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March 21 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 3384
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A Glimpse of The Near-Future?
was just reading an article in a recent copy of Edge which says that futurologists are predicting that the next big electronics revolution will be head-mounted visors (within 2 years) - e.g. fancy glasses (or even ordinary looking glasses) that project images over what we are seeing - it's called Augmented Reality. They are expecting them to replace the current style mobile phones and things like Ipods. Also you will be able to play games on them - in 3D i guess. and they will also allow for augmented reality games - e.g. 'shooting' people Laser-Quest style. They said their success will depend partly on how comfortable, stylish, and light weight they can be made.

Interestingly one thing that all futurolgists seem to agree on is the death of the screen within 40 years. so things like these glasses would be used to 'watch' TV and use the computer - so it's kind of a way of converging lots of seperate things into one. As far as data-storage goes for these devices - most things will be stored in a 'cloud' so not much need for for memory devices or DVDs. Interesting Smile
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"Death of the screen."

Ha, I've always believed digital TVs are a waste of money. While the picture is better I must agree the improvement is not even close to justify jumping into the craze with both feet (yet, marketers try to make them sound like the greatest things since sliced bread). Consumerism is an evil thing. Sometimes we buy the greatest things, only to give them up a little later for lesser things that the market is peddling as better. The new glasses do sound like a quantum leap in picture viewing though. I'd give it a try. Interesting, thanks for sharing.
yes it will be interesting to see if this happens. i'm sure Apple will be involved if it does!

i think we will still have some screens maybe for communal viewing and because its nice not to have wear face furniture all the time. i know people have been predicting the death of the book for years but the fact is that sometimes its nice just to have something non-electrical in your hands. i suspect we will have books + pens + paper for a long time yet Smile

im not big on the whole HD TV thing either. i mean HD looks better but its not a huge leap, you are paying a lot of money for maybe 10% difference. yes i would rather have an HD display but im not going to get particularly excited by it. I think TV people just need to sell new models all the time so they invent a new technology we have to buy.
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1st Super Tobalman wrote:
While the picture is better I must agree .

I think maybe you may want to look at a high end analog display before you go and make a silly statement like that...

The best of analog still EASILY smokes the best of digital, you and anyone else can disagree with that all you like, but youll still be wrong. Wink
There was an article in the paper today about these visors and apparently Google are meant to be developing one that will be released by the end of the year.

I am still not convinced they will take off at this point in time - mainly for reasons of fashion but you never know. People like their phones too much at the moment i think.
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