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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: STE C
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Welcome back Max
As a few of you no doubt no I am a huge fan of Max Payne and its inferior yet great sequel on the pc. I had been excited about the original Max Payne since I saw screenshots of it in about 98 and video footage about a year later taken from possible E3. I was very excited about owning it on the Dreamcast as this was supposedly the lead format it was going to be released on and was in all the DC mags as an upcoming game.
Unfortunately it was never to be and we will never know if it actually existed in any form as it has never resurfaced on the net like some other lost DC games.

Still when the game did finally arrive mid 2001 it completely surpassed my expectations and blew me away. I would often play the game through ( whilst shamefully buzzing on amphetamines) then simply start over again and spend another 6 or so hours playing to the end. Obviously my past vices had a lot to do with my passion for it but I recently downloaded it on Steam and have been loving it ( clean headed this time) as much as I did 10 years ago.

It really is a gritty, dark, violent, fantastic piece of work that brought brilliant graphics, story and bullet time to games in general. Any pc,Xbox,PS2 owner really should try this game I promise you are in for a treat.

Which brings me to my current stage of excitement, Max Payne 3 is due March 2012 and a trailer has been released. This is music to my ears as rumours last year were that it had been cancelled, but I am pleased to say Rockstar are at the helm. Its a shame the original developers Remedy ( who recently released the underrated Alan Wake) sold the license to Rockstar but I cant think of any other major studio I would prefer to be looking after my hero as RSs track record is very good.

I suppose like my recent excitement ( which turned out to be a let down) for Duke Nukem I am looking forward to r- embracing a special period of my life that holds so many good ( and maybe for me because of my chemical romance issues bad) memories of gaming at the time. I am expecting a lot and love the build up to a game or console its something I am thankfully starting to feel again about modern gaming. I suppose like a long overdue sequel to your fave film or a band you used to love reforming , this is a big deal for me.

Who like me is pumped up for this one and who else loves Max.
I'm excited the series is coming back, although me saying that is a bit odd. See, I own the first two games on my XBox and I was really enjoying the original when towards the end of the game I hit a brick wall and was never able to complete it. This means I never even put the Max Payne 2 disc into my system. Of course, that was years and years ago and the main reason I'm happy about MP3 is that it's giving me a new reason to give the original games a go. I plan on starting to play them very soon.

Oh, and for the uninitiated, the first two games are available as XBox Originals on the XBL Marketplace and they happen to be on sale for half price this week. Although, it might still be cheaper to go buy the real thing though.
I'm afraid i'm not that excited by Max Payne coming back. I played the 2nd one on Xbox briefly but never really got into it. I remember when the first one came out it was a big deal, esp with the then new slow-mo bullet-time effect so i can see why it made a big impact at the time.

However i'm happy to see any game that is good, so if it's good i will play it for sure Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
but don't particularly share it, if I was honest.

This isn't me being horrible. But simply speaking from experience, I played the original Max Payne back when it hit PS2. I thought it was a cool game, and I played it right through. It had a great atmosphere and a good story with great static cutscenes to boot too.

However, the gameplay was never particularly special to me. It was solid, and VERY playable, but nothing special. I finished the game, just the once, to see the great story right through. But I never had that inclination or want to experience it again.

So much so, I never even looked twice at MPayne 2.

with RockStar picking up the license, the 3rd title could reach its much anticipated potential, quite quickly. This isn't to say that Remedy couldn't achieve this (see: Alan Wake), indeed, far from it. However, I think RockStar giving a change in direction (presumably?) could really work for Max. I will say though, I'm NOT a fan of RockStar whatsoever, and would probably have preferred to hear of Remedy's involvement if I were honest. Call me old fashioned Smile

I'll be keeping an eye on this, out of interest and curiosity above all else...

Really looking forward to it, I'm a huge fan of both of the first two games and having seen the trailer I'm quite excited. I hope that they can manage to keep the same atmosphere as before, I loved the grittiness and the comic book cut scenes were brilliant at the time. I've finished both games at least 4 or 4 times now!

Only thing is I'd prefer to play this game on the pc rather than the xbox or ps3, like I did the others. Not sure my humble dual core would run this game as well as my consoles though! Hmm

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