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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: roninbuddha
Thread ID: 35
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3516 times.
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Death Note
anyone reading/watching/seen the movie?

im currently hooked into the manga. that's about how good it is imo Pfft
my artworks/doodles ->
Not heard of it before... what's it about? I looked at some of the art for it and it does look kinda interesting. Smile

Kazuya_UK wrote:
Not heard of it before... what's it about? I looked at some of the art for it and it does look kinda interesting. Smile


basically, it's about a Notebook, a Notebook dropped by a "shinigami" / gods of death / reapers...
in this notebook, if you write a name of a person, and know that persons face, that person will die. the Gods of Death use these notbooks for, obvious reasons,... but one of these god was "bored" so he intentionally dropped on of these notes in the human world, and fell into the hands of Raito. basically, Raito is a prodigy, top ranking in the nation, simply uber smart... then... he uses the notebook to kill criminals.... but it doesnt end there, Raito's ambition for a "utopia/perfect world" takes over... and..

you have to read/watch the anime Pfft

if you have time, you can read the scanlation (which is complete!), cuz the anime is still at episode 4 Pfft
my artworks/doodles ->
Hmmm, that sounds very interesting. There's a movie out as well or is it just he series? Where would I be best to start?

Might check out the manga though!

^there's 2 Live action movies, an ongoing anime and 12 Vol. Manga.

i suggest the manga, to get a full grasp of the story, then, teh movies to see an alternate endings (and to see everyhting, as real people, great accurate cast too btw) and the Anime, to see the manga in motion Pfft
my artworks/doodles ->
I've got all the manga now but I haven't started it yet. I'm reading a bunch of shonen jump now that I have Jump Ultimate Stars.
I haven't seen the movie...but the anime is going GREAT so far. One of the most interesting animes I've ever seen. I sure hope it ends well...
C'est la vie
Just watched the live action, and I say it's great! Ryuk happens to be my personal favorite^^.

"My apple!" -Ryuk

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