axis Entertainment's Joseph Chou and Convergence Entertainment's Tim Kwok.

And that seems to be all the information I can find... Worthy of a post nonetheless. Wink

Anyone heard anything else?

the most informative thing i found, but its pretty much the same thing you found, but it does mention another live action Street Fighter movie to. Tho the KoF movie seems to be new news, so im sure new things will pop up in the comming time before filming. Lets just hope they get authentic looking actors to play the characters.....
Edited by candycab on 18. June 2007 08:30
Man, that has the potential to be the coolest, and also the lamest thing that could ever happen. We all saw what happened to the SF movie, though it did spawn an awesome line of dialogue from Bison. I wanna see them pull that off successfully, I really do.
No no no. This could go so horribly wrong :sweat:
Yep, and chances are it probably will. I don't think a successful game made into a movie will ever happen.
hey the Mario Bros movie pwnd! But i hope it dosnt go horribly wrong, tho the SF movie blew, i think they could do something good with KOF, seeing as Jean-Claude Van Damme wont be in it LOL
Rofl, Mario Bros was hilarious. Yeah, I'm curious as to who'd play who in the KOF movie, and what would it be about?
Well it's being written by Chris Chow, he who wrote Jet Li's Fearless and the remake of Blood: The Last Vampire (currently in production) so it probably won't suck in quite the same way the SF movie did. Hopefully.

But yeah, it certainly has the potential to suck big time. Fingers crossed they do it right.

At the very least a movie should help boost sales of KoF games which can only be a good thing, both for SNK and for us.
Whether the movie sucks or turns out good it doesn't matter, all that matter is that KOF will get a massive publicity boost and better sales as a direct result of people looking into the souce material, like they always do (just look at Sin City and LotR).
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Just hoping they make Mai's boobs "true to life". Pfft
Edited by boogiepop on 11. June 2007 06:40
I did hear a vague rumour about this a while ago, but at the time I thought it was just that. I checked on IMDB, and it's listed as (2010), but it doesn't let you check on any information to do with it without having an IMDB Pro account.

Could be interesting and the fact that respectable people are involved in the project (and not Uwe Boll! Wink) gives me hope, but my gut instinct tells me that it will suck. Even if it turns out good, or at least fun, it will no doubt split the fan-base down the middle, as there is no way it will ever live up to what everybody wants to see. For a start, what characters will be included? Will it be based around Orochi, Nests, or something else entirely different? Which characters will they focus on, and which ones will get nothing more than a cameo role?

And will people bitch because Eiji Kisaragi didn't make the cut? Wink


ps I'll still look forward to this, but I'd much rather see a full length anime movie or even a series. Another Day showed so much promise, and it was great to watch, but (obviously) waaaay too short...
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 11. June 2007 10:06
Kazuya_UK wrote:
ps I'll still look forward to this, but I'd much rather see a full length anime movie or even a series. Another Day showed so much promise, and it was great to watch, but (obviously) waaaay too short...

boogiepop wrote:
Just hoping they make Mai's boobs "true to life". Pfft

2 statements I think everyone can agree on. Wink

And yeah, what is it with the Eiji thing anyway...?

I'd like to think it'll be based on the Orochi storyline but it's bound to be all new to tie in with KoF's released at the same time as the film. Let's just hope the games stay the same, anyone remember that SF Movie game? Shock LOL
Shiny wrote:
anyone remember that SF Movie game? Shock LOL

yeah, that was horrible, but i agree on both those statements Grin

(i do wish they made more Another Day eps, cause i really dug them, shame tho...)

Stop laughing at the back.
Best Casting for a movie, Movie of the year.
I heard that the movie is in post production, and if you look it up on wikipedia, they let you know who's playing who. The guy that played toad is playing rugal bernstein.Andy
Personaly, I'm deceived, none of the characters ressemble, I told myself '' is this even worth watching? '' '' is the movie Director any experienced KOF fan? ''

Apparently not. so I rather not take a look and go on as if this movie never was or never will be. Give us anoter anime and I'll be happy.
Well, it seems that Mr. Chan does have not have any clue what hes doing... at all...

You have been warned.
YouTube Video

Spoiler Alert! To See The Content, Just Click On The Image!
...Terry Bogard as a detective... really?
I saw pornos that had more quality than this...
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