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July 21 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
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SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom discussion
peiper wrote:
something has been bothering me for quite some my japanese aes copy of svc, all the boss are instantly selectable without console is japanese and i don't have any unibios installed.

the reason i asked is that everywhere on the net stated that you need to enter code to get the boss..perhaps someone with a copy can confirm this? Shrug

Your'e right, that's indeed strange. These characters normally shouldn't be unlocked in the AES version. I know for instance that the MVS bootleg "SVC:CHAOS PLUS" has all characters unlocked from the beginning, but I doubt you'd have an AES bootleg cart.
Peiper, it sounds like you got your hands on a hack: SvC Boss Ed. Many HxC gamers I know actually prefer the hack over the original version. That game still has relevance as far as people on Kaillera are concerned today. Good on you for bringing up an unofficial entry to the series. Grin
Edited by shion on 24. August 2011 16:43
this was my first thought too..that what i have is a hack/boot. However due to the sound problem i mentioned earlier, i have to open the cart and everything is legit ( i compare it with the scans on the net ) Hmm

really confused now Shrug
I've played SVC Chaos once at a Gameworks (an arcade) a few years ago & it's pretty fun. There's a bit too many SF characters though. I'd swap out Dhalism & maybe Balrog & Vega for Dante, Fokker, & Arthur.

The SNK side is better, but still could use some improvement. I would replace Choi & Mr. Karate with Akari & Elta.

Running Wild
The game is ass. Gameplay wise, it's a mess. Maximum Mode is retarded, build your meter to the max, you can do whatever you want, unlimited supers. When it runs out, you are back to having 2 bars, and it's easy as hell to fill up. The Exceed moves are lame, you can only use them once in the whole match, retarded.

Then the Guard Cancel Front Step has to be the worst gameplay feature ever. You block, mash forward to dash through an attack, and punish. It's borked. Then throws in this game are performed by pressing A+B or C+D together, they have no range, they USE meter, and I don't believe they can be teched.

The game suffers heavily from balance issues. Many of the unlockable sub-boss characters are extremely broken (Orochi Iori, Geese, Zero is the most broken of all, full of game breaking glitches). The final boss characters are extremely stupid, like Athena for example is full of unblockables with invincibility frames. Shin Akuma can perform unlimited supers and has an near impossible to counter unblockable Exceed that only a character with a counter move (Like Geese) can stop. Serious Mr.Karate can fill the screen with rapid fire Haohshokouken's, full screen invisible fireball, and an uppercut with ridiculous invincibility and unbeatable priority. If you didn't include the unlockable sub-bosses, this game could of been decently balanced... but most of them are just real stupid.

Graphically, the game is ass. Backgrounds are completely devoid of life and are uninspiring and static, save for the mid-boss stage where you fight Serious Mr.Karate or Shin Akuma. The effects in the game look terrible. The Capcom cast are downright awful for the most part, Chun-Li, Guile, Demitri, Sagat, Dhalsim, M.Bison, they all look terrible.

They also got extremely lazy with Balrog, he's just an edited Heavy D.

Vega, the Shoto's, Hugo and Tsubasa are the only decent looking characters on Capcom's side, but even then, they aren't animated that well, and frankly, the old KOF style of low resolution sprites is seriously starting to show it's age, especially considering this game came out around 2003, when Guilty Gear XX was blowing peoples minds with it's intricate high resolution sprites, animation and artwork.

As for SNK's side, Shiki looks really good, but Earthquake is very yucky looking. The shading on him is not done well, and his animations are all very chopping. Yeah... kinda sad SNK waited SO LONG to make new sprites. After ending the Neo-Geo they switched to Atmoiswave, which was a complete waste because they were still using the same low resolution sprites. Years later they switch to TaitoTypeX2, and finally upgraded the sprites... but they are still low resolution! Dammit... oh well, I'm getting off-topic here, so let's move on.

Next is the sound. Hit effects are dull and don't provide much sense of belief that they are painful. The music in the game is mostly garbage, save for the forest stage and mid-boss temple stage. The announcer in this game is the only redeeming factor.

Finally, this game has 1 nice little feature, the pre-fight dialogues which is unique for every character against each character, including themselves. Fleshes out many of their personalities and such.

Overall, this game is horrible. It's something only the most hardcore SNK fanboys would be able to enjoy. Serious fighting game players should avoid this game at all costs, there are better SNK fighters out there like Garou:MOTW and RB2. If you want a vs. game, you are better off playing CvS2. Has alot more to offer, although I'd argue it's not any better off from a balance perspective, but the system works well.
Edited by Running Wild on 26. August 2011 22:02
Well, Well, RW, it seems you're back here smacking the boards, other than that, to me, its just a meh game, love it or hate it, that's all, oh, don't forget NGBC and 3SO being better choices though.
Running Wild
NGBC is everything SvC Chaos should of been.

It tweaked the gameplay a great deal, much more smoothly paced, the mechanics work better, the guard cancel front step is completely reworked, and the tag team gameplay is alot beter than compared to KOF2k3. Plus they brought in alot of really good characters, some that have been totally re-invented, like Hanzo and Fuma from World Heroes.

The backgrounds and music is vastly improved as well, as are the visual effects. Sound effects still aren't that great though, hits sound weak, and the super sounds are rather annoying. But overall, NGBC is a pretty solid game, a vast improvement.

My only issue with NGBC is how much they changed Hotaru Futaba from her MOTW version. She's just... not the same... despite her being one of the most powerful characters in the game.
Edited by Running Wild on 28. August 2011 01:45
I thought ye was dead son?

You laid waste to one of my NG faves, but still, it's good to see you around. I'm glad you're on board with NGBC too. Great game and pretty ambitious too imo. Kaede is too good to miss in that game Wink

lee gray
I have hated this game for many years with the errors and the difficult bosses and mainly shit backdrops and the many moves that miss completely. ......however the last couple of months I have been playing it daily, mainly with hugo and I love it now, I even like the abandoned andobsolete backgrounds now.
Thats was a little how i felt about Breakers Revenge - looks horrible, lot of the characters are rip offs from StreetFighter. But its such a great game you dont care once you start enjoying playing it. As for this, it could have definitely been better but I still find it fun, nice game but havent put the dedicated effort into yet like you Lee or I probably would enjoy it more.
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lee gray
I actually look forward to the obsolete station backdrop now as there is some decent detail in there, hate the scrolling backdrops though.
Also theres all the midnight bliss sprites and monsters and animal transformations. Alot of work has gone into some ares while very little in others.
It is fun when you get use to it.
I got this game for PS2 recently. I have to say, it is better than I thought it would be. The character select is nice and varied.
Basashi King
i would definitely like to play this game again at home, but i wasnt impressed with it first time round.

i arrived in japan in late 2004, and back then this game was the most appealing thing in a very small arcade i used to go to on a lunch break. i didnt like the cheapness of some of the characters and felt like it was ripping me off every time i got to that guy who spunks out tornadoes. as for the other fights, they just werent fun enough.

id still consider picking this up to give it a try at home, but it definitely wasnt a favourite in the arcade.
I'm quite a huge fan of seeing Capcom characters rendered in KoF style and the realistic SNK artwork. I have a preference on how Third Strike Chun-Li ended up looking. I would wonder how other Capcom characters esp Darkstalkers would look like in KoF graphics.
I finally got in on AES Thumbs Up
I really like the darker tone in this game. I'm sitting right now just watching the intro and having a gin tonic.
sanny_torkilsson attached the following image:
Nice, Sanny!

I always liked SVC Chaos even if it is a bit odd.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
lee gray
I really hated this game at first with the shortcuts they seem to make so it didnt feel as polished as it should have been, given the title, you would have expected something awesome.

Now however I really enjoy it as much as most other fighters and even the shit backdrops look great now.
I need to pick this one up still, they used to have one at my local Fuddruckers but the 2 player joystick was stuck. I thought it was a good game and it's got a different style than the other KOF and Vs. games.
Long long ago, there were a man..
capcom fans hate it snk fans love it ;> sprites for the sf chars just amazing,gameplay kof02 advanced.u get here all u ever wanted sp is hard as hell xD(acade:>Winksprites bgs range from 93 to 03 all u need is a bit love for snk + capcom and some friends to play it and u have a fine game ;>
The most impressive thing to me was that they managed to duplicate the look of the CPS3 Street Fighter 3 character models on the Neo Geo hardware.
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