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February 17 2019

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Thread Author: CO9207
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Favorite SNK Character? Most Hated SNK Character? (IYO)
This applies to any Neo Geo or SNK Game no matter the Genre. IYO what do you like most about this character and/or why do you hate them (It can be anything, appearance wise to gameplay wise to story wise)

Fav Characters (There are so many I made a list, in no particular order. As you can see, I'm a fan of power hitters)

1. Raiden [Fatal Fury] (Cuz he's a parody of Big Van Vader and his sprite was huge in Fatal Fury 1) Pfft
2. Mr. Big [AOF] (In AOF1, he looked like a scummy drug dealer. Now, he looks like a pimp with his girls and his suit he wears) Cool
3. Franco Bash [Fatal Fury] (This guy looks like Super Mario on Steroids or Weight Gain 4000) Grin
4. Billy King [Burning Fight] (The only fighter that wasn't a ripoff of Final Fight in the game. Reminds me of Dolph Lundgren) LOL
5. Maxima and Rocky [Robo Army] (These guys were cool. Too bad they didn't appear in any sequels. They also both made an appearance in KOF2000. Also, Why was the boss of Robo Army just a head?!?) Smile

Most hated:

1. King Lion [Savage Reign and Kizuna Encounter] (What's with the boxing gloves and the sword?!? WTF is SNK Smoking?) Angry
2. Michael Max and Hwa Jai [Fatal Fury] (Gigantic ripoff of Balrog and Sagat. Need I say more?) :eh:
3. Master Barnes of the Netherlands [3 Count Bout] (The only guy I can't beat in 3 Count Bout, cheap as hell) :evil:
4. Leo Bradlay of Canada [3 Count Bout] (I hate this character's design as he is a spinoff of the gimmicks of Canadian rocker wrestlers in the WWF/WWE like Chris Jericho or Triple HHH for example. He couldn't fight for beans (His down attacks and turnbuckle attacks are only stomps which look kinda stupid) also his chains are annoying although he has the longest range of all the characters in the game. What an embarrasment to us Canadians. :|
5. Orochi [KOF] (This guy was EASY. A true disappoinment to the SNK Boss Syndrome) Roll Eyes

Post yours and discuss
Damn there are so many, better make it a double post haha... Favorite characters.

Blue Mary: Even though she changed a lot since her original outing I already thought she was aweseome back when Blue was still this hybrid striker/grappler in Fatal Fury 3; a game that still works well for me even after the superior sequels. I am forever grateful to the fighting game gods out there that she made it to the MI series to re-assure her position as one of SNKs most consistent characters.

Kyo Kusanagi: Let's face it, Kyo is one of the most ingenius and clear- cut designs in the fighting game industry! He's got layer upon layer of personality and thanks to the Kusanagi flame this guy is as photogenic you can be, his artwork alone is enough to put other mascots in the trash bin of no return.

Franco Bash: Another FF3 resident, this guy was something as cool as a non-shotoclone that kicked ass with mobility and stiff martial arts alone. He's tall, he's strong, he's fast and besides, who needs ki when you got moves called Overhead Bicycle and Double Kong?

Hanzo: I simply love the World Heroes series and I love him still in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. He takes everything a shoto has and adds his own blend of ninja arts to create one of the most mobile and varying hero characters out there. Sub-Zero, rip your heart out.

Ryo: I know, I know, another shotoclone, but this guys doesn't need both hands to fire an energy blast and he's good enough to choose which fist he wants to use for his flying uppercut so there. I love how the AOF games were heavy on story and character detail, Ryo owns a horse that he keeps on a ranch and he rides a motorcycle to work. Not the most original traits in the world but it sure as hell breaks away from the mold when it comes to fighters based on SF Ryu. That and Ryo had some very different incarnations over the years, some of them bordering on expert technicality; which I also adore.
Edited by HexElf on 08. June 2007 16:01
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Second part...
Worst characters.

Choi Bounge: I hate his stupid Freddy looks, I hate the fact that's he's so small that some attacks don't even work on him, I hate how so many of his animations used for attacks are simply retarded and I hate how despite all this he can beat you in three seconds flat if used by a good player. Love how he got banished from the KOF universe!

Beautiful Assassin (Magician Lord) : This cheap #?+&/" and her friends will absolutely destroy all comers unless you're extremely lucky on your first try. Extremely repetitive yet so cheap that anyone selling her would actually pay you to get rid of the b&%#.
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!

Everyone in Waku Waku 7 - Original and above all fun to use, each and every one of them.

Galford in Samurai Shodown 1 and 2 - He lost something imo in the later games but in the first 2 he's easily my favourite character, and probably my favourite design of any beat 'em up character ever. Why they had to change the look of the series I'll never know, the first 2 games had class and a style about them that 3,4 and 5 just don't have.

Kyo Kusanagi - For all the reasons HexElf said, I couldn't say it any better if I tried. Wink

Terry Bogard in all of the Fatal Fury's - Consistently cooler than everyone else in the game, with a list of specials other beat 'em up characters would kill for.

This could take some time, there's so many of them... Wink There's loads more but I'll leave it at that for now...

Oh, and Success Joe - Just kidding! Pfft


That monkey fucker from Kabuki Klash - Grrr. :evil: :evil: :evil: I can't even put my hate into words...

Benimaru - I just can't stand him! I don't know what it is but I don't even like fighting him, his presence on my screen offends me.

Everyone in Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer - Horrible design, horrible execution, horrible to use, horrible to fight against, er, it's horrible would be my point I guess...
Edited by Shiny on 08. June 2007 21:49
Shame on you for not liking Benimaru, he kicks ass.

Good: Kyo Kusanagi. I've always used him on EVERY KOF game and he's never failed me. He's the main character in the games, and his move sets are the best in my opinion. Also, he's pretty powerful so that's always a plus. His specials on the KOF games are top notch, and never fail in presenting an awesome finisher. Pretty much everything HexElf said..

Haohmaru from the Samurai Shodown Series: This character has to be the biggest badass I've ever seen in a video game. What's not to like about an arrogant jackass who can always back up what says by destroying the competition? I've always used him in the SS games, and he's a force to be reckoned with. Oh yeah, and did I mention he's ungodly powerful in almost every SS game? I was blown away using his strongest slash..

Hattori Hanzo: Another character I've always loved using in Samurai Shodown. He's gotta be one of the coolest characters ever created in a game. Plus, his story of hatred and vengeance is the coolest in the first SS game. Great moves, and overall an awesome character to use. What's not to love using his ninja twirl technique?

Bad: Chang Koehan from KOF: No words can describe how much this character pisses me off. In KOF 2003, I'm still amazed at how he can basically flick a character while they're doing a special and boom, it's canceled out. He's fat, retarded, and annoying, gee..what's not to love?

Jhun Hoon from KOF 2003: Don't get me wrong, I love Jhun Hoon, he's an awesome character and all, but he's damned annoying when fighting him on CPU. All I've seen him do is evade, evade, evade..and evade. That's it! And who could possibly like a character trying to be better than the Taekwondo genius Kim Kaphwhan? Sorry Jhun, Kim will always be able to kick your ass!

Nakoruru from the Samurai Shodown series: I HATE this woman! Like, 6 years ago at a local arcade, I used to waste so much money fighting this character late in game before Amakusa on SS1, so she's on my shit list. Her annoying eagle strike and crap fest follow up make her the most annoying character on the game for me. Now though, I've gotten to the point where she's not so unbearable, and I don't have to waste money considering I bought the machine I used to play from a local arcade. I dunno, I still HATE her with a fiery passion..
Edited by Spooky on 09. June 2007 04:58
Vanessa: She is THE reason I ever played any SNK game. From the moment I saw her being played on a vid I knew I had to purchase the game (KOF 02) and here I am now. Her design is simple yet refined and she plays like no other fighting game character. Truly unique. Plus, you gotta love a chick that can kick your ass.

Hotaru Futaba: Again, beautiful freaking design and tons of character to boot. This little cutie puts Athena to shame and is probably the most adorable thing ever created by man (as far as I'm concerned!). I don't think I could ever bear to see her in hentai. (NOO, It must not be!)

Amano Hyo: Any ladies man who can strut his stuff while in a pink kimono (or is that a yakata?) and an elvis hairdo has earned my respect. Plus, his Super Cancel is good for the soul.

Most hated:
refer to HexElf's Choi comments
refer to Spooky's Chang comments
They've said all I could and more.
Edited by boogiepop on 10. June 2007 06:01
Hmm... favorites? I shan't go into details, as it could take me ages, but let me just raffle off some of my most prized fighters in the SNK universe with no particular pattern...

Terry, Kim, Geese, Billy, Krauser, Mr. Big, Ryo, Robert, King, Lee Pai Long, Takuma, Eiji, Yamazaki, Duck, Gato, Butt/Marco, B. Jenet, Tizoc, Freeman, Ramon, Vanessa, K', Maxima, Shingo, Ralf, Kyo, Iori, Kensou, Yashiro, Kula, Ash, Duolon, Shen, Haohmaru, Genjuro, Hanzo, Galford, Earthquake, Sieger, Basara, Tam Tam, Charlotte, Zantetsu, Lee Rekka, Amano, Setsuna... oh, that'll do for now.

Let me make it clear that there is no design that I utterly loathe, and I always try to look for the positives. However, let me say that I'm not too fond of Chang or Choi, and the disbandment of the conventional Korea team and having Kim join up with Terry and Duck in XI is one of the greatest decisions in the history of forever. Also, I'm very surprised no one has mentioned Bao yet. On top of that, just about everyone with the possible exception of Johnny Maximum from World Heroes might go here, and Carol and Nicola from Savage Reign were given the boot in Kizuna Encounter with good reason. Their replacement with Rosa and Kim Sue Il? Another excellent move, I must say. Really, I'd say those are my least favorites in comparison to everyone else.
Vanessa: She is THE reason I ever played any SNK game. From the moment I saw her being played on a vid I knew I had to purchase the game (KOF 02) and here I am now. Her design is simple yet refined and she plays like no other fighting game character. Truly unique. Plus, you gotta love a chick that can kick your ass.

Well, actually most of her moves came from a RB Fatal Fury character, Rick Strowd. Pfft
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