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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 3418
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There are 27 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 15140 times.
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NMK (Nihon Maicom Kaihatsu)
Thanks for that info CRV. I noticed on that list of NMK games I linked to in the first post they didn't include Riot.

I read that a few arcade games released by Korean company Dooyong such as Gun Dealer and Yam! Yam!? might possibly have been developed by NMK. It seems that NMK developed a Famicom game called Ochin ni Toshi Puzzle Tonjan! that is very similar to Yam! Yam!?


GunNail and Rapid Hero are two NMK vertical shoot 'em ups that haven't been mentioned yet. Haven't tried these myself but they look decent.


I'm not sure what NMK's exact involvement was with Gun Dealer. Hect's own Cadillac/Great Deal series for the Famicom and Game Boy is pretty much the same game.
Them links to the Thunder Dragon 1 and 2 OSTs that I posted earlier contain MP3 buttons below the players, but you might also need Audacity, because every track is merged into 1 MP3 file, so you'll have to "Cut" and "Paste" them into a separate Audacity window, then "Save" it as any file format Audacity can create.

Speaking of music, in DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, one of the BGMs is a pun of NMK known as Mukei.

And according to MysticArksRevenge, NMK's composer HIDE-KAZ (who worked on these video games) "is actually Kazunori Hideya. He left NMK in 1997 to work over at KONAMI as a sound designer, and not a music composer. To this day, he still works over at KONAMI."
I really like zed blade cool amination and great concept for a shooter but a hard game
Thanks for adding that info Parrothead. It's kind of hard to find much info online about NMK
and I'm always keen to find out more about them.

I feel the same Bojan. Zed Blade is one of my favourite Neo Geo shooters. Being able to choose different weapon configurations at the start is a nice idea and I like how the scoring works.

Have you tried P-47 Aces Bojan? Anyone who likes Zed Blade would enjoy this too. I'd say it's NMK's best shooter.
no i havent tried it merlin. but where can i try it(emulator?)
You can play it on Mame Bojan. Be ready for a challenge though it does get pretty tough.

I played through NMK's 1991 fantasy themed horizontal shooter 'Black Heart' yesterday for the first time. You ride on a dragon and boost your firepower by picking up faeries and also can use a more powerful fire breathing attack for a limited time. The stages are varied and well designed. Graphically it looks quite nice with the forest stage being my favourite. Some of the bosses are impressive such as the giant serpent and the large winged demon. If you make it all the way through there's also a more challenging second loop. Although NMK have made significantly better shooters than this I quite enjoyed Black Heart and recommend giving it a go.


Arcade Flyer

HG101 article

YouTube Video

It seems that from 1996 NMK abandoned video game development and concentrated on making mechanical arcade machines. Here's the flyer and a few pictures of 'Happy Pierrot Dream Rail 2' which Parrothead mentioned earlier. NMK created the game jointly with Face (the creator of Money Idol Exchanger and Zupapa).;image=1

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