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January 17 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 3458
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4660 times.
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Most wanted fighting game guest characters.
No matter how you feel about guest characters in your fighting games, there are probably more than a few characters from other games that you've pictured in a fighter. With Soul Calibur having guest characters in every new installment and games like Marvel Vs. Capcom being based on the concept of characters who don't belong in the same game fighting each other, guest characters are here to stay. So let's try to not let this devolve into a discussion about why they should or shouldn't exist. They do exist and they help sell games so they're not going away anytime soon. We might as well enjoy it.

Oh, and when you name a character try to pick a game or type of game you think they should appear in.

Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed 2
Could appear in: Soul Calibur V
They've already confirmed SCV will indeed have guest characters (as if there were any doubt). The biggest complaint about the Star Wars characters in SCIV was that they just don't fit the style of SC. Ezio fits in perfectly. His storyline could even make sense, which would definitely be a first for a guest character in SC. Seriously, I have never wanted to see a character in a fighter more than Ezio.

Monkey from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Could appear in: Soul Calibur V or SFxT
TxSF would work too, but honestly I only listed SFxT because they already have a console exclusive character for the PS side, so I'm hoping the 360 side gets one too. He'd fit better in SCV of course. His staff is unique and completely different from Kilik's and his fighting style is just brutal. Personally I'd like it if Trip were in the background whenever he fights like Poison with Hugo in SFIII, but I see how that could be a problem. Especially in SC.

Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue
Could appear in: Fighter's Megamix 2 or Virtua Fighter VI
A guest character in a Virtua Fighter game would be strange, so I'd much rather have Fighter's Megamix 2. Even if they called it Sega All-Stars Fighting and included their more cartoony characters, I just want it. Oh, and put Lan Di in there too so I can finally kick his ass!

I only listed videogame characters to start, but definitely don't limit yourself to that. Characters from other mediums are fair game.
that brought me here to the NGFL 'table' in the first place. Great stuff! Thumbs Up

Now, to address some of the points/inclusions you have made 'Mojo:

1) I could give 1 shit(s) about the Assassins Creed series, however, I think your idea to include Ezio (or even Altair?) is a sensible one... maybe even a GOOD one? I say this, as I personally, would rather see NO inclusions. But this is not going to happen, thus, seeing some of the AC crowd in there wouldn't offend me at all. Great choice!

2) Like I said, I haven't played Enslaved yet, but I intend to at some point, as I really enjoyed the demo. Whilst 'Monkey' would make a (again) a great inclusion in the likes of Soul Calibur, I really don't think he'd fit SFxTKN myself - although I DO see you rlogic based on Capcoms WTF??? decision to include Cole from Infamous2, who again, would've been much better suited to MK9 or SC series. SF or TKN (or SFxTKN!) is NOT the place to do 'random' Xovers. Shit like this ACTUALLY puts me off playing or buying the game! Like I said... fine in SC or MK, although still, I'd PREFER it if they didn't!

3) Yes. Yes! YES!! Ryo Hazuki *should* have been in VF4 or Evo, but alas, he didn't appear. I agree, a SEGA All-Stars fighting game similar to FMMix would be a great game to include him in, but a ridiculous pipe dream. I would plug for the original FMMix roster (i.e. THAT specific Vipers and VF2 roster) with lots of additional characters. Using all the VF cast would just unbalance the FV side i.e. from VF4, Evo & VF5... although including Jean from 5R would be a cool unlockable Wink

The rest would be the usual suspects, including the likes of Lan Di, The VCop trio, Rogan & G from HOTD (maybe Washington and G instead, nowadays... but I'm old school!), JSR characters (Beat, Gum & Tab?), Kazuma Kiryu, Ryuji Goda and Akira "Nishiki" from Yakuza series, Axel, Blaze and Adam from... well, you get the idea. Fuck it! I'd even have the AfterBurner Pilot and Space Harrier dude as unlockables. This game would be ridiculous. RI-DI-CU-LOUS!!! Grin

I didn't add much, but just wanted to jump on the bandwagon really. I'll have a think though Hmm

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 10. August 2011 09:38
Im with Ninja on that one , Ryo Hazuki all the way man. I enjoyed having him as a character in Sega/Sonic All Star racing last year ( the best cartoon racer ever by the way as well as one of the best racing games ever). I suppose when playing Shenmue Ryo does have a lot of the moves of Jacky/Akira as well as other fighters from the VF universe.
Ezio is a good for a game like Soul Calibur.
A few other characters I would love to see in (2D) fighting games would be Rick from Splatterhouse (NOT from the new 3D Splatterhouse), Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures and Simon Belmont from Castlevania. I would also love to see a Lemming in a Fighting Game...with awesome selfdestructive powers (Oh No!!! BANG!!!).
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
cthulhu wrote:
and Simon Belmont from Castlevania...

he said he was perfectly happy with remaining in his stellar 3D fighting series Castlevania Judgment thanks. He's looking forward to starring in the MANY successful sequels exclusive to Wii U and said a '2D' appearance would not be likely, part due to '2D' fighting "not being his thang" and part due to how awesome he is in real life. Witness...

Ummm... yeah.

Castlevania Judgement makes my soul cry.

Simon Belmont did appear in a 2D fighting game of sorts. DreamMix TV World Fighters is a GCN and PS2 fighter highly influenced by Smash Bros. It features characters from Hudson, Takara, and Konami and quite honestly it's not very good. Of course, I don't like Smash Bros. either, so if anyone's interested they should probably look up reviews and videos for themselves.

I went with Ezio over Altair because at this point fans of the series will definitely tell you they feel much more connected with Ezio. Plus, with Revelations coming out soon Ezio's story will be ending just in time for them to announce he's in SCV.

Sparkster would be really cool in a 2D fighter! It's too bad Konami never got into developing fighters the way Capcom and Namco did or it might have already happened. Rick would be really cool too, and being owned by Namco makes him a prime candidate to show up in a fighter as well. Especially if the follow-up to SFxT and TxSF is Namco x Capcom 2 (of course, as a fighter instead of an RPG this time). Of course, they would probably go with his new design, but there's always alternate costumes for his classic look.

Ninja, your talk of how epic Sega Fighting All-Stars would be makes me want it even more now. I was thinking more along the lines of the roster of Sega All-Stars Racing in a fighting game, but your idea of sticking to their more human characters sounds like a much better game! Not to derail my own thread, but now I feel like making a list of who I'd want in the game, trying to limit myself to only three characters per series...

Akira Yuki
Sarah Bryant
Dural (boss)
Big Mahler (boss)
Ryo Hazuki
Shenhua Ling (based on an early promo video she can fight)
Lan Di (boss)
Kazuma Kiryu
Ryuji Goda
Tarik (aka Ax Battler)
Gillius Thunderhead
Tyris Flare
Kid Chameleon
Yusaku Kudo
Yoko Kono
Axel Stone
Adam Hunter
Blaze Fielding
Alex Kidd (but only if his height doesn't give him Choi Bounge syndrome)
Arsha (from Monster World IV... any other Wonderboy protagonist would do as well)

Okay I'll stop now. Anyone else from Sega's back catalog would make me happy as well. It seems like with this fighting game resurgence that Sega is taking a backseat and making sure it's not just a fad that will die in a couple years. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they announced VF6 by E3 next year. Then maybe we can get our fanboy dream game.
I called it!

He fits so perfectly that it was kind of a no brainer though. Assassin's Creed takes place at the same time that Soul Calibur probably does (I don't think SC ever specifies a year). And Soul Edge and Calibur could easily be Pieces of Eden. My hype meter for SCV just went up a notch!
Just protagonists (or heroes if you want me to simplify), whether well known or obscure. Some secondary characters and villains are okay, if they were heroes in at least one game (e.g. Rock Howard from Garou: MotW).
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