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May 27 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 3505
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After reading a recent videogame magazine it has been brought to my attention that Voliton/THQ have confirmed after poor sales of Red Faction Armageddon that the franchise will be indefinitely shelved/cancelled. Now this might not seem like a big deal to many of you but it brings a little sadness to my life as I always hoped the series would recapture the genius of the first game.

The original Red Faction is in my opinion the most underrated game of all time, I got it for the pc in 2001 and was instantly hooked on what and still is one of the best FPS I have ever played. With all fairness the PS2 and PC version got good reviews and sold well although not the praise it deserved. For a start it is set on Mars which yes has been done before but they really captured the feel of Mars ( ok so I haven't been there) which made the game feel really unique.
The level design and weapons were very original for instance the rail gun that can sense body heat through solid objects then send a one shot beam of plasma to crisp a foe is a classic gaming moment. Dont get me started on the destructible enviroments which have yet to be bettered, again blowing up a wall into a room and wiping the enemy out by surprise rather than using the door, still no game apart form Guerrilla has allowed this. Seriously any PS2 or PC owner must get this game and it runs ok on newer versions on windows , well XP which I use.

The sequel in 2002/3 was to be honest a very generic and almost lazy FPS that actually felt like a backstep and did not impress me at all although its a solid shooter ( I seem to recall Ninja being a fan). Then nothing until 2009 with Red Faction Guerrilla.
Now this was said by many to be a return to form and received positive reviews and sold ok from what ive read on the net. I for some reason could not get into it , it felt like Grand Theft Mars to me with repetitive missions and a small landscape where faction guerrillas have bases just round the corner from government forces, this kinda made the game feel weird to me as it was simply a run in smash blow up and get out game. It was crazy you could run out shoot a enemy then just run back in your hideout or drive around without the fear of an attack.
Despite these comments I do intend to go back to the game one day and try it again.

So we have the recently released Red Faction Armageddon which received mixed reviews and sold very poorly. odd thing is despite what you read in the press this was the only game in the series that I felt was even close to a return in form. Yes it was a generic 3rd person shooter but I felt it captured the spirit of the original as it actually reminded me of er Mars ( that place ive been to loads of time), you were on a different planet again. The weapons such as the magnet gun ( not like the Half Life2 one) were fun to use and the feeling of pulling away bridges and buildings under the enemy as well as launching huge bits of er buildings and stuff at enemies was as satisfying as the Rail gun on RF1. I enjoyed the game despite its downfalls and considering its probably under 20 now reckon its a good weekend of fun if you give it a whirl.

So thats it 4 games, a series which really should have became a successful franchise but what is now possibly gone forever, a bit sad I think especially as the last game was getting fun again. Maybe they should have stayed with 1st person as opposed to going 3rd, who knows who cares apart from maybe me, lets discuss please.

Red Faction the Highlander of the videogame world, a series with a great story and so much potential but failed so spectacularly to achieve this.
Edited by STE C on 01. September 2011 22:13
I've never played a Red Faction game, but on your recommendation I'll keep an eye out for the original for my PS2 collection. It sounds pretty cool.

The fact that you say the game has a good storyline is a big reason why it's sad it's not going to continue though. Especially as Shenmue fans. We already know what it's like to not get closure on a great story.

Also, "Dead Faction" sounds like a good name for a zombie game. In fact, before reading the thread I thought that's what this was going to be!
It's always a shame when game franchises go down as lots of innovation, work and fun get lost. On the other hand I think it's hard to top the first, most affecting game of a series.

I've already heard many good reactions on the first one and the not so good sequel, but I haven't been able to get around to play them yet. Especially the first one attracted my attention with the destroyable environment, which was quite revolutionary back in 2001.

STE C wrote: Seriously any PS2 or PC owner must get this game and it runs ok on newer versions on windows , well XP which I use.

Owners of newer systems can get the Steam version as it compatible up to Win7 afaik. I think these 5 are a reasonable investment. Otherwise it's surely possible to use the compatibility mode if the original version has issues with Vista/7. As for myself, I might pick it up in the near future as a good FPS from time to time doesn't hurt.
what to say STE, if I was honest, as I know we have discussed the 'new' Red Factions before and I think you have a good idea of my standpoint on them - especially as I'm someone who thinks Red Faction for PS2 is a particularly great title!

As soon as Volition, not only took a near decade gap on RFaction but also made it 3rd Person and on hardware I am less bothered about (just not all that arsed about this gen I'm afraid), I simply lost interest.

If I was honest, I was REALLY surprised to see this game even got a sequel! I of course didn't study the original sales figures, however, I assumed it would have only done 'ok'... I dunno?

I'm sorry to say, neither surprises me or bothers me. It sounds terrible, callous and mean to say so, however, if I was honest, it's probably for the best considering their main efforts seem to be going into the 'newer' Saints Row franchise.

to the people who are, or indeed, thoroughly enjoyed the 'new' RFaction games for PS3/360, I'm sorry to see a series of games die that you enjoyed or indeed, saw potential in. It can be really annoying when either a series you have grown to love sells terribly and gets shelved, or sells well in other territories making localised sequels a non-entity (I thought this would happen with Yakuza 4!). But personally, as a fan of the original (PS2) and even it's less well-received sequel (GCN), it doesn't bother me at all I'm afraid...

STE wrote :- For a start it is set on Mars which yes has been done before but they really captured the feel of Mars ( ok so I haven't been there)

haha i love that STE Smile

I havent played a Red Faction game before either (maybe this is why the series has dies - none of us are playing them! ) It alwways sounded like a really cool idea with being able to make tunnels through scenery. Im sure some other games will run with that idea eventually.

I was a bit interested in the 3rd game because i remember watching a video of it a few weeks ago. i quite liked the look of the game in terms of gfx, i wasnt sure about the gameplay, but i didnt watch it for that long. I might have another look.
Edited by RiKo on 04. September 2011 12:52
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