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September 17 2019

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Thread Author: Shiny
Thread ID: 344
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Sweet! Thanks man. Loving it. Headbang 2
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
of your fine work Sir Shine, I have decided to temporarily adopt one of your CVS2 masterpieces. In the end, I selected Maki from FFight2

1) because she's a bushin ninja
2) she comes in red & black... nice
3) she looks sassy as hell!
4) the avatar itself is composed perfectly... I had difficulty ignoring this, as a couple of them, due to the actual character position, look a little odd IMO (like the Yamazaki one, due to his being
'directly facing'.

was not an easy decision and I spent FAR too long looking over and deliberating! There were too many short-runners too, but in the very end, it was between Kim & Maki.

Don't we all look damn cool. Ninja

Pleased you like 'em enough to use 'em guys, I might mention them in the news, it wouldn't be my first act of shameless self promotion... Probably wait till the 'morrow though, give GotW some time in the top slot.
CvS2 updates...

I've tweaked some slightly, with Ninja's help, and I think they're looking better for it. I'll replace the current versions in the Avatar Studio later unless we prefer the original versions... Do we?
Great avatars as always Shiny. Thumbs Up I think it is time to change my Terry avatar. Kim is one of my favorite characters and i like the look of new ones.
Edited by Zakatek on 08. November 2009 17:21
Zak, you prefer the white Kim or the blue? If you like the one you're using now I'll leave it be rather than swap it for the new one. Smile
Actually i decided to use Kim avatar when i saw the new color schemes, and i thought i was choosing new one. :$ They both look good. I can use blue one too.
Dan is pinkerer now.

Zak, it's blue now. I thought it would change automatically... How strange.

All new avatars uploaded to the Avatar Studio, replacing the old ones. Smile
Shiny wrote:
Dan is pinkerer now.

Zak, it's blue now. I thought it would change automatically... How strange.

All new avatars uploaded to the Avatar Studio, replacing the old ones. Smile


pinkerererererer Dan looks great! Nice work Thumbs Up

A start...

Yawn... I'm tired... More KoF XIII tomorrow.
Nice work, Shiny. Canīt wait til I see the rest tomorrow...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
i like them Shiny! i am going to steal the Ralf one - you cant tell he's fat in that pic Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Awesome avatars, bud! Good match between background colors and characters!
I think I like the one with Ryo most, great artwork from SNKP.
Great work as always Shiny. Those are some great looking avatars. Thumbs Up
These are awesome! Is there a Ganbare Neo-Poke Kun one of the goofy main character?
Excellent avatars! Finally an actual KOFXIII Ash Crimson avatar, which I have pinched. Although it was a tough choice between that one and Terry. Thumbs Up
Edited by slangman on 14. October 2010 15:31
Glad you dig, slangman. Smile

vampyremike wrote:
These are awesome! Is there a Ganbare Neo-Poke Kun one of the goofy main character?

I haven't made anything for a while now, let's call it a dip in motivation. Perhaps when I claw my way out I'll throw together a bunch of NGPC avs... Maybe.
There, I think that's everyone.

They are not in the avatar studio just yet but will be soon. Smile
I had this crazy idea about a set of Neo girls avatars...
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