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October 18 2018

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Thread Author: -SD-
Thread ID: 3436
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Strikers 1945+ Header & mini marquee
My Strikers and Blazing Star MVS carts arrived today. The seller also sent me a header and mini marquee for Strikers (auction pic, not mine):

I have absolutely no idea what these are worth, but I would assume someone out there with an MVS cabinet would be interested?

The header was rolled-up for shipping, it's survived the journey very well and could be flattened back out properly quite easily. There's a few small scuffs round the edges where it was secured in its last home, but it's in very, very good condition. The mini marquee is immaculate. Now, I'm no expert, but both items seem to be original, not copies. They were sold as original and I have no reason to suspect the seller was telling fibs. Everything about them seems to be perfect, especially in comparison to the blatantly copied Blazing Star artwork!

I really have no need for these extra bits, as I'll be converting this game to AES format. But I'd rather the header and mini marquee go to someone that needs them.

So, I suppose I'm asking what a fair value is for these, and if anyone would be interested in them?
Edited by -SD- on 28. July 2011 22:43
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO‚ÄĘGEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
Oh man... don't do it. Buy a converter or multi cart!

If you love the Neo, please stop butchering original carts to work on the other format. We would also lose a Home Cart too.

It is getting difficult to find decent copies of games with nice labels as it is, such a shame for them to be converted.

The only only sustainable solution is to SAC a highly mass produced cart.. World Heroes 2 or something, the world can live without most of them. Then reprogramme the chips like what would be done with Ironclad or Ghostlop.

Preserve the Neo...
Edited by rcantor77 on 29. July 2011 13:36
I have recently bought an MVS Strikers for conversion too. In selecting games to sacrifice for my conversions i always aim for no manual, and not in first rate condition. Collectors wont touch these anyway, and there is tons coming out of Japan.

As far as losing a home cart, negative, you come out with another home cart, and also come out with another MVS cart if the job is done right. Ive converted a heap of games recently, and managed to build all the sacrificed games back into an MVS game that works fine, so nothing has been lost.

I dont like converters, and neither should you, cause they sac a KOF 99 to make those!! You cant get a multi cart for the AES that i know of.

I havent sacrificed any AES cart that the world will miss, and in alot of cases, such as when i used a brand new Ninja Combat to convert to Cyber Lip, i had that Cyber Lip MVS cart here for YEARS and it never worked due to a failed logic IC on the board in there, so i took a 2nd copy of Ninja Combat which no one wanted to buy off me, and i converted it to a Cyber Lip, which i wanted for myself.

I have a consolised MVS, ive built a few of them, but i much prefer the AES. It is what i had as a kid when i saved every cent from working after school to buy, and it means abit more to me to play AES than it does to play MVS.

-SD-, id be interested to compare notes with you sometime about art work etc you use for your conversions, ive been going through alot of my genuine AES games and doing new inserts for them too.

Good luck with the sale of your header and mini marquee mate Wink
I would be very interested in your Strikers 1945 marquee if you still have it?

Coincidentally, I don't live too far from you; Brampton.


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