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December 19 2018

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 3333
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What differentiate's themselves from SFII?
Here is a list. You are welcome to mention some I haven't mentioned, yet.

Art of Fighting series

* Dashing
* Desperation Moves (however, I guess Hudson's China Warrior started this, which is similar to a fighting game featured in Hardcore Gaming 101's Pre-Street Fighter II entry, Gladiator by Taito and Seta)
* Visible body wounds (again, perhaps China Warrior)
* Energy bars
* Energy charging
* Mid-battle taunting ( ntbcw "winning taunts" nor "intro taunts" )
* Zooming system (perhaps been done by Atari's Pit-Fighter)

Fatal Fury

* Was in development at the same time
* Co-op mode (even though it's been done by Street Smart, both were created by SNK)
* Multi-plane stages

Fatal Fury 2/Special

* Desperation Moves

Fatal Fury 3/Real Bouts

* Combos that start from weak to strong attacks

World Heroes (the first game)

* Multi-jumping (Hanzou and Fuuma)
* Air projectiles (Rasputin)
* Shape-shifter (Geegus)
* Death Match Mode
* Pressure-sensing buttons (even though the first SF had these first, the series abandoned them)

World Heroes 2

* Projectile reflecting
* Counter grabbing

World Heroes 2 Jet

* Dashing (however, Art of Fighting 1 had it first)
* Unique tournament style (even though KOF 94 also had it, that and WH2J were in development at the same time, while ADK and SNK were becoming close partners)

World Heroes Perfect

* Unique 4-button layout
* "ABC Special Moves"

Aggressors of Dark Kombat

* 3D-plane field (been done even by pre-SFII titles as far back as Taito's Typhoon Gal)
* Weapons to pick up or drop (different from weapon-based fighting games, but been done by Taito's Violence Fight(?) and Dino Rex, as well as Atari's Pit-Fighter and Sammy's Survival Arts.

Ninja Master's -Haoh-Ninpo-Cho-

* Unique weapons-based fighting system that switches from armed to unarmed modes in an unlimited number of times.
* "Dial-a-combo" system (however, this is considered a problem with the game)

Wang Jhung Wang / Fight Fever

* More of a cross between Fatal Fury 2/Special and the Art of Fighting series

Fighter's History and Fighter's History Dynamite

* Weak point system
* Special guest from a non-fighting game

Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!

* Tag-team system (been done by some, including one of the Ranma 1/2 SNES titles.)

Avengers in Galactic Storm

* Although Capcom was the first to create fighting games with Marvel characters, Data East still had the license to create games based specifically on the Avengers series since their beat 'em up and NES/GB platformers.
* The first to feature assistant characters ( often referred to either as "helpers" or "Strikers" ).
* 3D-rendered sprites (however, it's been done by One Must Fall: 2097, the infamous Rise of the Robots, and most notably Killer Instinct)
* Zooming system (been done by Art of Fighting and I guess Pit-Fighter)

Suiko Enbu / Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty / Dark Legend

* The ability to break weapons or throw them away willingly to fight unarmed, which is less powerful but faster and easier to combo from.
* A unique juggle system.
* Zooming system (been done by Art of Fighting and I guess Pit-Fighter)

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls

* Features parrying?

Double Dragon (Neo Geo)

* Lack of specific punch and kick buttons like most fighting games.
* Unique "Charge move" system

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

* Unique move-obtaining/switching system.

Power Instinct 1/2

* Destructible walls that widen stages
* Bizarre/Comedic cast of characters

Groove on Fight: Power Instinct 3

* Features a tag-team system though with a couple of twists: defeated players stay on the battlefield and can actually be used as weapons, while the Sega Saturn port can allow up to four-players to play using a multitap

Kaiser Knuckle / Dan-Ku-Ga

* Desperation Moves
* Certain stages included special zones to power up different characters abilities, which could be accessed by using a Crush Attack.
* There are even more powerful basic attacks beyond the standard Heavy Punch and Kick, up to a total of five levels.
* Destructible walls that widen the stages (but it's been done in the first Power Instinct)

Joy Mech Fight

* Human-sized robot-based
* Gigantic roster (however, it contains a lot of clones)
* Watch mode (however, Flash Hiders also has this, but was in development at the same time)
* Lack of walls to make the stages loop
* Ability to add extra damage by pressing an attack button as a previous attack hits
* Two-button layout

Flash Hiders / Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX

* Unique upgrading system where players can defeat opponents, earn money, upgrade and repeat.
* Watch mode (or CPU VS. CPU mode; however, been done by Pack-in-Video's Super Metal Crusher, but that was viewed from above. Nintendo's Joy Mech Fight also has this, but was in development at the same time.)

Tao Taido

* The ability to perform special moves in multiple forms
* Co-op mode (been done by Street Smart)
* Multiple control layouts

Perfect Soldiers / Superior Soldiers

* KOF/Metal Slug style graphics before KOF and Metal Slug were created
* High-jumping in an X-axis

Schmeiser Robo

* 3-button layout instead of 6.
* Rush-attacking ( been done by Culture Brain's first Hiryu no Ken game, "Shanghai Kid" )
* Giant mech-based (been done by Konami's Galactic Warriors)
* "Fighting Rate" score system

Shogun Warriors

* Unique grab system that allows anyone to escape grab attacks
* Ancient feudal-Japan themed

Power Athlete / Deadly Moves / Power Moves

* RPG system
* Two-plane stages (been done in Fatal Fury)


* Weapons-based fighting game that predates Samurai Shodown
* Armor system from Gladiator, a pre-SFII fighting game
* 3-button layout (high, low or straight)
* Moves change depending on the distance between both characters

The Karate Tournament

* Modernized version of Data East's Karate Champ created by Mitchell, which is filled with former Capcom employees.
* Highly detailed animations and graphics.


* Of course, it's holographic.
* Close combat like Data East's Karate Champ (often considered a problem)
* Multiple real-life fighting styles (later used by many 3D fighting games and Psikyo's Battle K-Road)

Dark Edge

* Unique 3D movements unlike Pit-Fighter and Fatal Fury
* Features a jump button

Burning Rival

* Striking animations and unique graphic style (later popularized by Capcom's DarkStalkers and SFZ/SFA franchises)
* Shorter life gauges

Golden Axe: The Duel

* Screen-filled Desperation Moves (popularized by the Capcom Vs. series)

Asura Blade / Asura Buster

* Heavily full of weapon-using characters
* Throw weapons for additional techniques
* Combo system that starts from weak to strong (like in the Fatal Fury series)
* Push-back attacks for knocking away overly-aggressive opponents (been done in Capcom's Vs. series?)

Dead Dance / Tuff E Nuff

* 4-button layout (much like typical Neo Geo fighting games)
* Traditional fighting system
* Special moves enhance as the player makes progress throughout Story Mode
* Visible body wounds (been done in Art of Fighting and I guess China Warrior)
* Instant replays seen at the end of Story Mode (later used in Joy Mech Fight and many 3D fighting games)

Knuckle Heads

* Up to 4-players can play simultaneously (even though it's been done in Technos Japan's Famicom title Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu, Knuckle Heads is an arcade game instead of a home game)
* Although it has 6 characters instead of 8 like in SFII (excluding its 4 bosses), after defeating the other 5 characters, the player will face two of them at the same time, adding more challenge to the game. If there were 8, it would be a little too overwhelming while it could cause you
* Multi-plane stages (been done in Fatal Fury)
* Jump button (been done in Dark Edge)

Samurai Shodown series

* Of course, it's a weapons-based fighting game series

Martial Champion

* Controls are simplified versions of Yie Ar Kung-Fu's.
* The ability to disarm opponents and fight back with their weapons
* Stages scroll very high, making it a precursor of "high-jumping"?

Monster Maulers

* A series of boss-rushes
* Co-op (been done by Street Smart and Fatal Fury)

Raging Fighter

* Unique two-button control system


* It's in 2.5D. Even predating Super Smash Bros. by a year. 3D-rendered sprite-based fighting games like One Must Fall: 2097 and Killer Instinct don't count.
* Although it uses a 6 button layout like SFII, it also has an additional "Magic" button. The Magic button is used for Desperation Moves, by pressing it in tandem with a direction. There are three types: Attack, Defense, and Counterattack. Each causes some amount of damage, and the Defense and Counterattack Magic attacks will knock the opponent away.


* Same as Monster Maulers, but with the addition of animal morphing.

Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors

* Walls removed to make stages loop
* Although it has a 4-button layout, it's technically 3-buttons due to the taunt button.
* Sometimes fights become "running fights".

Waku Waku 7

* The ability to knock opponents back into walls, then run over and smack them on the rebound for extra damage or hit them on the ground.
* Desperation Moves (called "Harahara" moves), which must be charged for a few seconds and are unblockable while the background flashes a warning.

Astra Super Stars

* Airborne-based fighting game (lack of ground to stand on)

Rabbit (one by EA and Aorn)

* Unique animal spirit system

Toukidenshou Angel Eyes

* All-female roster (been done as far back as Metal & Lace)
* Vertical scrolling stages with a lot of emphasis on movement from super-dashing to halting in mid-air or the middle of a dash, only to immediately dash again.
* A mixture of 2D and 3D character designs.

These are all I can mention for now.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 22. May 2011 09:35
Parrothead, although, I am concerned that you seem to have massive issues regarding SF2 (and no doubt it's popularity!).

And, no Capcom fighters in your list? Sooo... is it SF you have 'beef' with, or just Capcom's fighters in general?? As surely, you can't have missed the Vampire/Darkstalkers series and their EX system, not present in SF2, or indeed SFZero/Alpha's 3 levels of Super Move bar and Alpha Counter inclusion?? Hmmm...

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
Parrothead, although, I am concerned that you seem to have massive issues regarding SF2 (and no doubt it's popularity!).

And, no Capcom fighters in your list? Sooo... is it SF you have 'beef' with, or just Capcom's fighters in general?? As surely, you can't have missed the Vampire/Darkstalkers series and their EX system, not present in SF2, or indeed SFZero/Alpha's 3 levels of Super Move bar and Alpha Counter inclusion?? Hmmm...


Thank you, NeoGeoNinja.

I understand why SFII means a lot to many gamers. Once they see it for the first time, they'll cling to it like its their parent in the video game world. And yes, the SF series uses popularity power as its fuel to keep itself active.

I can mention some Capcom fighting games, but not in the list above. Here are some below:

Vampire / DarkStalkers series (so many differences)

* Air blocking
* Crouch walking ( or "crawling" )
* Chain combos
* "ES Specials" and "EX Specials"

Gekito Power Modeler / Power Quest

* Portable RPG adventure / fighting game hybrid
* Over time, the player could earn credits and buy parts to improve their model. (similar to the Flash Hider series)

Warzard / Red Earth & Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness

* Read their paragraphs in this page. This is also where I got some of the info I mentioned above at. There are also some fighting games I should have mentioned, but didn't feel like posting, yet.

And here is a little extra: see Trojan on this page below.


freakneogeofan wrote:
I never thought of this. It's one of the things that developers thrive on. Being the first one to be the design innovators makes not only the games good but the designers and developers as well. Clap

Yes. But what's more important: unique ideas or very good gameplay that's been done before?

Tao Taido is one example of a very unique fighting game that has gameplay that can be hated by many. Sometimes people say "They changed it now it sucks".

Breakers and Fighter's History are like the opposite of Tao Taido. Some people say "It's the same now it sucks" OR "They copied it so it sucks", but their gameplay is very enjoyable.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 25. May 2011 23:26
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