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June 21 2018

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 3497
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4177 times.
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Soul Calibur V
I thought i would start a thread for the much delayed Soul Calibur V (PS3, 360) due March 2012(!!).

The game (SCV) looks good but although not much of an advancement on 4 in the looks department. I still would prefer slightly less muted colours, but i think a lot of that is due to the soft filter effects they seem to use in most games this generation. That's just me though. Looks like it plays well, but its hard to tell without a proper hands on . This video shows new (to this generation) character Ivy and proper-new character Natsu Smile

YouTube Video

I like Natsu's fighting style but she does remind me a lot of Taki in the way she fights. It seems possible they may have removed the armour-break system? but I'm not sure because the characters seem to be wearing a fair amount of clothing. In a way the armour break system (which wasn't very good anyway) spoilt the look of the characters in 4.

My main worry is that it doesnt seem that exciting from watching the videos so far. I remember getting very excited about Tekken 6. New characters include Hilde, Z.W.E.I., Voldo, Ivy, Natsu, Maxi, Tira. Most of which are actually old characters coming back. There's still quite a lot of time until launch date though Smile

Interesting article here:


One fascinating fact that might interest long-time Soul Edge/Soul Calibur fans is that Odashima originally proposed calling the new Soul Calibur "Soul Edge 2," instead. Namco didn't go for it, due to some complicated internal issues that Odashima didn't get into.

"They didn't like the word 'Edge' for many reasons," he said. "I think Edge sounds cooler [though]. The reason why we can't use Soul Edge is not a legal issue. It's more like an internal issue that's hard to explain."


Soul Calibur 1 is one of my all time favourite games and i am really hoping that the series will get back to form. I missed 2 (due to circumstances beyond my control) I I quite enjoyed the 3rd installment but I didnt really get on with the 4th one at all. I would be interested to hear what people think of 2 seeing as i missed it
Edited by RiKo on 30. August 2011 14:37
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Soul Edge was ok, Soul Calibur on the DC was awesome and I still consider it one of the best games ever made! But after that the series have been rather dull in my opinion. I have never felt that the gameplay have been as fluid as it was in the DC version in the later games released in the series. But one can always hope that V will re-invent it somehow and breathe some fresh air into the series with some new ideas.
Agreed soul edge was good for ps1 but the dc version was something special !!! I still remember getting it and been In awe watching klick in demo theatre mode for 10mins was always the demo I put on to impress friends n family until dead or alive 2 came along. 2 was ok for time had both xbox spawn was cool ps2 heichia was out of place ! Yoshimitsu fits well ,gamecube link was great but u need an arcade stick or pad was rubbish mate had 2 just for it nice. namco ones ! 4 was good but armor break instant kills & starwars just did not fit but must admit cool I enjoyed creating my characters the most going online seeing others was a blast. 5 looks too simlar but il buy as a fan hope it's fresh like dreamcast version was Thumbs Up
judging from that gameplay vid, but unfortunately, my "Soul" candle had burned out after my enjoyment of SC3. I'd had my fill.

However, the whole Soul Edge 2 thing is just awesome! It would have been fantastic to have had a PROPER Soul Edge 2, as opposed to whatever this SC5 is (generic sequel ahoy).

But a Soul Edge sequel which played like SEdge 1, with the weapons gauge, the Edge Combo (which was very cool!) and basically characters to play like evolved versions of their original counterparts (like Hwang for example, was quite different in SCalibur vs SEdge) would have been very interesting, even giving the characters evolved movesets and fighting styles should they have their weapon destroyed in combat, or maybe even the OPTION to sheathe their weapon (a la Ninja Masters) if they choose to preserve it for specific parts of the battle - kinda like the 'TOP' system in MOTW. Dunno... just an idea? Hmm

Like many have already said here, I still feel SCalibur is the best yet. It just nailed it all perfectly, however Soul Edge / Soul Blade will ALWAYS be my favourite in the series. A LARGE portion of my childhood was spent playing that game, both at home and in the arcade... and on the quest mode too!

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 31. August 2011 00:17
Gameplay system information.

The most interesting thing to me is that Guard Impacts now take meter. They used to be the best tool for punishing predictability, now I don't even know how they'll factor into gameplay. I guess that makes them a bit like Alpha Counters.

It looks to me like this game will be the biggest evolutionary leap in the series since SC1. I'm a big fan of character creation modes so I really hope that's more fleshed out this time.
Thnaks for the info on the 2nd installment Hitorkori.

I love Soul Calibur on DC, actually funny enough I came to it after Dead or Alive 2 so i didnt get the 'wow' thing with the graphics, though they were impressive enough. But its a truly great game to play and it has to be said - beautiful. I actually put it as my favourite game of all time, on a thread we did on here.

Ninja wrote: - my "Soul" candle had burned out

hope thats not a euphenism Ninja Grin

Although Ive never played Soul Edge, I think a Soul Edge 2 would be a great idea, even if it was just SC going back to basics - like they did with Tekken 5 and having a fresh start, maybe even with totally new characters. I think the series needs re-energising.

I dont know if this is accurate but I just read a preview for SC5 in Edge magazine and they said that Project Soul was 'disbanded after SC4 and that it was reformed again only after a Facebook petition calling for a new Soul Calibur came to the attention of a producer at Namco. Seems strange because surely they were always going to make a SC5 anyway at some point. There's a while to launch date, so i hope they can make it more exciting somehow Smile

Mojo wrote:- The most interesting thing to me is that Guard Impacts now take meter. They used to be the best tool for punishing predictability, now I don't even know how they'll factor into gameplay. I guess that makes them a bit like Alpha Counters.

@Mojo. the real mystery is how did Daishi Odashima tweet all of that when he is limited to 140(?) charcaters per tweet! he doesnt mention the Armor break move from SCIV. Guard burst sounds like it may have replaced it? (unless the armour breaks on that)
Edited by RiKo on 02. September 2011 13:31
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Interview with Tago Hisaharu at Gamescom 2011, just posted.

YouTube Video

definitely no critical finishes, and the general theme seems to be making the characters more accessible and easier to use.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I am not really keeping up to date on SC5 news, but apparently Ezio from Assassins Creed is a new character

and also this man will be a bonus character if you pre-order. Game companies are getting wise!

YouTube Video

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
New characters Algol and Edgemaster + one made with the character creation tools by the devlopement team - Soul of Devil Jin.

YouTube Video

Soul of Devil Jin brings Tekkens juggles to Soul Calibur, boo! Smile

Video showing the extensive character-creation tools

YouTube Video

tbh i thought this was already out, but apparently it isn't quite...
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Soul Calibur V wall painting in London advertising the game

YouTube Video

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Seems to be a buzz around this game at the moment with a few decent reviews in already. I have never bought a SC game since the Dreamcast version ( the system seller that er dident help to sell the DC) . I was blown away by the graphics but actually found the game a bit shallow and much preferred Last Bronx on the Saturn, but SC was a good game no doubt.

I decided to have a blast on it today through vga and was still blown away by how good it looks, I cant recall any PS2/CUBE/XBOX fighter looking as good as this. Its actually got me curious about SC5 and as no decent games are due out this month I may just pick up a copy.

I thought having Star Wars characters in the earlier game ( 4 I think) was just a horrible sell out and destroyed any credibility the series had. I f*ckin hate crossover games apart from MVC & CVSNK which win on the playabilty , I just find it hard to accept fighters form different universes/worlds/genres bundles together. Oh sorry Xmen vs Streetfigher was cool on the Saturn mind, not a huge fan of the game but seeing graphics like that run on the Saturn is beautiful. Contradiction Ste again.

Sorry back to the thread, aye if anyones looking for a decent fighter this month then judging by the reviews you could do a lot worse than SC5.
Edited by STE C on 01. February 2012 18:19
Just played this at a friends house the other night and er well. Sorry it just does not do it for me anymore despite the good reviews it had I just could not connect with it at all. It just feels shallow to me as do the last VF/Tekken games. Sad as it sounds 3D fighters just aint working for me nowadays which is sad but they just dont feel as good as the 90s versions.
2D on the other hand eg KOF XIII is still floating my boat.
STE wrote :- I f*ckin hate crossover games apart from MVC & CVSNK which win on the playabilty , I just find it hard to accept fighters form different universes/worlds/genres bundles together

yes i dont get excited about crossover games. for example i love Street Fighter and i love Tekken but i don't really care about SF Vs Tekken. I dont want to waste my time learning *another* fighting game which is worse than the originals.

I think that guy from Assasins creed is a good fit for soul calibur, although i would definitely prefer just a good original character. I think they just do it to sell the game, it must work i guess or they wouldnt keep doing it. I remember when Tecmo put Spartan from Halo into Dead or Alive, that was crazy! Having said that i would have quite liked Darth Vader in SC4 actually (i am a 360 owner). although i know he doesnt fit at all, actually stuff that! get Namco to make a fighter with the Star Wars characters (not Yoda - he can be the referee like that guy from Power Instinct). It would be awesome.

even this was kind of fun:

YouTube Video

i still love the original Soul Calibur. I do think it is quite deep, you need to bump the skill level up to Hard or Ultra Hard on the Dreamcast cos the AI opponents are a bit dumb otherwise. Ultra HArd isnt as hard as you would think. thats when its good. otherwise you can wiin by doing cheap stuff. I have played 3 and 4 since. I didnt think 3 was too bad and it actually felt different to 1. not as good as the first one. I hardly played 4 at all - it seemed overly complicated with
the characters all armoured up. i liked the simplicity of the original.

I have seen videos of SC5 and i am not impressed enough to go out and buy it - definitely buy it for a tenner in 6 months time game haha.

Where I think Soul Calibur needs to go next and this is a point made by some smart people in some of the reviews - is to get rid of that slightly stilted feeling when an animation finishes and your character is just standing there at the end of it. It needs to be made more fluid now. It really could be something special again if they did that, also personally i want them to bring back the bright colour-palette of the original Dreamcast version. It all looks so muted now. The Dreamcast original was a beautiful vibrant game and it still looks good now - you are right. but with the hardware we have now, well it could be something very special. I think Namco is just appeasing the fans with this one - more of the same, a few minor improvements, nothing very ambitious or exciting. Focusing more on the character creation option. The flame will die if they dont do better with the next installment.

i'm still totally addicted to SSFIV, its the best game ever for me. I mean that too, never (my whole life) played a game for this long almost every day before. it is a 2D fighter in all but it's graphics, and the 3D graphics actually add something to it in places - for example with the ultras - they allow things to be done that couldnt be done with 2D graphics. well not unless you had 100 + artists working on the 2D version anyway.
Edited by RiKo on 13. February 2012 14:44
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
You hit the nail on the head Riko, the game just looks dull to me and stiff. I will also maybe pick it up when its cheap like under 10, but its very sad that a game in 2012 running on the powerful hardware can not look as vibrant and play as well as a game from 1999. Another example of Dreamcast goodness.
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