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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3368
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There are 2 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3302 times.
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To SWIV or not to SWIV? Which will it be...
Super SWIV - SNES (a.k.a Firepower 2000) Super SWIV - SNES (a.k.a Firepower 2000) 100%[3 Votes]
Mega SWIV - Megadrive / Genesis Mega SWIV - Megadrive / Genesis 0%[0 Votes]
(Just) SWIV - Amiga (Just) SWIV - Amiga 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 3
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Super SWIV & Mega SWIV
there was any love among any of us (aside me!) for the great SWIV series? Hmm

Specifically Super SWIV for the SNES and Mega SWIV for the Megadrive?? (or Firepower 2000 to our friends in the US). There is also a 'SWIV' for the Amiga, and whilst similar, is different again to the the more similar and more easily accessible SNES & MD releases.

I've always had, and loved Super SWIV since childhood. I remember picking the game up one evening after high school after travelling into the local town centre after school had closed. I spotted the game in a shop doorway 'bargain bucket' on the way past a (once well known store) 'Tandy'. I hampered my mother into buying it (it was around 15... which was cheap for any new SNES game back then!) and she caved. As an 11 or 12 yr old, I was probably sold on the rather epic looking cover art! I have to say, I never looked back, although I had to wait until adulthood to complete the game. My skills weren't up to shoot em up scratch as a kid I'm afraid.
Not that I didn't try! Angry Grin

Indeed, as I had seen with R-TYPE before it (SWIV) in the past, SWIV was one of those games you saw running on an in-store screen on the SNES and it visually just blew you away! Those gfx just surpassed everything you had seen before in your own home, and back then, arcade style gfx... indeed, as close to gfx from the arcade as you could have in your front room were everything.
Even though SWIV was never an arcade title, it still had the 'feel'. Headbang

I never even knew about this game or indeed, even bothered to consider it's existence (I'll be honest) until I picked up and 'got into' the MD a few years back - as I was always a SNES kid back in the day. However, by chance, I spotted this on the shelf of an old friends market stall (he specialised in games) years ago and just had to pick it up. Whilst it isn't as polished overall as it's SNES counterpart, it's still excellent. It even has an extra level, featured as the opening stage. However, it starts with the music from Stage 1 of the SNES release (which came out 2yrs prior), thus, it feels a tad odd as it knocks all the music out of order by a Stage - if that makes sense?! Which, if I haven't already, I should definitely mention that - especially in the SNES version - the music throughout this game is top notch! Absolutely excellent stuff!! Music

if you've never tried any of these titles I can recommend doing so. They hark back to the older school of shmupping BUT are nowhere near as punishing or downright cheap imo. They're extremely fair and hold up VERY well today me thinks. Thumbs Up

Another factor that makes these games immenseley enjoyable is the 2P mode. This is obviously a pulling point for many shoot em up fans, however, this game has a rather unique twist up it's sleeve. Either player (you can choose between you) takes control of two differing vehicle types - one is a Helicopter whilst the other is a 'Jeep' - which is more like a lightly armoured tank. Anyway, in keeping with the nature of both vehicles, enemy types are also designed as threats unique to each vehicles orientation. As such, mines and tanks ect are ground threats to the Jeep, whilst enemy choppers and planes etc are airborne threats to the Helicopter - whilst projectiles, bullets, missiles etc are a common threat. It all works rather well and is something I've never really experienced in any other shmup. To be honest, I have no idea why?! To top that off, both vehicles control slightly differently, in that you can control the direction of fire via the turret aloft the roof of the Jeep whilst the Heli is bound to fire statically in a 'traditional' upwards fashion. To offset this, the Heli is FREE to move anywhere on the screen whilst the Jeep is restricted by the grounds environment (as well as ground hazards like tanks, turrets etc). You will usually find that the less experienced player will opt for the Heli, although, I'd argue myself that this is the harder option of the two. Wink

just thought I'd put it out there and see if you had any memories, experiences or fondess for the mighty SWIV series! Or if not, perhaps you like the sound of SWIV? Hmm

the gun, yes, I already know all about SilkWorm and SWIV 3D for pc. This however is a discussion SOLELY about the original SWIV's, so to speak Smile


video's for your own comparisons all of the Heli (due to it being available for all 3 formats), with all longplays by the same uploader/team. Enjoy...

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


here's some of the music (from the SNES release) for your nostalgic listening enjoyment. For anyone who cares to know, the music from Stage 4 is my favourite overall with Stage 5 (proper 90's filth!) a close second, although it's ALL good Wink

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

(Incidentally, Stage 6 music is basically just the 'Boss theme' looped repeatedly Wink)

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 16. June 2011 03:36
I have never owned SWIV though i do remember it from the Amiga. It looked very impressive for an Amiga game (the Amiga only has 8 tiny hardware sprites, and scrolling could be hardwork), and if the same people wrote the SNES version im not surprised it looked so impressive. The Amiga version was one of the first games to not have any inter-level loading - instead it constantly streamed off the floppy-disk. i also really wanted the orignal SW on Amiga but i will say no more about that Smile

shame there wasnt a Neo Geo version...

I voted for the SNES version cos it looks the best to me.
Edited by RiKo on 17. June 2011 17:53
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