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September 25 2018

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 3403
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There are 15 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5630 times.
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Video games with Space Shuttles
Due to the final Space Shuttle mission STS-135 starting today, I decided to discuss about video games that feature Space Shuttles. What are some video games that feature them or other similar spaceplanes?

The first two to pop up in my mind are the one seen at the beginning of Sega's 1987 arcade game, SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative, and the one seen in Absolute Entertainment's 1991 North American-exclusive NES title Space Shuttle Project, which video game designer legend David Crane was probably involved in the development of this.

In the 1989 original Game Boy version of Tetris, if you complete the highest level with the fastest speed, you get a good ending that shows a shuttle-like spacecraft that's probably actually one of Russia's spaceplanes. In the 1998 Game Boy Color remake, Tetris DX, it was shown in the last two endings; however, where is the fuel tank?

In 3D gaming, the oldest one I can think of is from Blast Corps, followed by the Moonraker-based stage in Goldeneye 007, and finally the first and only Aero Fighters title with 3D computer graphics, as well as the sixth and final title in the series, Aero Fighters Assault, which I used to have this.

Are there others that I'm missing? If so, tell about them.
The only one I can think of right now Parrothead is the stage 1 boss in Air Gallet. It does look very similar to the space shuttle.

You can see it from around 01:55 onwards in this video.

I love this thread Parrothead Thumbs Up i remember the one in Tetris. I think you get that when you finish Game B on High 5. I didnt actually know you could get rockets in Game A until a few years back because i didnt score high enough for ages!

I think there's a Space Shuttle in Incoming (Dreamcast, PC) and in Vigilante 8 2nd Offence. both as background objects.

there *may* also be one in Perfect Dark Zero on 360 but im not sure. its just i thought i saw one in a screenshot once
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I'm pretty sure, in relation to what PHead said (re: Aero Fighters) that there IS a Space Shuttle boss in an Aero Fighters, or perhaps one of the Strikers titles. It definitely rings a bell... a volatile, evil Space Shuttle boss.

and memorable encounter with an in-game Space Shuttle was in the rather fantastic No More Heroes 2 for Wii. One of the mini games (whereby you earn cash) has you collecting rubbish from outer space and bringing it back to Earth via a shuttle, to be dumped in our seas!!!

Check it out:

YouTube Video

Gotta love Suda 51. Guys a tad genius...

Rolling Thunder 2, Albatros and Leila have one in their backyard at home. They take it out for a spin after beating Gimdo.

I bet the American tax payers will be glad they not going to continue wasting so much money on having fun. They would do good to look after their people abit better before wasting money on things that are of no imediate benefit to the people that need it.

well that was easy.
Now that the Space Shuttle program is completely retired, I will show all other video game appearances that I have gathered between this thread's first post and the final landing.

* There is a space shuttle in the Shutter Bug 3 mission of the N64 game Pilotwings 64.
* The final stage of Sega's arcade game and some of its ports (except the MD/GEN version), Shadow Dancer, takes place at a launch base with a space shuttle on it.
* And NeoGeoNinja is correct, I forgot to mention the original Aero Fighters has not one, but I think two final bosses, depending on how well you succeed. One of them is a spaceplane that kind of resembles a space shuttle.

And here are some information I gathered from another forum.

* At the end of the "Cruise the World" mode of Cruis'n World on N64, your vehicle gets loaded onto a space shuttle and sent to the final race on the moon.

* In the final level of Carrier Air Wing (a sequel of sorts to UN Squadron/Area 88), you have to fight a Saturn rocket with a Space Shuttle attached to it.

* In the final mission of the NES game simply titled Top Gun, you have to shoot a space shuttle down. The AVGN complained about it during his revisiting of video games he already reviewed.

* About halfway through the story of Sonic Adventure 2 shows the heroes hijacking a shuttle to reach the space station Eggman is hiding on.

* In the first Diddy Kong Racing, you have access to a space shuttle after defeating Wizpig for the first time. However, that's more of a rocket than a space shuttle though, it's actually just a flying lighthouse.

* I heard there is one in SEGAGAGA, but it's too difficult for me to find a gameplay video showing it. It's probably referring to the R-720, but it's just another rocket-propelled spacecraft.

* Halo: Reach has a space shuttle. You use it to get to some Covenant alien super-ship...though once you've left the atmosphere it sheds enough parts that it turns more into an ARWING-like spacecraft.

That's about it.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 23. July 2011 06:36
Interesting topic
The name escapes me at the moment but
I used to play a commodore 64 game where you piloted the
Columbia. This was back around 1983, I will have to look it up. Pretty sure there were a few C64 games with shuttles in them. Wink
I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

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Here is another home computer game with a Space Shuttle-like spaceplane known as the "U2", and it's Jetpac by Ultimate Play The Game (now known today as Rare).
Edited by 1983parrothead on 12. August 2011 04:57
You are all forgetting one of the best ever. One word, Starflight. If you are not familiar with it, watch this video to get a good idea. Mining for minerals was so fun but such a pain!

Edited by Slutty on 12. August 2011 07:02
Slutty wrote:
You are all forgetting one of the best ever. One word, Starflight. If you are not familiar with it, watch this video to get a good idea. Mining for minerals was so fun but such a pain!

but it looks 'painful'. Definitely the type of game I'd play for 5mins, and then turn off in boredom. I KNOW it's shallow, and narrow minded, but these types of games are just not for me. I do respect that PPL love 'em though Smile

I heard that game was amazing. I tried playing it on an emulator a few years ago but i couldnt get it to work properly:( It was meant to be a bit like Elite but in 2D form.

this is interesting :

Starflight spawned a sequel, Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula, and was very much the spiritual predecessor to the more popular, but similarly themed Star Control 2. An unofficial sequel released without the Starflight name due to the inability of the designers to gain the rights to the title from Electronic Arts is the lesser-known Protostar. It has also been confirmed that Starflight was an inspiration for the Mass Effect series developed by Bioware

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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
Slutty wrote:
You are all forgetting one of the best ever. One word, Starflight. If you are not familiar with it, watch this video to get a good idea. Mining for minerals was so fun but such a pain!

but it looks 'painful'. Definitely the type of game I'd play for 5mins, and then turn off in boredom. I KNOW it's shallow, and narrow minded, but these types of games are just not for me. I do respect that PPL love 'em though Smile


None taken. I can somewhat agree with you. It is definitely not a game you can just pick up and play. I would go as far to say that if you plan to play this game, you might want to set a day aside to do so and plan ahead. Much like I have to do with watching A Space Odyssey 2001. If you do take the time to really get into it and can make it past those first 2 or 3 hours of mining minerals to afford the fuel to go somewhere, it is amazing. Apparently some people have had a single saved game that lasted years on end. Here is something cool. When I bought it, each game used to come with a full colored map of the cosmos in the game. The first copy I got of this game had a photo copy of the original map and was covered in notes and coordinates from the previous owner.

I never really heard much about the second one. I heard it was really good too.
after recently playing on the SNES, I played a fair bit through Super Strike Gunner and came across Space Shuttles - both friend and foe!

Skip to 1:25 for a quick Shuttle glimpse Wink

YouTube Video

Interesting. While there has been some space-related news recently, I noticed that in the ending of the Game Boy game Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (now available on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console), Mega Man used a Space Shuttle to leave Dr. Wily's exploding space station.

And a few days after the final landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis, I forgot to mention Space Shuttle Columbia being featured in the Pewter City Museum of Science in the 1st Generation Pokemon titles ( R / B / G / Y / FR / LG ). Here is what Bulbapedia said:

In the Generation I games, the plaque accompanying the space shuttle model reads "Space Shuttle Columbia"; however, in the Generation III remakes the plaque simply reads "Space Shuttle". This is probably due to the fact that on February 1, 2003, the real Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry during its 28th mission, killing all seven crew members. The reference to Space Shuttle Columbia was kept in the Japanese version of the Generation III games.


I noticed that in Irem's 1993 fighting game Perfect Soldiers ( known outside of Japan as "Superior Soldiers" ), when you get to the final boss Seleous (known outside of Japan as Skull Reaper), his stage will take place at a launch base with an aged Space Shuttle on it, but according to the map screen, it takes place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That's odd.

YouTube Video

Edited by 1983parrothead on 03. October 2011 00:43
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